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Hena Doba Parents: Tahmina Faraz And Agha Zulfiquar

The Real Housewives of New York City, amid undergoing a reboot and cast shakeup, causes speculations to fly around about who is staying, who is going, and who is joining.

So, ahead of the Bravo series’ 14th season, producers were said to be eyeing Hena Doba, a Pakistani news anchor to join the cast.

Hena, here, has been in front of TV cameras already for some time. As per her LinkedIn, she is currently the host of Cheddar news’ Cheddar Climate – the Fight for Change, Search for a Cure – Covid 19, and the News Wrap. Not to miss, she formerly worked as a National Correspondent for CBS News in New York. That being the first-generation Pakistani’s career, we shall now tell you about her parents.

Who Are Hena Doba Parents?

In an interview with Fairfield County Look, earlier, Hena Doba revealed that she grew up in Queens and she is a first-generation Pakistani. Her parents had moved to New York a few months before she was born. She said they did it not only for a better life but to ensure that their children had opportunities that they never imagined. “Till this day, they believe anything is possible in this country with hard work, grit, and discipline”, Hena said talking about her folks and the States.

Hena was leaving with her parents until the September 11 attacks happened on 11 September. She said she picked up her camcorder and left her parents’ house trying to make her way into Manhattan; while interviewing New Yorkers along the way. That is when her career in front of the camera started. After a few short years, she was the first Pakistani TV anchor in the United States.

Meet Hena Doba Mother, Tahmina Faraz

According to our research, Tahmina Faraz is Hena Doba’s mother.

  • Tahmina Faraz Age

Tahmina Faraz was born sometime in 1957. So, she turned 65 years old in 2022.

  • Tahmina Faraz Job

Professionally, Tahmina is the CEO of KAM Sales & Services corp., a business entity registered with the State of New York, Department of State (NYSDOS). The business is based in Pine Brook Ave, West Hempstead, and its type is a domestic business corporation. On her LinkedIn, she also mentioned working as an ocean export manager at R&A In international Logistics from September 2007 through the present.

Then, on her Facebook BIO, Tahmina also cited working in the export and import at PRIME Transport as of 14 October 2020.

Also, so you know, a contract-debt collection lawsuit was filed against her by DISCOVER BANK in December 2020. This case was filed in Nassau County Courts, Supreme Court in Washington, New York, and its status was reportedly pending.

  • What Is Tahmina Faraz Nationality?

Tahmina was based in West Hempstead, a hamlet and census-designated place in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, on Long Island, in New York. As of now and she must have acquired American citizenship.

Meet Hena Doba Father, Agha Zulfiqar

Hena Doba’s father is Agha Zulfiqar.

  • Agha Zulfiqar Age

Agha Zulfiqar was born in September 1945. So, he should have turned 76 years old in 2021.

  • Agha Zulfiqar Job

On his LinkedIn, Agha Zulfiqar introduces himself as the director of Wizz Professional Interpretation Company; in tenure for the past 25 years and more. Other than that, he says he is a US Federal Courts and New Jersey State Courts Certified Interpreter in Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi languages.

Then, we also collected, that his namesake company Agha Zulfiqar Show Inc. has been operating for the past two decades; is registered as a domestic business corporation.

Agha did his master’s twice; once in Political Science and Government at the New York University and before that at Karachi University. And while still in Pakistan, he worked as an area manager at Pakistani International Airlines.

  • What Is Agha Zulfiqar Nationality?

Like his wife, Aha Zlfiquar is originally from Pakistani and by now he must have acquired American nationality. But then, his daughter Hena was labeled just as “a Pakistani woman from Queens who now lives in Connecticut with her husband” by Page Six.

Related FAQs

  • Are Hena Doba Parents Still Married?

At the time of Hena Doba’s wedding, back in 2016, The New York Times in its article reported that Hena is the daughter of “Tahmina Faraz of West Hempstead, N.Y., and Agha M. Zulfiqar of Jackson Heights, Queens.” This looked like Hena’s parents were no longer together. But for sure there has been no clue, as to if they are really divorced, or just living separately, or just were apart at the time for work purposes.

  • How Many Kids Do Hena Doba Parents Have?

Other than her, Hena Doba’s parents have two sons Humara N Zulfiqar and Waqas A Zulfiqar. Waqas, who turned 41 in 2021, likely lived with his mom in West Hempstead; Humara, 48 as of 2021, lived in Jackson Heights, likely with his dad.

  • Where Do Hena Doba Parents Live?

As prior mentioned, Hena Doba’s parents were living in two different cities, back at the time when their daughter was marrying off to Andrew Ronald Doba. Also so you know, Hena was ‘Hena Nadia Daniels’ at the time, probably the name she got from her former husband. Yes. Hena was already married and divorced once before Andrew. The same had happened to Andrew as well.

  • Are Hena Doba Parents On Instagram?

Hena’s dad seemed completely unconcerned about the whole social media scene. While his wife and Hena’s mom seemed to spend some good time on her ‘Tahmina Faraz’ account on Facebook. She also had a profile made on Pinterest.

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