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Guillermo Söhnlein Age, Net Worth, OceanGate Co-Founder

Learn about Guillermo Söhnlein, the co-founder of OceanGate. The debris from the submersible has recently been discovered and Guillermo was stunned during his interview by it. Here are a few things you should know about him.

We got the age, net worth, wife, and kids. We cover it all here.

Meet Guillermo Söhnlein, The OceanGate Co-Founder

When Guillermo Söhnlein, the co-founder of OceanGate, realized that wreckage had been discovered during the frenzied hunt for the missing Titan, he was recorded on camera in a state of shock. When a BBC reporter interrupted their interview to announce that a search team had discovered a debris field on the ocean surface, businessman Guillermo was clearly shaken.

“I’m sorry … somewhat has been found?” Gullermo asked. “I’m not sure [what the debris is] because I’m hearing this for the first time, but I know that the protocol for lost comms is for the pilot to surface the sub. From the beginning, I always thought that’s probably what [CEO Stockton Rush] would have done.”

In 2009, Guillermo and Stockton established OceanGate Expeditions.

Even though he left the business ten years ago, Guillermo has frequently expressed his admiration for and faith in his co-founder after the 22-foot Titan, which had Rush and four other passengers on board, mysteriously vanished Sunday morning while its way to the Titanic wreck.

“If anything, I think we need to go back and learn from what’s happening, find out what’s happened, take those lessons, and carry them forward,” Guillermo described the disappearance of the sub and the ensuing frantic search.

The Titanic, which is 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and is submerged at a depth of 12,500 feet, was found to have debris found 1,600 feet from her bow hours after OceanGate co-founder’s BBC interview. According to officials, the discovery suggests that the sub experienced a “catastrophic implosion” that instantaneously killed everyone on board.

“I think I’ve broken them with logic and good engineering behind me,” Guillermo defended Stockton to the BBC. “[The] human submersible community globally is very small.”

“Developing innovations and any new technology, including submersibles, means that sometimes you have to go outside of the balance of the regulatory scheme,” he argued. “But the bottom line is that everyone’s got different opinions on how subs should be designed, how dives should be conducted, how expeditions should be conducted.”

“The challenge, though, is with all of us having opinions is none of us have all the facts. So it’s difficult to form these opinions,” Guillermo explained. He also asserted his unflagging admiration of Rush, saying he’s “probably one of the most intelligent people [he has] met.”

“The biggest thing I’ve always admired about [Rush] is his healthy respect for risk and his healthy respect for the dangers of the deep ocean,” he added. “Everything that we did was always very much focused on managing those risks.”

How Much Is Guillermo Söhnlein Net Worth?

As of 2023, Guillermo Söhnlein should likely have a net worth above $100 million. He started his career in the United States Marine Corps from 1995 to 1999. He also co-founded Milo and ran it till 2001.

Before co-founding Guillermo in 2009, he had already founded and worked for companies such as Voxeo, Town of Leesburg (VA) Economic Development Commission, Northern Virginia Technology Council, Stratford University, Aptela, Mplayit, NuRide, Inc., The Center for U.S.-China Technology, Innovation and Development (“UCTID”), Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and International Association of Space Entrepreneurs (“IASE”).

Guillermo worked for OceanGate Inc till 2013 while serving OceanGate Foundation as Co-Founder & Trustee.

Since then, Guillermo has worked for companies like iSpaces, Space Angels, Sea-Space Initiative, Ansible Space Communications Systems, Blue Ocean Film Festival, ThothX LLC, Deep Space Industries, and a few others.

Per his LinkedIn, Guillermo is working for multiple companies. He is a co-founder of three companies Fortivo Music, Humans2Venus, and Humans2Venus Foundation. He also works in prestigious positions at several companies like WayPaver Foundation, Mamoni Valley Preserve, New Vista Acquisition Corp, SynapseMX, Inc, Swiss Institute of Directors, Orbit Fab, Exploration Institute, and a few others.

Guillermo Söhnlein Age

In 2023, Guillermo Söhnlein is 57 years old.

Where Is Guillermo Söhnlein From?

Guillermo Söhnlein was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He and his family immigrated to the US in 1972 and settled in San Jose, California. He earned his naturalized citizenship of America.

Now, Guillermo resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Guillermo Söhnlein Wife

It is unclear who Guillermo Söhnlein’s wife is. On 1 July 2019, his son Daniel featured his wife and other two children. It was his wife’s 50th birthday.

OceanGate Guillermo Söhnlein’s Wife And Three Kids (Pic: IG)

But, they shared three children with each other. They are named Rebecca Lynn Söhnlein (born January 30, 1999), Daniel Jacob Söhnlein (born March 20, 2001), and Caleb Miguel Söhnlein (born March 1, 2005).

You can find all three siblings on Instagram: Rebecca (@rebeccasohnlein), Daniel (@danielsohn), and Caleb (@c.sohnlein15).

Rebecca is working as Summer Associate at Huff Powell Bailey since May 2023. She has also been working as a Legal Intern at Fortivo Holdings LLC.

Furthermore, Rebecca is also a 2024 JD candidate from Georgia State University College of Law. She attended The University of Georgia () and Vanderbilt University ().

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  • When Is Guillermo Söhnlein Birthday?

Guillermo Söhnlein’s birthday is on 18 May.

  • Is Guillermo Söhnlein On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Guillermo Söhnlein is on Instagram (@gsohnlein) and Facebook (@gsohnlein).

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