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4 Most Popular Free-Time Activities For Japanese Online Users

Living in Japan means undergoing stressful life conditions and long working hours daily. Such a lifestyle for the average Japanese worries the government, which spotted the connection between suicide rates and a stressful life. Yet, despite the efforts made by the government, Japanese citizens still lack enough free time to spend on recreational activities.

However, the technological enhancements during the last 20 years introduced online free-time resources in Japan, expanding the interest area for millions of people. Here are some of Japan’s most popular free-time online activities.

1. Online GamingOnline casino gaming

The spread of smartphones is responsible for the growth of Japanese online gaming. This industry includes sports betting and casino games, as well. The perspective of generating income from online gaming attracts Japanese online users to digital casinos and other gaming platforms. Today, online gaming is probably the main option for Japanese workers and students who want to have fun, improve their skills, and earn some extra money. Also, accessing online casinos in Japan has never been as easy as today, thanks to advanced technologies that increase the users’ security such as VPNs. Another contribution to the expansion of the gambling segment in Japan comes from cryptocurrencies. Crypto money makes wagering quicker and safer while keeping the user’s identity secure.

2. Online Shopping

Second to online gaming, e-shopping is a popular option among free-time activities for Japanese users. Japan has an impressive capability to absorb new online technologies into people’s lifestyles, and e-shopping matches the users’ need for quick and cost-effective purchases in full. Also, free shipping and fast delivery services increase customer convenience and create an appealing e-commerce environment. According to recent surveys, at least 80% of Japanese youth prefer online shopping to physical shopping. Worldwide e-commerce platforms offer diversification in quality, item models, price, and brands better than any brick-and-mortar shop.

3. Social Media

In the era of the internet, social media directly competes with online gaming and e-shopping in Japan. With 102 million social media users, Japan accounts for about 80% of the population connected online. Communication isn’t the only purpose of joining social media channels, however. There are many people seeking entertainment and information, as well. Moreover, youths and women use social media more often than men. Although Japan has an aging population, the social media trends promise to grow in the future with more entertainment options. 

4. Online Video Streaming

Online video streaming accelerated its growth in Japan through the pandemic, as it did worldwide. Online video streaming reveals that Japanese users choose local and foreign films over TV shows, especially anime films. Some of the most popular platforms for video-on-demand services include Netflix, U-Next, and Amazon Prime. The online video streaming market is increasingly growing, with music record labels converting to music streaming, such as Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

In Short

Japanese adults lack free time due to their stressful lifestyle. However, the internet provides them with quick solutions at their fingertips. Youth and women represent most Japanese online users in categories like online gaming, video streaming, social media, and e-shopping. The presence of online entertainment resources is gradually changing the Japanese culture for a general enhancement of the quality of life.

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