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Jada Star aka Jane Bio, Claim To Fame, Famous Relative, Age

Jada Andersen, known professionally as Jada Star, has a new name on Claim to Fame Season 2. She is one of the 12 contestants on the show and goes around as “Mama Jane”. Like everyone, Jada also is related to a celebrity. So, in the rest of the writing, let us tell you more about who she is and who her famous relative is.

Jada Star aka Jane On Claim To Fame

Jada Star aka Jane has been excited about going on Claime To Fame. “Aaahhhh! So many cool things happening in May!!! I can’t wait to tell you!!!”, she was seen teasing it on a social media post back in April 2023. Just prior to the show’s release, she also gushed “Mama Jane is in the house! Let’s play when #ClaimtoFame premieres Monday on ABC 😏.”

In each episode of Claim To Fame, one contestant is eliminated and only then their identity is revealed. Meanwhile, the last person standing takes home a hefty prize of $100,000.

Season 2 got off to an exciting start as Jada and the other contestants made their way to the Claim to Fame mansion. They had their first introduction to the clue wall. And then happened the first challenge, a talent show.

Travis was the winner of the challenge and was therefore protected at the Guess-Off. Hugo and JR came in last place, and Hugo was elected the season’s first Guesser. And Tom Hanks’s niece, Carly Reeves, got eliminated Alicia Key’s brother Cole Cook, Morgan, Jada, and the remaining other nepo-babies got saved from elimination in the season premiere. During the talent show, Jada played ukulele and sang a song about Franklin Jonas being her favorite Jonas brother.

Also, in the game, Jada stated that her strategy for winning the competition would be “authenticity, kindness, and savagery”.

Who Is Jada Star aka Jane Famous Relative? Is It Dolly Parton?

For her Two Truths and a Lie, Jada revealed that her celebrity relative is her father and a musician who has won a Grammy Award. Also, she said the last text from her celebrity relative was to clean up after herself because she is now on television.

Some fans guessed she could be related to Hayley Williams and some thought she could be one of Dolly Parton’s many nieces. A few guessed she could be related to The Masked Singer panelist Jenny McCarthy.

The ones with ‘Dolly Parton’ foretelling were right because Jada aka Jane indeed is the country musician’s niece.

Dolly is the fourth of twelve children born to the late Avie Lee Caroline (née Owens) and Robert Lee Parton Sr. Jada’s mother, Freida Estelle Parton, is one of Dolly’s eleven siblings. Freida turned 66 in June 2023. So, she is much younger than Dolly.

Jada Star aka Jane Age

Because Jada S Andersen was born in 1979, she reached the age of 44 in 2023.

Jada Star aka Jane Job

On her social media BIO, Jada Star introduces herself as a “singer-songwriter with a weird sense of humor and a big dumb heart. 💜”.

Jada and her best friend singer-songwriter Barry J, go around as a musical duo/band. As a singer-songwriting duo, they debuted their first music album in October 2028. The two met while performing together at Dollywood’s “My People, My Music” show many years ago and became friends. They have since been making sounds that they describe as an artsy country.

Is Jada Star aka Jane Married?

Yes. Jada Star aka Jane has been married to her husband for the past 11 and plus years. Her husband’s name is Bryan Roberts (on IG @dread_pirate_r0berts).

On 5 May 2023, Jada and her Bryan went live on Facebook telling everyone that they are celebrating their anniversary. “How many years has it been babe?”, Jada was seen asking Bryan and he replied “11 years”. Then, Jada informed those watching them that they had been married the whole time and they have had a perfect time in all those years. Her husband also agreed. Then, in the rest of the video, Jada played some beautiful tunes and sang along to them.

On 28 March 2023, i.e., on her husband’s birthday, Jada took to her Facebook to gush “👾👾my hero, my love, my confidant, my best friend…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! every day I am so happy to wake up next to you and share a life with you!👾👾.” Last year too she had shown people glimpses of her husband’s birthday celebration and next to it captioned, “Happy birthday to my love! After 12 years, I still call him my boyfriend, lol! I love you more every single day.”

Jada Star aka Jane Height

Jada Star aka Jane stands below 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jada Star aka Jane’s Birthday?

Jada Star aka Jane’s birthday is April 3rd, making her an Aries. For her birthday this year (2023), she and her husband (who often refuses to be photographed” had Miso caramel banana pudding at Bearded Iris Brewing – Sylvan Supply in Nashville, Tennesse.

  • Where Is Jada Star aka Jane From?

Jada originally hails from the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee–North Carolina border in the southeastern United States.

  • Is Jada Star aka Jane On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Jada Star can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 28 June 2023, her IG @missjadastar (Jada Andersen) with 603 posts and 958 followers was kept private. Her other account (@jadastarmusic), with 285 followers, was allowed for everyone to see.

On her ‘Jada Star’ Facebook, she was followed by some 2.3K people.

Jada also had been making reels on TikTok @jadastarmusic for some time now.


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