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Brittney Wilcox Bio, Age, Job, Husband, 60 Days In

60 Days In, the fan-favorite television docuseries on A&E returns with Season 8 on 15 June 2023. Like old times, the new highly-anticipated season follows seven individuals as they volunteer to go undercover, spending 60 days as inmates in jail (this time in North Carolina’s Pitt County Detention Center). Brittney Wilcox, who we are going to talk about in this writing, is one of the cast members.

Now, keep reading the ‘Brittney Wilcox Bio’ and we shall tell you all about her.

Brittney Wilcox On 60 Days In

Brittney Wilcox has been really proud of her journey on 60 Days In one can tell. She has been talking about it tirelessly on social media. In May 2023, for instance, teasing “cats out the bag ūüėÖ” she urged people to make sure they all tune in to see if she and her jail mates make it through 60 days in.

Brittney originally hails from Clarksville, Tennessee. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

To 60 Days In viewers, Brittney also is described as someone who is hoping to make a difference to ensure true rehabilitation in the prison system via her mental health expertise. Meanwhile, because she had never been incarcerated before, some fans seemed to predict that she will fail to last two weeks.

From what we gathered filming of 60 Days In took place in September 2022. And according to Brittney, they have been on the road filming all year.

Brittney Wilcox Job

Per LinkedIn, Britteny Wilcox has been working as a residential counselor at Centerstone in Greater Nashville Area since May 2015. Her job here involves providing counseling for adults with at least one mental diagnosis.

All along, Brittney also has continued working as a mental health counselor at UHS in Ashland City, Tennessee. Here, she has been providing mental health care to juveniles in a residential setting.

Before that, she studied Bachelor of Science in Sociology at Tennessee State University (2008 – 2015). Her Master’s degree (MS in Counseling Psychology) meanwhile came two years late than expected time. Even this time she graduated from Tennessee University. For her master’s, her primary concentration was Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

So, throughout her career, Brittney managed to have ten-plus years of working with adolescents and adults. Her relevant experience includes mental health counseling in long-term residential treatment, direct patient care as a mental health specialist at Vanderbilt Behavioral Health, recovery court juvenile probation officer with the Metro Nashville Davidson County Juvenile Court, and mental health case management with Mental Health Cooperative.

Brittney Wilcox Age

Brittney Wilcox was born in 1990. So, she reached the age of 32 in 2022.

Brittney Wilcox Family

Brittney’s mom, Felicia Wilcox, AKA Felicia Michell Wilcox, was born in January 1972. So, she reached the age of 51 in 2023. On Facebook, she mentioned working at Spring Meadows Health Care Center and going to Clarksville High School. She also revealed her marital status as ‘single’.

Felicia has always been very proud of all her kids, including Brittney. Just in June 2023, she took to her social media to joyfully brag she is very proud of her daughter Brittney for being a participant in this TV Show called 60 Days In. She urged people to check her out.

Brittney also has a bunch of siblings and here are a few things that we know about them. Her little brother Damario D Wilcox reached the age of 31 in May 2023. He studied Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology at Georgia State University.

Another brother of Brittney is Quientez Wilcox. He turned 54 in 2023. And at this point, he continued to dwell in his hometown, Clarksville.

They say Brittney is the second oldest of six children. Also, they say, she has been on her own since age 17.

Back in February 2022, Brittney took to her social media to talk about her intentional and deliberate decision to forgive her family who abandoned her and her younger self for all the things she allowed due to a lack of self-love.

Brittney Wilcox Husband

Brittney Wilcox’s relationship status was not known as of June 2023. If she was dating anyone, it was successfully kept secret. Her social media also did not give away anything.

At least, she did not seem to have gotten married already.

Back in September 2021, she kind of gave away being on her own at the time. She talked to people on social media about how sometimes in the middle of figuring ourselves out and making progress we forget to date ourselves or treat ourselves accordingly. To those following her, she urged everyone that we have to stop waiting for someone else to cater to us, love us, and make us feel special when we do not even do it for our own selves. To herself also she promised that she will date herself more. And so, she had an amazing reiki energy healing session, ate some fire vegan food, brought herself a dozen of white roses, and got some wine. After being done sharing the post, she said, she will be taking a bubble bath and relaxing to some good music.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brittney Wilcox’s Birthday?

Brittney Wilcox’s birthday is on August 27th and that makes her a Virgo.

  • Is Brittney Wilcox On Instagram?

Yes. Brittney Wilcox can be found on Instagram. As of 16 June 2023, her account @awakening___queen included 3,871 posts and 2,294 followers.

Britteny also seemed to post now and then glimpses of her life on ‘Brittney Wilcox’ Facebook.

  • How Tall Is Brittney Wilcox?

Brittney Wilcox stands below 5’7” in height.

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