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Jade Shenker Age, Parents, Ex-Husband, Owning Manhattan

Netflix’s Owning Manhattan introduced a team of real estate workers including Jade Shenker. She has shared that she comes from a family of real estate tycoons from New York. This got the viewers curious to learn who her parents were.

Learn all that we know about Jade Shenker’s parents, age, ex-husband, and more in this article below.

Jade Shenker On Owning Manhattan

The many agents of Ryan Serhant’s New York agency, notably Jade Shenker, who seems to have come from a real estate dynasty, are the subject of Netflix’s newest real estate reality series Owning Manhattan.

Jade aims to establish herself in commercial real estate, in contrast to the majority of Ryan’s other agents who sell houses and lease apartments. By utilizing her socialite connections to host an art exhibition featuring Anna Delvey at one of her listings and swiftly selling the building, she created a positive first impression. Shenker’s ambitious real estate goals, though, began with her family.

Jade asserts that her father was among the initial investors in New York’s East Village in the second episode of the show. This is all the information you require about Shenker’s enigmatic father, an investor.

However, the Owning Manhattan team’s situation is not good. Because a fellow Ryan agent used to troll her on TikTok, Jade disclosed her fellow co-star Chloe Tucker Caine blocked her on the platform.

Even though Jade and Chloe seemed to be getting along at the beginning of the eight-episode season, they soon got into a heated argument about Chloe’s actions when Jade revealed the details of her covert marriage collapse to Matt Denham.

“There were things that had happened before we started filming where I didn’t feel like Chloe was a good friend,” Jade said in an exclusive interview with, revealing that their problems started long before the cameras began. “There were so many things that like happened off-camera, that’s why I still have her blocked on my TikTok.”

Early in the series, the two got into a fight after Jade revealed to her buddy that she had been keeping the truth about her marriage’s condition a secret.

But that is not only the only drama that arose that includes the cast members. Jade also had problems with ‘fake’ costar Jonathan Nørmølle. She was furious over the  cruel comments he made about her and fellow brokers on the new Netflix series. Alongside costar Jessica Markowski, Jonathan attacked several of the Serhant real estate brokers, calling Jade in particular “terrible.” The podcast episode has now been removed. The firm taped the podcast, which led to a significant backlash on the program and Jonathan’s eventual apology for his behavior.

Jade told that she had blocked him after thinking about his harsh remarks. She also disclosed that the pre-edited version was far more disturbing. ‘Good riddance,’ she said. ‘We have a good amount of agents here. I’ve blocked him.”

How Much Is Jade Shenker Net Worth?

With an estimated net worth of around $8 million, Jade Shenker is currently managing a property that is worth in the ballpark of $650 million.

As an investor and real estate advisor included among the Top 30 Under 30, Jade is a socialite and strategist from New York City. Jade joined Ryan’s team with an emphasis on ultra-luxurious unique assets, investment, and commercial. NFL players, Grammy-nominated producers, LVMH companies, Dom Perignon, Netflix stars, and style icons like Virgil Abloh and co. are just a few of Jade’s well-known clientele.

Jade was raised by her father, a real estate mogul, and has participated in zoning and planning committee boards. Currently, the total platform of her media team has almost 20 million viewers.

Jade Shenker Ex-Husband

Jade Shenker was previously married to her ex-husband Matt Denham. On film, Jade and Matthew were spotted together at one of the business buildings Jade was unveiling. As Matt accompanied her and got to know all of her friends, they appeared to be getting along just fine.

But when Jade’s close friends got together at her place a few hours later, they felt something wasn’t right. They saw that Matt wasn’t acting like himself and asked her if anything was wrong. Jade began to admit that they had been having some issues as a result of this.

Jade and Matthew Denham are now finalizing their divorce, which she started. She moved to the Upper West Side in February 2024 from their shared Hamptons house. Jade has been honest in saying that going through this time has been difficult and a learning process, but she is determined to give it her all at every turn. The pair is not making much of an appearance in public, probably while they work through the various difficulties they are facing.

Without a doubt, they will take the time necessary to comprehend their new dynamic and decide how best to handle it going ahead.

In episode three, Jade broke down in tears to explain that her husband had acknowledged cheating on her with several different women during their marriage. She also stated that the couple had been maintaining public appearances while she had actually been sleeping on the couch at home. When Chloe learned that Jade had not only chosen to keep the truth from her but also to tell fellow agent Jessica Taylor and agent Jordan Hurt first, she became very furious.

The last time Matt was featured on Jade’s Instagram was in October 2022.

Jade Shenker Age

In 2024, Jade Shenker is 28 years old.

Who Are Jade Shenker Parents?

Jade Shenker’s father is named Marc Shenker and her mother is Catherine Fingal. She claimed in a petition that her father Marc took over her great-grandfather Sol Shenker’s business in the 1970s and expanded it by purchasing other residential buildings in the East Village.

On 16 September 2020, In Re Guardianship of Marc was filed as a Probate – Guardianship lawsuit. This case was filed in Broward County Circuit Courts, Broward County Central Courthouse located in Broward, Florida.

In 2022, Jade shared about her father’s struggle with Dementia writing, “I’m the first female of a 4 generation real estate tycoon bloodline. My first multifamily deal was at 15 years old while at @shulassteakhouse. When I turned 18, my father and mentor was diagnosed with dementia and I had to teach myself everything and more while taking care of him.”

As for her mother, Catherine is a filmmaker and photographer. She has also been hailed as an Art Direction, Actor, Casting Director, Prop Designer, Boom Operator, and Set Dresser.

As for Marc, he is the son of Muriel nee Bober Shenker. She died after a courageous battle with her illness on 2 August 2023. Besides Marc, Muriel also has two children named Neil and Jill.

What Is Jade Shenker Ethnicity?

Jade Shenker appears to be of Jewish-Caribbean ethnicity. We know that her mother hailed from the Caribbean island, of Dominica. And, her father is a Jew.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jade Shenker From?

Jade Shenker was born and raised in New York.

  • Is Jade Shenker On Instagram?

Yes, Jade is available on Instagram (@jadeshenker).

  • When Is Jade Shenker Birthday?

The birthday of Jade Shenker is not available yet.

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