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Deanna Thompson Bio, Age, Job, Married, The Mole S2

Deanna Thompson is a familiar face who is appearing on Netflix’s The Mole S2. Has she previously appeared on a new TV show? Is she married? What is her real job?

Find out more as you scroll down this article.

Deanna Thompson On The Mole S2

Deanna Thompson from The Mole S2 is among the cast members who have previously appeared on a TV show. But like many who appeared on a reality show, she proved herself the internet sleuth on the Netflix docu-series Don’t F–k With Cats as Baudi Moovan. The real crime documentary tells the tale of an enigmatic individual who uploaded videos of himself killing two cats to the internet. Deanna decided to investigate what had happened and identify this man and a few other amateur online investigators.

Deanna still enjoys learning about the slightly macabre and genuine crime outside the docuseries and The Mole. Along with updates on several true crime cases that are unfolding in real-time, she also publishes updates about her weight loss journey on Instagram. Even though Deanna is still somewhat of an amateur detective, she is committed to learning the truth whenever possible.

Coming to her reality gig in 2024, according to Deanna, “I am an absolutely terrible liar,” Deanna said, according to Netflix. “This isn’t a low-key brag… I wish I was better. I don’t know if it has something to do with being autistic, but [I] always assumed that I lacked the nuance to do it well.”

Is Deanna Thompson Married?

No, Deanna Thompson is not married. In fact, Deanna has shared on her verified Facebook page that she is currently single.

In 2009, Deanna shared that she was in a relationship when she posted on her Facebook, “My Boyfriend and I both play on Kargath, Im a Dranaei Shadow Priest (Sissylala). He’s a Huntard (Navox) and DK (Navox).”

A close friend of Deanna named Jr Renteria wished her on her birthday 2020 addressing her as “hockey wife” and “sugar momma”. “Happy birthday to my hockey wife and sugar momma Deanna Thompson! Hope you have a great day! Love you and can’t wait to get back to normal,” Jr wished her via an Facebook post.

Deanna Thompson Age

In April 2024, Deanna Thompson reached age 51.

Deanna Thompson Job

Deanna Thompson worked in Las Vegas as a casino data analyst.

But, she rose to fame when she started working as an internet sleuth best known for the Netflix mini-series titled Don’t Eff with Cats. She therefore joined the Facebook page in an attempt to find the person who took the kittens’ video when it became public later in 2010. She went by the alias Baudi Moovan, fashioned after the Beastie Boys song.

“I’m embarrassed to say how many hours but it was a significant amount,” Deanna said of the sleuthing.

Deanna supposedly searched for the man for eighteen months, putting in roughly sixty hours a week; in the end, the man released two additional films of him killing cats. In one, he was seen drowning a cat, and in the other, a python was let loose on a cat.

In a closed Facebook group, Deanna and the others combed through thousands of video frames in search of hints. Everything was examined closely, including the doorknob, electrical outlets, and the blanket on the bed. The group eventually located the individual they thought was behind the cat videos. He made his home in Toronto.

After contacting the Toronto Police, they proceeded to the apartment they thought he was residing in, only to find that he had moved. They then tracked him to Montreal but didn’t get any help from the Montreal Police when they tried to contact them.

They were after a man named Luka Magnotta. After killing kittens on camera, the man went on to kill a human. He didn’t only kill someone; he also recorded it and distributed it to Facebook group members who were attempting to find him.

“After the man who was murdered, his name was Jun Lin, I had to watch this murder video and you don’t watch something like that and just be unaffected,” Deanna said.

Deanna sought therapy following the investigation, the murder, and the killer’s final apprehension and conviction. “After all of this happened, of course, I went to therapy. Something like this doesn’t just happen to you and you survive it, coming out as you were,” the reality star said.

Deanna wasn’t comfortable with the fame that came with the expense of lives. “I always remind people because they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re so great! You’re a hero,’ and I’m like, ‘Somebody died.’ Just remember – somebody died. I think it is really important that people remember this incredible human being was murdered,” Deanna said.

Additionally, Deanna was a guest on Vice’s Re(Solved) series, where she and numerous other similar individuals reexamined the contentious deaths of a number of celebrities, including Bob Saget, Prince, Anna Nicole Smith, and others. In addition, Deanna creates a podcast called True Crimes With John and Deanna, which gives her the opportunity to revisit unsolved cases alongside fellow Don’t F–k With Cats participant John Green.

How Tall Is Deanna Thompson?

Deanna Thompson’s height measures above 5’3”.

Related FAQs

  • Is Deanna Thompson On Instagram?

On Instagram, Deanna Thompson goes by the Instagram handle (@realbaudimoovan).

  • When Is Deanna Thompson Birthday?

Deanna Thompson celebrates her birthday on 27 April.

  • Where Is Deanna Thompson From?

Deanna resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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