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Alexandra Lorex Bio, Now, Net Worth, Age, Mike Holmes

Meet Alexandra Lorex, ex-wife of Mike Holmes and mother of her three children Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr. For most of her life, she has been away from her public attention and recently attracted attention because of her children’s and her ex-husband’s popularity. Learn a few things about her with this Alexandra Lorex Bio.

Here, we cover Alexandra’s current whereabout, her net worth, and her age along with other information.

Mike Holmes And Alexandra Lorex’s Relationship

Alexandra Lorex is the ex-wife of reality star Mike Holmes. She and Mike married in 1982. The married couple welcomed their daughter Amanda Holmes in 1984. Then, they expanded their family further and welcomed their daughter Sherry Holmes and finally their son Mike Holmes Jr.

The family lived happily until the economic recession affected her husband’s construction company in 1990.

Mike went bankrupt and he had to let go of his employees after selling his business. Eventually, this also affected their marriage. Mike and Alexandra divorced nearly after 10 years of their marriage.

Amanda is relatively private compared to her two siblings, was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease at the age of 18. She loves helping out her family business behind the scene. She is a mother of a son named Wyatt and a daughter named Emily who she had with her ex-husband Adam Belanger.

Whereas, her siblings are active in their father’s business now and appear alongside their father on several TV shows. While her brother Mike Jr. started pursuing his father’s footsteps at the age of 14, her sister Sherry never even thought about pursuing a career in construction.

It wasn’t until Sherry appeared on “Holmes In New Orleans” to help with rebuilding efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina that she started to think that maybe she could work in construction after all.

Both Sherry and Mike are happily married and started their own family.

Mike dearly loves his daughter. He shared the first picture of Amanda in August 2014 on his Instagram, which is the second post of Mike on the platform. At the time, the father-daughter duo was attending Calgary Stampede of 2014.

Now, her father is in a relationship and secretly married (allegedly) Anna Zappia. According to Cinemaholic, Anna came into Mike’s life when his family and business fell apart. The outlet also reported that she helped him dust himself off and pick himself up and has been with him ever since.

Mike even addresses Anna as his wife, but he never confirmed the speculation of his secret marriage.

Where Is Alexandra Lorex Now?

Although the family of Mike Holmes fell apart after the divorce, it appears Alexandra Lorex is still close very to her children. Since Amanda remains private and “hates” social media, Sherry and Mike Jr. often write a post on mother’s day. On Mother’s Day 2017, Mike wrote a post on his Facebook and stated that Alexandra was the best mom in the world.

He further shared that Alexandra sacrificed everything to make sure that her kids had a good life. Back in 2016, Sherry also posted a snap from a FaceTime she had and her two siblings had with their mother.

The post showed that Alexandra had a ring on her finger so, she is either engaged or married.

Based on these posts, we can tell that Alexandra was ever-present in the lives of her children and still maintains a great relationship regardless of what went down between her and her ex-husband Mike.

Alexandra Lorex Age

The exact age of Alexandra Lorex as of 2021 remains unknown. But the fact that her ex-husband Mike was 19 when they married and assuming she was around the same age, Alexandra should be in the age range of the mid-50s to late-50s.

Alexandra Lorex Net Worth

Alexandra Lorex should have a net worth below $1 million. Although her children grew up where they struggled financially, her kids are now rich and famous. Celebrity Net Worth reported, Mike Holmes sits on a net worth of $30 million.

Also, her kids are either millionaires or must be close to becoming one.

Is Alexandra Lorex On Instagram, Twitter?

No, Alexandra Lorex is not on any of the social media platforms. In one post, where Alexandra appeared on Sherry’s IG, it was tagged to an account (@finn2009). Assuming that she is not active on Instagram, the account must belong to somebody close to her or maybe her current fiance/husband.

The account user also commented on the post saying, “That is my girl!!!!” referring to Alexandra. Alexandra’s oldest daughter Amanda also follows the account.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Alexandra Lorex Born?

Alexandra Lorex was born in Canada.

  • How Tall Is Alexandra Lorex?

Alexander Lorex stands tall to the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

  • Has Alexandra Lorex Appeared On TV?

No, Alexander Lorex hasn’t appeared on any of the TV shows.

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