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Hannah Burns Bio, Age, Job, Boyfriend, The Mole S2

Hannah Burns joined the cast of Netflix’s The Mole along with eleven others. On Friday, 28 June 2024, Netflix will release the first five episodes of “The Mole” Season 2, with new episodes airing until July 12.

Discover additional information about his personal and professional background as you follow his journey on the show. We are providing you with information about her height, age, boyfriend, and family.

Hannah Burns On The Mole S2

The Mole season 2 is back on Netflix and Hannah Burns is one of the contestants.

Hannah Burns is the youngest competitor this season. She was a previous Miss Paradise Valley USA, a student pilot, and a marketing consultant. “I’m team $$$ and here to WIN the whole pot,” she says, denying that she is the Mole.

In season two, 12 competitors will compete in a high-stakes match in Malaysia, pooling their resources to complete a series of tasks that will increase the total prize pool that they might potentially win. There’s a twist, though! “The Mole” is one of the players, and his mission is to undermine the group’s attempts to earn money during the challenges while staying hidden.

The popular series is a reboot of the 2000s hit show, which was revived by Netflix in 2022. It will be simple for them to sort the truth from deception and weed out the traitor with these candidates on the show. There are other competitors in The Mole with useful abilities, such a retired police officer, a driver, and an analyst, even if not all of them are mystery solvers.

Hannah announced via an IG post in May 2024 of her appearance on the Netflix show. Her caption for the post read, “Good thing im good at keeping secrets 😉 mark your calendars for June 28th 🔎😱🗝️🩸⛓️ @netflix.”

Hannah Burns Age

In August 2023, Hannah Burns reached 24 years of age.

Hannah Burns Job

Hannah Burns is working as a medical marketing consultant. She began her job at Affordable Image Marketing Agency in October 2022. She also worked as a social media manager at Next Level Consultants.

Hannah also worked as an assistant general manager at Mountainside Fitness. In the company, she also worked at the front desk, sales representative, and general manager.

As of her education, Hannah graduated from Arizona State University in 2021. She is earning her bachelor’s degree in law in 2024. She finished high school in Boulder Creek High School.

Hannah Burns Boyfriend

If you’ve been watching Season 2 of this reality game show’s Netflix reincarnation intently, you may have spotted a growing romantic relationship between Tony Castellanos and Hannah Burns. After their first instant chemistry, these two don’t hold back in Episode 3—they even plant a kiss in front of the group! But is this merely a part of their plan, or are Hannah and Tony really meant to be together?

We doubt Tony would want to pursue a meaningful relationship with the 23-year-old marketing consultant outside of The Mole, based on how Hannah portrays their bond on the show.

Tony refuses to back down in the face of Hannah’s attempts to woo her way to the top. Hannah says in a confessional that she’s never had a guy reject her and that she always gets her wish. After the winnings fall short of $10,000, Tony gives in and grants Hannah the exemption. Hannah, according to Neesh, “played Tony like a fiddle.”

In front of everyone, Tony and Hannah kiss after Andy is eliminated. Later, Hannah considers their connection in a confessional: “I think Tony trusts me. He’ll definitely tell me everything he knows, but he would be smart not to.” “All I care about is the money and figuring it out for myself,” she says. “There can only be one winner, so I don’t know how that’s gonna work out. Maybe it’ll be our first fight.”

Tony is regrettably the next player to be eliminated from the game in Episode 5. In his farewell interview, he can’t quite put it into words, but he says he “got blindsided.”

“It’s kind of irritating me that Hannah kind of has the same suspects. We played as a team, and she’s come to me with a lot of information, and I think that might be my downfall, right?” he continues. “There is no trust. When you’re in the game, you never know what anyone’s true intentions are no matter what they tell you. Is Hannah the Mole? Could be.”

Hannah gets up from the table and starts crying as soon as he leaves. As Michael reassures her, she admits, “I feel so bad right now. It feels like I sent my friend home.”

“I just feel really, really guilty. It’s a horrible feeling to feel like you betrayed someone that you really care about,” Hannah says in a confessional. “But to succeed in this game, you have to be emotionless and take that out of it, or else you’re not gonna make it. We need to work together in the mission against the Mole, but when you’re taking the quiz, when you’re feeding each other information, nobody’s telling the truth, and you really can’t trust anybody but yourself.”

Neesh, who is certain that Hannah is “one of the biggest reasons” Tony is gone, has his eyes set on Hannah as the surviving players embark on their next task.

“She definitely played a hand in manipulating him,” he says in a confessional. “We saw it at the countdown and getting that exemption from him.”

In conclusion, no, Hannah Burns doesn’t have a boyfriend. In fact, on her Facebook, Hannah has stated that she is single.

The only good boy that she has in her life is her dog Bane. When Bane turned 2 in March 2024, Hannah posted on her Facebook, “Bane is 2 🎂 Can’t believe it. Time has gone by so fast and it won’t stop. Thank you for licking my tears, making me laugh every day, being my alarm clock, making me selfless, teaching me discipline, forcing me to run and walk outside every day, and teaching me to love something more than I love myself. Little boy you have changed my life and I have no doubt you will be the one next to me as all my dreams come true, through my twenties and hopefully most of my thirties. Unfortunately, you can’t read so this big long sappy paragraph is just for a bunch of strangers on the internet. I love you little monster. HAPPY BDAY.”

Is Hannah Burns On Instagram?

Hannah Burns has a verified Instagram account with 10.2K followers.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Hannah Burns From?

The current residence and hometown of Hannah Burns is Scottsdale, Arizona. Her parents are named Jerry Burns and Christie Burns.

Jerry is a dentist with more than two decades of experience. He owns burns-dentistry.

The parents celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary in October 2023.

Hannah also has a sister named Maggie Burns.

  • When Is Hannah Burns Birthday?

22 August is when Hannah Burns celebrates her birthday.

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