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Cho Yeon-woo Bio, Married, Height, Job, The Devil’s Plan

Meet Cho Yeon-woo, a professional Go player, one of the contestants on the Korean reality show called The Devil’s Plan which premiered on Netflix on 26 September 2023.

The Devil’s Plan brings together 12 savvy contestants to face off in mind-bending games of wit and strategy to decide who is the brainiest of them all. Cho Yeon-woo was one of these people. In the rest of the writing, we are going to tell you all about her.

Cho Yeon-woo On Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan

Before we start, it is better to understand that Cho Yeon-woo identifies with a she/her pronoun.

Producing director Jung Jong Yeon is super proud of all his contestants on The Devil’s Plan including Yeon-woo. He has in great length described his contestants’ strength. When it was Yeon-woo’s turn he said Yeon-woo acquired a sharp mind and game skills worthy of his title of an elite Go player.

Yeon-woo has been quite excited about The Devil’s Plan. On his social media, she can be seen raving about it. In one of these posts, Yeon-woo wrote that she went to the production presentation of Devil’s Plan and for this, she for the first time in his life, stood in a photo zone and snapped a picture.

Others joining Yeon-woo on this journey were Ha Seok Jin, Cho Yeon Woo, Lee Si Won, Seo Dong Joo, Lee Hye-seong, Park Kyung Lim, Guillaume Patry, Kwak Joon Bin, and two non-celebrities: Seo Yoo Min and Kim Dong Jae, and Kwedo AKA Orbit.

Cho Yeon-woo Job

So, on Devil’s Plan, after describing what GO is, a popular game among Asian countries that requires strategy and skill similar to chess, they described Cho Yeon-woo as being one. Yeon also seemed to have told these people that she had been playing this game since high school.

After high school, Yeon-woo went to Singapore and there she graduated from the University College Dublin.

One should also know that Yeon-woo has been teaching Go since she became a pro in 2005. She often talks about enjoying this very part of his job and finding it rewarding. She is also actually a lecturer at Seoul Citizens University

Here are some of the major accomplishments Yeon-woo has had so far. In 2007, she played through the Master’s Cup 1st round and The 13th Professional Female Kuksu Best 16. The next year, she made it to the 14th Professional Korean Female Kuksu Semi-Final Best 8 and another year to the 15th Professional Female Kuksu Best 16. Again, in 2010, she participated in the Baduk Globalization Project in Singapore. She also considers gaining subscribers on the Go YouTube channel ‘Proyeonwoo’ his one of his attainments.

Most recently, in September 2018, she was actually positioned to be the referee of the 13th Prime Minister’s Cup World/Baduk Championships. Players from 59 countries participated in the competition that was held in Buan, Jeolla Province for 3 days. Yeon-woo at the time had taken to social media to gush the Prime Minister’s Cup is a chance to compete with one’s honed skills and build friendships through chat. “I wore a referee uniform suit and did my best!”, she also proudly added.

Is Cho Yeon-woo Married?

Cho Yeon-woo is pretty private when it comes to his personal life. Until around this time, she had shown no more than a rare glimpse of her having brunch with his mother. So, it is expected that his relationship life is also as much of a private affair.

She basically portrayed herself as single and not married by September 2023. Or, maybe that is just mere reality.

So, like that Yeon-woo mostly chose to live a life without any romance rumors or controversy, except for this one time though. Back in January 2020, there was news about there being a cheating incident during the Korean qualification tournament for becoming a professional. A cheater who allegedly had a camera hidden in a button and an earpiece was caught and in this game, none other than Yeon-woo had the role of referee to play.

Cho Yeon-woo Age

Cho Yeon-woo was born in 1989. So, she turned 34 years old in 2023.

Cho Yeon-woo Height

Cho Yeon-woo is known to be standing at around 5’3” height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Cho Yeon-woo From?

Cho Yeon-woo may have been to India, Singapore, and other places, but it was in South Korea that she was born and bred.

  • When Is Cho Yeon-woo Birthday?

Cho Yeon-woo’s birthday is on February 18th which makes her Aquarius.

  • Is Cho Yeon-woo On Instagram?

Yes. Cho Yeon-woo could be found on Instagram as of September 2023. The IG account @goingceo included 253 posts and 3,098 followers.

Cho also can be spotted sharing her fun and useful Go content as a Korean Go professional player on his YouTube channel ‘Go Pro Yeonwoo’, where she enjoyed around 14.3K subscribers thus far. One may also look her up doing the same on platforms like Patreon and Twitch.

Cho’s subscribers on YouTube must have dropped or she may have started a new channel because back in September 2022, 7 years and 3 months after starting out on YouTube, she had gone out for a “self-party” for having 100,000 subscribers.

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