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Hosea Williams II Bio, Porsha Williams Dad, Net Worth

Meet Hosea Williams II, father of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Porsha Williams. Though he was present in only a small part of the life of his children, he left a great impact on each one of them. Here’s Hosea Williams II Bio where you can learn about his parents, children, net worth, and his death.

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Meet Hosea Williams II AKA Porsha Williams Dad

Meet Hosea Williams II, best known as the father of RHOA star Porsha Williams. He couldn’t stay long to watch his children start their own family because of his untimely death. But, Porsha and all of her siblings miss him.

Furthermore, Porsha remembered her father as an entrepreneur. This inspired the reality star to pursue a career as an entrepreneur along with other siblings. Porsha revealed, “My mother was an entrepreneur and so was my father, so it just was in my blood to want to own something for myself. Before I became a wife [to ex-husband Kordell Stewart] I had my own business, a childcare center, that I started when I was 24 years old. My mother was in the field, so I saved up money from previous jobs and got my location. You can be spoiled and still know how to handle business.”

Hosea Williams II Cause Of Death

Hosea Williams II died even before his parents on 21 September 1998. The cause of his death was revealed to be complications from a bone marrow transplant performed 1 1/2 months ago. He was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in 1997. A family friend revealed he underwent a bone marrow transplant and was doing well until about two weeks before his death.

The death of Porsha’s father affected her immensely. At the time, she was only 17 years old, and the sudden death of her father and she had just started dating. The mindset of her just having a skeleton idea of what ‘a man’ should be led her into seriously abusive situations.

In September 2020, Porsha’s sister Lauren paid tribute to her father on her social media. She wrote a heart-felt lengthy post wishing her father was alive to see her now. She wrote that she talks to her when she is confused and sad and she is sure that he would answer her and she wouldn’t have daddy issues if she had talked to him more.

The fact that she was only 10 deeply affected her. At the end of the post, she wrote, “I’ve finally after 22 years accepted it and with that, I’ve become closer to you in my head and my heart. I know I always have you with me and until we meet again, I’m grateful for my tribe.”

Hosea Williams II Wives

Porsha’s father married twice in his life. Hosea Williams II’s first wife was Diane T. Williams. Together they had one daughter Porsha Williams and one son Hosea Williams III. At the age of around 3, her parents got divorced which impacted the life of his daughter. After the divorce, Hosea met his second wife Andria (Lisa) Williams. Together, they ended up having two children, Lauren Williams, and Brenton Williams.

Porsha addressed the impact in one of the episodes of the show. She told, “It was just kind of confusing at first because I had my home with Mommy that felt complete, solid.”

She added further, “And then over here with Dad was another home that could be complete and solid, and why am I going in between?”

For, most of the time, Porsha spent her life with her mother Diane. And she could only see her father at the weekend.

Porsha also talked about her relationship with the “half-siblings.” “Lauren and I are half-sisters. We share the same dad,” she explained in the show. “She’s lived with Daddy, and I more so came over on the weekends, but saying “half anything” would get you a spanking in the house.”

Diane also spoke about the agreement she had with Porsha’s father. Porsha’s parents knew they had to be civil around the children and agreed on co-parenting. She also revealed that she has started connecting with Lisa, the second wife of her late ex-husband.

How Many Kids Did Hosea Williams II Have?

Before his death, Hosea Williams II had four children. He had two daughters; Porsha Williams and Lauren Williams and two sons; Hosea Williams II and Brenton Williams.

All four children of Hosea II are famous in their own right. Porsha and Lauren are reality stars and entrepreneurs. Hosea Williams III is following in the footsteps of his grandfather and working towards creating a better community. Moreover,

How Much Is Hosea Williams II Net Worth?

Hosea Williams II was estimated to be worth under $500 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • At What Age Did Hosea Williams II Die?

Hosea Williams II died at the age of 43.

  • Who Were Hosea Williams II’s Parents?

Hosea Williams II was born to his Civil Rights activist father Hosea Lorenzo Williams, and mother Juanita Terry Williams. He grew up along with siblings and half-siblings Elisabeth Omilami, Jaunita Collier, Torrey Williams, Andre Williams, Hyron Williams, Barbara Emerson, and Yolanda Favors.

Hosea lost his father on 16 November 2000. His mother died on 23 August 2020 at the age of 75 because of a form of anemia.

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