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Carson Garrett Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Height, Survivor 44

Carson Garrett dreamed about being the Survivor winner ever since he started watching the TV show as a kid. So, finally, after achieving his other dream of getting his Aeronautical engineering degree, and also landing an internship at NASA, Carson joined Survivor 44 to accomplish his lifelong goal.

This Carson Garrett Bio explores his life.

Carson Garrett On Survivor 44

Survivor 44 probably had the most diverse cast in its franchise ever with 18 contestants divided into three tribes of six — Ratu, Tika, and Soka. We say this because season 44 featured more queer players than it has ever had in the past. To be precise, there were at least 50 percent BIPOC.

However, our star Carson was as straight as they come, having had a few girlfriends in the past. Also, he stood out from the crew, thanks to his profession as a rocket scientist. But though he’s constantly delating with “complex equations” (which many contestants will perceive as a sign of threat), he didn’t want to stand out. “I kind of want to be hidden in the background so I think other people are going to perceive me as a short, nerdy, nice person,” he said.

But by the end of the game, Carson wanted to reveal himself as more of a “puppet master leading those votes.” And he was more than prepared for that. Infact, he grew up in the Survivor world. He’s been following the show for over six years. “I feel like I’m a uber super duper fan, the highest point you can get in terms of Survivor fandom,” he explained.

Also, his determination to win was like no other. “I am here on Survivor to fulfill a lifelong goal of beating this game. I’m here to be the Sole Survivor winner. I really value the title. I have just been obsessed with this game ever since I started watching,” he explained.

The last we checked, the Tika tribe was flourishing with Carson by their side solving complex puzzles. Also, alliances and friendships start to form in the tribes. Carson received a compliment from Carolyn saying he’s a “good-looking young man” comparable to Tom Holland. 

Carson Garrett Girlfriend

Carson Garrett was private about his relationships. Even his social media lacked any hints of his past love life. So, with this in mind, it might be safe to say that Carson didn’t have a girlfriend before he joined Survivor 44.

How Old Is Carson Garrett?

Carson Garrett was 21 years of age when he appeared on Survivor 44 in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when he started filming the show.

This also makes him younger than the show itself.

Carson Garrett Family

Carson Garrett comes from a family of five — his parents, himself, and his two sisters.

His mother, Susie Garrett has a Pharm D from the University of Georgia and currently works as a Pharmacist at Atrium Health Floyd. She turned 48 in August 1974. Find her on IG @susiehgarrett

As for his father, Patrick Casey Garret is the grandson of Juanita Ann Burch Garrett and Robert Shirey Garrett. Obviously, both of them have long passed.

The last we checked, Patrick worked working at Duffy’s Deli Inc. Carsons its CEO.

Trivia: Carson has supportive parents. They were present at Carson’s graduation where he served as a salutatorian in 2020.

What Job Does Carson Garrett Hold?

In 2023, Carson Garrett was working as a “Johnson Space Center Pathways Intern” at NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration for almost a year. Also, he was then acting as a president of Consult Your Community’s Georgia Tech Chapter for a year. However, he had then been associated with Consult Your Community already for 2 years and 8 months.

Prior to this, Carson was a researcher at Georgia Tech VIP Program for 1 ½ years. There, he helped build devices that measure lightning, related upper atmospheric phenomena, meteor trails, and other natural atmospheric electricity. Also, from Oct 2016 to Nov 2021, he worked as an Information Technology Consultant at his father’s company, Duffy’s Deli Inc. There, he created and supervised the company website, plan and manage their security system, oversee advertising and the online google profile, and design and update their online/paper trifold menus.

Furthermore, Carson has been the Consultant Project Lead of SCNO and Buzzcard Team Member – Teams for Tech at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has also been an FLO member of Georgia Tech Emerging Leaders.

As for his education, Carson has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Did you know: Carson helped manage over $50,000 in funds for installing an improved water pipeline in Braehead, Jamaica.

Carson Garrett Height

Carson Garrett stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Carson Garrett Hail From?

Carson hails from Rome, Georgia. But in 2023, he resided in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When Is Carson Garrett Birthday?

Carson receives his birthday wishes on December 10 and is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

But he wishes his birthday was a day later because then it would have been the same day as the crew capsule splashdown for Artemis 1.

  • Is Carson Garrett On Facebook And Instagram?

As of March 2023, Carson boasted 8.3K followers on his Instagram @carson.garrett.

Also, here’s his Facebook @carsongar, Twitter @carsongarrett, and TikTok @carson.garrett__.

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