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Hakeem White Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Love Island

Hakeem White, along with a new batch of bombshells, are headed to Fiji for Love Island’s 6th installment. The new season of Peacock debuted on June 11 and introduced viewers to a sultry bunch of five men and five women who are all looking for love.

Aaron Evans, the winner of Traitors UK Season One, and Kordell Beckham, the younger brother of NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., are in the gang. This season, Robert Rausch—who viewers will remember from Love Island USA’s Season Five when the Islanders visited Casa Amor—will also be staying at the villa.

Back to Hakeem, this bio brings you information about his age, job, height, and family.

Hakeem White On Love Island

Hakeem White hailed from Jamaica but resides in Miami, Flo. is appearing on season 6 of Love Island which is premiering on 11 June 2024 on Peacock. With a fresh group of Islanders ready to soak in the sun and possibly even land the love of their lives, Season 6 of Love Island USA is about to make waves on the sandy sands of Fiji.

Back in 2013, Hakeem shared a few details about his preference in dating and women which we believe still remains the same. He liked women who were “fit, interesting personality that compliments me as well like a little goofy but can be serious at the same time, and has perfect teeth.”

For him, his ideal girl is someone who has “long brunette or blonde hair, really attractive, perfect teeth, and nice body, and a good personality, and preferably Spanish.”

Talking about the most romantic thing he has ever done in life, Hakeem explained, “In high school on Valentine’s Day. I planned everything out I got her this giant, life-sized card I wrote out a full-page note of how we met and how much she [means] to me. I got her this cute teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers, brought it to school, and throughout the week, I would be asking her when her classes were, so I bought her all this stuff and put it on her desk, and she opened it.”

The line-up also includes Coye Simmons, a school district director from North Carolina, Kendall Washington, medical device sales in Dallas, Hannah Smith, a bottle server from North Carolina, a graduate student named Kaylor Martin from Pennsylvania, college student Leah Kateb from Iran, and JaNa Craig from Hawaii.

This season, Love Island USA’s host will be Ariana Madix, star of Vanderpump Rules, while Iain Stirling will continue to serve as the program’s beloved and funny narrator.

Hakeem White Age

In July 2023, Hakeem White turned 29 years old.

Who Are Hakeem White Parents?

Although Hakeem White hasn’t given away names and details about his parents, he has shared that his parents were together for only a short period of time. In July 2023 when he turned 29 he celebrated his birthday with both of his parents. He hasn’t celebrated his birthday since he was 5.

Hakeem moved with his father to Miami at a young age. Before that, he was living with his mother in Jamaica till the age of 6.

Hakeem wrote, “I wouldn’t see my mom again until I was 13 because Immigration problems made it tough for her to come to the states. I will say not having my mom during those young years of life were a struggle for me but I managed.”

From the age of 13 to 23, Hakeem only saw her 4 more times.

In 2021, Hakeem gave his dad a sum of money so that he could help him start and invest “in his real estate business this year so he can create generational wealth.”

Hakeem also has a younger sister. She graduated college in July 2023.

Hakeem White Height

Hakeem White’s height measures above 6 feet. His dad stands tall at 5’8”.

Hakeem White Job

Hakeem works as an online business and fitness coach. In fact, he’s so successful that in just two years, his firm brought in over $4 million.

In 2014, Hakeem went to the entrepreneurial route and started his personal training business due to his passion for fitness. He struggled to make less than $10,000 a year in my business for three years. He was living at home, had student loan debt totaling over $30,000, and worked a number of jobs he detested before getting fired in order to make ends meet.

Later in 2018, Hakeem started investing in mentors and everything changed for him. During this time he also gave up partying, drinking, and dating.

That same year, he made his first six figure. Later in 2020, he made his first million.

Hakeem graduated from the University of Florida.

How Much Is Hakeem White Net Worth?

In 2024, Hakeem White’s estimated net worth is likely above $2 million.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Hakeem White From?

Hakeem White resides in Miami, Florida. He is originally from Kingston, Jamaica.

  • When Is Hakeem White Birthday?

Hakeem White’s birthday is on 16 July.

  • Is Hakeem White On Instagram?

Indeed, Hakeem is available on Instagram (@hakeemxwhite).

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