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Janie Ridd Today, Age, Instagram, Worst Roommate Ever

Janie Ridd is one of the Worst Roommates Ever to feature on the Netflix show. In this season, viewers also get to learn about the crimes committed by Michael Dudley, Scott Pettigrew, and Tammy Fritz. Most of these crimes were committed in Salt Lake City; Palm Springs, California; Seattle; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Find out more about Janie in this article below. We bring details about Janie Ridd’s whereabouts today, her age, Instagram, and more.

Janie Ridd On Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever S2

Stories on Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever concentrate on individuals who move into a shared space with a stranger and soon realize they’re in danger. The second season of the show, which is produced by Blumhouse and helmed by Cynthia Childs, explores even more terrifying tales of roommates who become deadly: A landlord who preys on a helpless couple in need of housing; a woman who uses the dark web to obtain custody of her roommate’s child; a man who falsely imprisons his roommate before being caught on camera attacking another; and a woman who welcomes her late husband’s best friend into her home before turning to lethal means in order to make a quick profit.

In episode 1 of season 2, Janie Ridd is the woman who Rachel moved in with. They lived together for 25 years before tension reached a terrifying boiling point. The two ladies grow close and even share parenting of Rachel’s small boy.

In an interview for the Netflix series Worst Roommate Ever, Rachel revealed how, after the birth of her son Ryder, she foolishly named Janie as the beneficiary of a “very large” life insurance policy. Furthermore, in the event that Rachel passed away, Janie, who looked after the child while she was ill, would even assume parental duties.

According to Rachel, throughout the Worst Roommate Ever interviews, Janie attempted to manage her personal life and finances, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Janie “had 100% control.”

This is because Rachel needed Janie’s assistance to care for her son while she recovered from several operations since a back injury kept her from working as a paramedic and when she found out she was pregnant.

After Janie apologized for his previous attempt to gain custody of Rachel’s son, the friends were able to continue living together. But in 2019, Rachel was ill for no apparent reason and ended up in the hospital due to dangerously low blood sugar. Simultaneously, the FBI initiated an investigation into Janie for procuring Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA) bacteria over the dark web.

After Rachel and her son spent some time in a housing shelter, the two renewed their bond and moved back in together. That’s when she claims she may have ignited the possibility of her own murder one evening while Rachel and Janie were watching a true crime show.

According to authorities, Janie was also injecting Rachel with insulin that she had bought online.

Ultimately, aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult attempted aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult, and attempted acquisition of a biological weapon were the charges against and convictions for Janie.

Rachel also recalls of a terrifying experience they had while watching a documentary on a nurse who used succinylcholine on a patient, which was discovered at an autopsy and resulted in death. Janie was told by Rachel that the nurse had been “an idiot” for not utilizing a material that would not turn up after death.

She said: “It was such a conversation that we had so many times with different discussions about true crime that it didn’t stick out. But now I can see it was me planning my own murder.” In 2019, the storyline became more complex when Rachel revealed that Janie had given her her regular prescription and tucked her in bed. She unexpectedly woke up in the hospital the next day with dangerously low blood sugar.

She explained: “Since I’m not diabetic, or had any diabetic issues, this was shocking to everyone, including myself.”

Following her discharge from the hospital, Rachel experienced the same horrifying experience once more, necessitating an eight-day stay for comprehensive testing. She was allowed home despite the physicians’ confusion, only to discover that she needed to consume sugar desperately in order to stay aware. Her blood sugar was dropping and she ended up back in the hospital.

In the meantime, the FBI was looking into a case involving an attempt to buy Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (VRSA), a deadly microbe, on the Dark Web. This investigation ultimately led the agents directly to Janie. Agents discovered that the infection might be fatal to someone like Rachel who has a weakened immune system, giving Janie a reason and a chance to hurt her buddy. They thought that by doing this, Janie would be able to obtain child custody.

Where Is Janie Ridd Today?

Although Janie Ridd’s whereabouts following her 2022 release are unknown, she is audibly heard declaring at the end of the episode in an audio clip from Salt Lake County Jail that she is “gonna find a way to get him away from her.” Although the episode doesn’t make it clear, it appears that she is discussing Rachel’s son.

Following a 25-month prison sentence, Janie was given parole and allowed to leave. On the office’s Legally Speaking podcast, Utah’s Assistant Attorney General Michael Gadd recently gave an explanation for why he chose not to prosecute the case as an attempted murder. He said that he “struggled with that decision,” but that there wasn’t enough evidence to conclude that Janie intended to kill Rachel.

It was suggested by Assistant Attorney General Michael Gadd and Attorney General Sean Reyes that Ridd not be granted parole until 2028. Rachel informed the judge at her sentence that Janie had robbed her of her life by putting her under constant stress and caused serious medical issues. She claimed that when she looked at the defendant, she saw no trace of regret, according to Deseret News.

Janie Ridd Age

Reportedly born in 1969, Janie Ridd is 55 years old as of 2024

Janie Ridd Job

Formerly, Janie Ridd worked as a former employee at the job assistance center for Native Americans in West Valley City, Utah. Her current job remains unclear.

Related FAQs

  • Is Janie Ridd On Instagram?

No, Janie Ridd is unavailable on Instagram.

  • Where Is Janie Ridd From?

Janie Ridd hailed from Utah.

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