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Becky Habersberger Bio, Age, Job, Mom, Sister, Keith Wife

So, Try Guys wife Becky Habersberger (Keith Habersberger’s wife) has gone viral on the internet after uploading videos talking about the recent Ned Fulmer cheating drama.

Over the past few years, Becky and the other partners of Try Guys members have created the Try Wives and have furnished content separate from the Try Guys.

Having said that, let us look at who Beck Habersberger is, in a thorough way that was never done before.

Meet Becky Habersberger, Try Guys Keith Habersberger Wife

On 24 September 2017, surrounded by friends and family, Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger married his best friend, Becky Habersberger. Before this, they likely got engaged in March 2016.

As of 2022 and they continue to be married. In fact, this year on July 7th, they marked their 11 years as a couple.

Becky and Keith routinely show up together on each of their social media platforms. So, on days like birthdays and anniversaries, they cannot stop admitting their profound feelings toward each other. For instance, Becky on Keith’s birthday (on June 18) wrote on IG that he is her favorite person, her sugar bear, her honey bunny, her little bug, and her sweet babers. Then one time when they were not together on this day, she promised him that she would celebrate by eating his favorite food: ice cream. “You’re always like, “omg let’s get ice cream” and I’m really responsible so I say, “No, Keith! That’s irresponsible!” But today’s your day, babe! Maybe I’ll have 3 scoops! Just for you!! I love you the most ❤️”, she wrote.

It was 2011 when Becky and Keith met at Illinois State University. Their first date, they say, involved watching a wrestling match and dogs, as per a previous report.

Lately, when the “Try Guys” (including Keith) took two lie detector tests and posted the results on YouTube, Keith particularly pressed that he thought his marriage was more realistic than Ned Fulmer‘s marriage.

In the second lie-detector video, the pack asked more questions about Ned and Ariel’s marriage. Then, when it was Keith’s turn of being interrogated, he was questioned about which marriage he thought was better, his or Ned’s. Keith stated that he believed his marriage to Becky was more realistic. Of course, the detector found the answer to be truthful.

Speaking of every now and then spreading rumors about Becky being pregnant, Keith has never liked it when people speculate if she is.

Becky Habersberger Age

Becky Habersberger celebrates her birthday on May 27th making her a Gemini. And because she was born in 1990, she turned 32 years old in 2022.

Becky Habersberger Job

Becky Habersberger is a freelance makeup artist who loves to post her inspiration and creations on her very popular social media pages. She specializes in creating fake wounds and scars and posts celebrity makeup inspiration like Emma Roberts.

The beauty plus skincare enthusiast other than being a Make-up Designory certified makeup artist is also the host of the podcast, You Can Sit With Us. As part of the “Try Wives”, she also appeared in a series of videos posted on the Try Wives Wine Time, a collaborative project featuring Ariel Fulmer and Maggie Bustamante.

What Is Becky Habersberger Maiden Name?

Becky’s maiden name is Miller. So, before adopting ‘Habersberger’ as her last name, she was Becky Miller.

Who Is Becky Habersberger Sister?

Becky Habersberg does not have a sister but a brother. He is Michael James Miller. On IG @michael.j.miller.520, Michael turned 33-year-old on 12 May 2022. At this point and beyond, he called Chicago, Illinois his home.

Also, since 9 April 2020, he has seemingly been happily married to Nathaniele Oliveira of Aparecida, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Becky Habersberger Mom

To her, Becky Habersberger says her mom is like her real-life “Polly Pocket”. Also, she says she is a few of her favorite people on earth. The matriarch, Kimberly Miller, could be found on IG @kimberly.miller.7503. She studied at St. Xavier’s College and went to Bogan High School (as the Class of 1976).

As of 2022 and Kimberly continued to be married to Don Miller, Becky’s dad. They tied the knot on 1 September 1984. Also, together the two were based in Chicago, Illinois, at the time of this writing.

What’s more, Becky’s mother is the daughter of Carlos Moss of Centerville, Tennessee, and has another family member called Beverly Moss
Family member.

Becky Habersberger Height

Becky, in her White/European looks, stands 5′ 7″ in height. Also, she weighed around 130lbs/59kg, is average built, her hair is brown and her eyes are green.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Becky Habersberger Born?

Becky Habersberger was born in Illinois, i.e., a midwestern state bordering Indiana in the east and the Mississippi River in the west.

  • Is Becky Habersberger On Instagram?

Becky Habersberger could be found on Instagram @becksmecks2 with 637 posts and 411K followers.

She also actively shared among 53K followers on Twitter @becksmecks and among 341.6K on TikTok @becksmecks2.

Lately, on 6 October 2022, Becky posted videos on her TikTok account regarding the allegations that involved Ned cheating on his wife, which began taking over the internet a month before. In less than 24 hours after the video was uploaded, it has been viewed over 5.4 million times. And so like that, Backy went viral on the internet.

Her video even prompted Try Guys member Eugene Lee Yang to return to TikTok with a duet of her video.

  • What College Did Becky Habersberger Attend?

Becky Habersberger studied B.S. in Acting with a minor in Mass communication at Illinois State University between 2008 and 2012.

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