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Dishon Isaac Bio, Height, Family, Age, Love In The Jungle

Meet Dishon Issac, one among the fourteen singles who are ditching modern dating in order to get in touch with their animal instincts on Love in the Jungle, a new series that launched on discovery+ on 8 May 2022.

Now let us take you through this read about Dishon to find out why he decided to go on this unique dating experience where the rules asked him and his mates not to talk at all and instead perform animalistic mating rituals to find romantic connections.

Dishon Isaac On Discovery Plus’s Love In The Jungle

Love in the Jungle called on 14 singles to deliver their most accurate animal impressions. Dishon chose to become a duck believing ducks are kind of majestic but also kind of goofy. And prior to deciding to impersonate anyone from the animal kingdom, he thought he is a mix between the two, of a duck’s essence.

Hyping up the new show on his social media, Dishon said he does not want to be a “lame” duck before the show’s premiere. He also encouraged his fans on the internet to not be lame ducks and instead become friends with everyone.

Looking back, Dishon named his time spent in the jungle in Columbia as the “3 life-changing weeks”.

Season 1 of Love in the Jungle was shot on a private eco-reserve in Colombia as the South-American country boasts a vast range of eco-reserves. The premises took place, especially in and around Bosque Colibri, a family-owned business located near Cali.

And Dishon, if you do not already remember, is the same Dishon who was one of the victims during the disastrous Travis Scott concert. His first-hand memories from the day, 5 November 2021, which left nine dead and many injured, were covered by Business Insider and other media outlets. He told them what he witnessed at the Astroworld Festival, how it was “basically a warzone” and more.

Is Dishon Isaac Dating Anyone?

Dishon Isaac revealed in an Instagram post that 2020 started off hella strong with him dating his “dream girl”. And likely with this girl, he went through a surprise breakup in October. “I mean one of them spiritual gut-punch breakups. I couldn’t even pretend to be ok”, he described on social media.

He also went on to write that when he got back from the jungle in Colombia, he had crystal clarity that he had to “dead” his “most toxic relationship”. He said he wanted to end it immediately as he wanted to heal and become the best version of himself.

Out of the Love in the Jungle now, it was not clear if Dishon found any serious romance while on the show. It was in general unspecific if he was dating anyone as of 2022.

Dishon Isaac Height

Fitness fanatic and once college soccer playing Dishon Isaac stands 6 feet tall in height. Late in 2021 he decided to get in even better shape and joined a new gym, got a personal trainer, and started taking yoga classes consistently.

Dishon Isaac Family

Dishon Isaac’s dad Staffon Isaac Sr. and mum Annie Isaac are no longer together. Dad Staffon, as per Facebook, is a retired US Air Force and retired Marathon Petroleum. Also, he is now married to Stephanie Isaac (Simmons). Annie or Ann, on the other hand, did not clarify her marital status on social media. She mentioned being a Brundidge, Alabama native and now a Friendswood, Texas resident; and having studied Human Relations at The University of Oklahoma and Zion Chapel High School.

As for siblings, Dishon has four of them, Myron Dunford, Staffon Isaac Jr., Ahya Speaker, and Jair Isaac.

Is Dishon Isaac On Instagram?

Indeed! Dishon Isaac could be found on Instagram @iamdish where he had 49 posts and 817 followers as of 11 May 2022. He also shared glimpses of his life on ‘Dishon Isaac’ Facebook. On these platforms, among other things, he frequently talked about experiencing various forms of racism directly and indirectly throughout his life.

Dishon Isaac Job

With the start of 2020, Dishon Isaac was doing his thing as an account executive in the restaurant tech world. His mission, at the time, was to be debt-free. So between January and February, he paid off over $100K in debt. It took him about a year and a month. In his words, he was in his bag and nothing could stop him. But soon, the pandemic happened. He thought it would last a few weeks. But, it clearly did not and in April, he was let go from his job.

In November, Dishon got a new job and in 2021, he came out “swinging”. He went on his first solo trip to Hawaii as he was breaking records at the new job.

It was during this time that he went to Love in the Jungle. Once back, he wanted to quit his job because it did not feel fulfilling and he also knew he was “playing it safe”. So, 31 August of 2021 was his last day on the job.

Fast forward to now, he started working full-time as the enterprise account executive at Aspire Software as of April 2022.

Dishon, who got a Business major with a Spanish minor at SU, also seemed to work on his own as a licensed real estate agent/consultant/realtor and sold his merch on

Dishon Isaac Age

Dishon Isaac reached the age of 31 in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dishon Isaac’s Birthday?

Dishon Isaac’s birthday is on the 1st of September. And for people born on this day, their zodiac sign is Virgo.

  • Where Is Dishon Isaac From?

Dishon Isaac hails from the hometown of League City in Texas, within the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

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