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Donny Youngblood Bio, Today, Son, Wife, Killing County

Meet Donny Youngblood who was running Kern County Sherrif’s Office which will be covered in Hulu’s new show Killing County. Where is he today? What happened to his son and estranged wife?

Tag along with this article and learn more!

Donny Youngblood On Hulu’s Killing County

Donny Youngblood has been an infamous figure throughout his career as a sheriff. He repeatedly made headlines for either making some offensive comments or running for re-election.

In 1972, Donny started working for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office as a correctional officer based at the Lerdo Facility. He enrolled in the basic academy two years later to start his training to become a deputy sheriff. And the people of Kern County chose Donny for the position of sheriff, coroner, and public administrator in 2006. He oversaw one of the most corrupt police forces in the U.S.

Donny is a Vietnam War veteran who served 14 months in South Vietnam. He served in the military from 1968 to 1971 and joined the Kern County Sheriff’s Office in 1971 as a correctional officer at Lerdo Facility.

Back to Hulu’s Killing County, authorities wasted no time in fabricating Jorge Ramirez’s participation after he was killed during a sting operation by the same individuals he was trying to help. The Bakersfield Police Department in Bakersfield, California, where Ramirez lived and later passed away in September 2013, never gave his family the impression that they were being told the complete truth.

In the Hulu show, the Ramirez family leads us on a multi-year odyssey that eventually exposes numerous BPD cover-ups. The loss of their son was only the beginning. At the time, Sheriff Donny Youngblood oversaw the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.

Where Is Donny Youngblood Today?

In 2018, Sheriff Donny Youngblood announced that he was running for re-election in Kern County, California. It was later revealed on camera saying that it’s financially better to kill suspects rather than let them live, a video from 2006 which was made during Youngblood’s first campaign for sheriff.

“Because if you cripple them you gotta take care of them for life, and that cost goes way up.” Earlier in the video, he said the difference in cost between the two can be millions of dollars. “When a guy makes a bad shoot on somebody and kills them, three million bucks and the family goes away, after a long back and forth. When it happens in corrections, it’s a totally different ballgame.”

The Kern County Detention Officers Association, who was then backing Donny’s rival Justin Fleeman in the race for sheriff, published the footage. Donny later countered that this video was being misinterpreted, though. Telling Bakersfield Now, he was merely attempting to emphasize that just because someone doesn’t die, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the cops get away with spending less money.

Donny acknowledged the use of poor language and regretted his choice of words.

Although his video was featured on all of the national news, he has previously been in the spotlight. A few years back, Vice published an investigative piece that examined the violence and arrest practices used by law officers in his area.

In 2013, David Sal Silva, 33, died while being arrested and his death was ruled accidental. David was found passed out in the grass at Kern Medical Center after drinking, and he was escorted off the Medical Center grounds. Officers responded to a call about a man who was intoxicated. Youngblood said that they found Silva lying on the ground and when he tried to stand, he fell on his face.

Donny Youngblood said a deputy told Silva to submit to arrest or he’d release his dog. “He used a remote to release his dog from the car, and the dog engaged Mr. Silva. During this fight, the dog bit Mr. Silva several times.” In the end, there were nine law enforcement officers fighting Silva with batons, Vice reported, and he was pronounced dead at 12:44 a.m.

As of January 2023, Donny is still serving as Sheriff at Kern County. In 2022, he appeared on Our Two Cents Podcast where he talked about the current state of Kern County.

Donny Youngblood Son

Aaron Youngblood is the son of Donny Youngblood who was detained on suspicion of possessing a controlled narcotic, receiving stolen items, and carrying a hidden firearm. Police had raided his mother’s home regarding that investigation.

According to Bakersfield Now, the search of Victoria’s residence turned up proof of drug sales as well as drugs, drug paraphernalia, guns, police and sheriff’s uniforms, and other items. Victoria and the BPD later reached a $500,000 settlement, according to KGET. Aaron frequently encountered the law.

After Aaron was held up at gunpoint in 2009, ABC 23 published an article detailing his crimes, which included a DUI, felony weapons charges, and a felony charge for drug possession. In May 2012, Aaron admitted to Bakersfield Now that his dad’s occupation had put him under constant media attention. He stated that he intended to overcome his negative reputation and that after serving his sentence in jail, he might think about attending law school.

In 2016, he was sentenced to 270 days after pleading no contest to drug possession while armed with a gun. He is currently 38 years old.

Donny Youngblood Wife

Donny Youngblood was married to his estranged wife Victoria Youngblood. In 2012, Victoria was mauled by a police K9 after her home was searched in an investigation against their son, Aaron Youngblood. According to Bakersfield Now, her attorney, Daniel Rodriguez, said that she was sound asleep in her bedroom when she suddenly felt a dog chomping on her head and “crunching” her bones. She was in danger of losing her hearing since her right ear had been damaged.

Police made their presence known before entering, but Victoria was asleep. Sgt. Joe Grubbs said: “The (K-9) handler was careful about giving announcements. The person (Victoria Youngblood) didn’t announce themselves, so the K-9 engaged, the K-9 found the person and engaged.”

His estranged wife appears to be residing in Bend, Oregon now. She prefers to remain completely anonymous.

How Old Is Donny Youngblood?

As of this writing in January 2023, Donny Youngblood is currently 72 years old.

Donny Youngblood Salary

According to CalSalaries, Donny Youngblood’s salary was $203,158.24 (in 2021). In 2016, he was denied a pay raise to his then-six-figure salary that would’ve cost the county nearly $50K.

Donny Youngblood Net Worth

Donny Youngblood’s net worth is above $5 million.

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  • When Is Donny Youngblood Birthday?

Donny Youngblood’s birthday is in August.

  • Is Donny Youngblood On Instagram?

Yes, he is. You can find Donny on IG and FB.

  • Where Is Donny Youngblood From?

Donny Youngblood hailed from Bakersfield, California,

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