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Devin Strader Bio, Bachelorette S21, Height, Net Worth

Devin Strader is one of the contestants on Bachelorette season 21. This is the season of Jenn Tran and Reality Steve has a few spoilers about the new season and here is what we delve into. So tag along and read all about Devin in this short bio here.

Meet Devin Strader, A Bachelorette S21 Contestant

According to spoiler king, Reality Steve Devin Strader is one of the four guys who are reportedly going to have their hometown dates with the leading lady of Bachelorette season 21 Jenn Tran.

Per his bio available on ABC, Devin is a full package and is prepared to meet his match. This company owner aspires to surprise his partner with romantic gestures throughout their relationship, and he is the epitome of the ideal husband.

Devin is incredibly dedicated to his work, proud of the company he has created, and exceedingly industrious. He enjoys going on runs and hanging out with his dog, Charlie, when he’s not working. The two of them are a great combination.

Devin hopes his future spouse will be nice, truthful, and accepting of his boisterous nature. Admittedly, he loves to chat and can be a little noisy. Devin genuinely wants to discover his true love and go home with Jenn at his side.

In March, 2024, at the surprising season finale of Joey Graziadei, Jenn, a Miami-born student pursuing a medical assistant degree, was chosen to be the show’s leader for season 21. As the first Asian-American leader of the franchise, Jenn is Vietnamese. Her hometown was sent home before hers.

“I feel so so grateful and so honored to be the first Asian bachelorette in this franchise,” Jenn said on the After the Final Rose special. “Growing up, I’ve always wanted to see Asian representation on TV. And I feel like it was really sparse. Any time Asians were in the media, it was to fill a supporting character role, to fulfill some sort of stereotype, and I felt really boxed in by that because I was like, ‘I don’t see myself on screen. I don’t see myself as a main character.'”

Does Devin Strader Get Engaged To Jenn Tran?

On 31 May 2024, Reality Steve announced that Jenn and Devin were engaged.

According to Reality Steve, the filming the season 21 began on 26 March. According to Reality Steve, the gang quickly took out for Oceania, making stops in Australia and New Zealand. Hawaii was the location of the finale as well.

A few one-on-one encounters are also known to us; one of them involved Marcus Shoberg and a Wicked-themed excursion. As per Reality Steve, Jeremy Simon also receives a one-on-one.

According to Steve, Jenn’s final two are Marcus and Devon Strader. May 16th, Reality Marcus and Devin were Jenn’s last two men, Steve said on X. Along with that, he shared a picture of Jenn wearing a white lace gown and mentioned that the last rose ceremony was held that day at a “house on the coast.”

Devin reportedly has his hometown date with Jenn on 26 April.

On June 8, Jenn hinted to fans at the CMA Fest in Nashville that they may expect something different from The Bachelorette’s Season 21 finale.

“I think I’m also being told that the ending of my season is also something that has never happened before,” Jenn said while chatting with former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Sadly, Jenn didn’t provide further details on what exactly viewers can expect. So, for now, the key takeaway is that Jenn finds her fairytale ending and concludes her journey with a sparkling diamond on her finger.

Devin Strader Age

In January 2024, Devin Strader reached 28 years old. His birth year is 1996.

Who Are Devin Strader Parents?

It is not clear who are Devin Strader’s parents. He hasn’t featured any of his parents on his socials and is very private when it comes to the details of his folks.

However, some of his family members and relatives available online are 83-year-old Gary Strader, 81-year-old Phyillis Strader, and a 61-year-old Cynthia Strader.

But Devin has a younger brother named Pierce Strader. Find him on Instagram (@piercestrader).

Devin Strader Job

Devin Strader is the owner of F1 Freight Consultants. Full-service, committed truckload and LTL service provider F1 Freight Consultants LLC provides excellent transportation services and solutions to a broad range of businesses.

As a dedicated consultant firm, F1 strives to deliver both the most cost effective solutions, as well as tackling transportation & logistics challenges throughout North America. F1 Freight Consultants, LLC handles thousands of shipments monthly with streamline efficiency, and have proven to be a single source solution for all transportation needs.

On his Facebook, Devin has stated that he has been working as a Senior Account Manager at Shark Logistics since May 2020.

Before starting his own business, Devin worked as a vice president of acquisitions at Shark Logistics, LLC. He began that job in January 2020 and worked in that role until March 2023. He also worked at CMA Technology Solutions from 2017 to 2018.

Devin is a graduate of Louisiana State University (Class of 2019).

Devin Strader Net Worth?

In 2024, Devin Strader has a net worth under $500 thousand.

Devin Strader Height

Devin Strader’s height measures under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Devin Strader From?

Sugar Land, Texas is Devin Strader’s hometown. He lives in Houston, Texas.

  • When Is Devin Strader Birthday?

Devin Strader’s birthday is on 31 January.

  • Is Devin Strader On Instagram?

Yes, Devin is available on Instagram (@devin.strader).

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