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Justin Daniel Prawat Bio, Brit Prawat Husband, Age, Job

Meet Justin Daniel Prawat, husband of Brit Prawat. Brit and Justin are known for Crime Junkie Podcast. But there is a little more to learn about them. This article covers details regarding his age, job, and his family members.

So, tag along with this article to learn more about Justin Daniel Prawat.

Meet Justin Daniel Prawat, Brit Prawat Husband

Justin Daniel Prawat and Brit Prawat’s romance began in 2005. According to Brit’s IG post, Justin asked her to be his girlfriend over his car radio blaring All-American Rejects. She described him to be her “biggest supporter, the best dad to (their) kids, and somehow still the funny one in (their) relationship.”

The couple was high school sweethearts who eventually got married on 25 July 2009. On their 12th anniversary, Brit announced on her IG, “celebrating 12 years of marriage to Justin today! we’re still almost as happy now as we were in this photo from our honeymoon.”

On his birthday in September 2021, Brit wished her husband, “safe to say today didn’t shake out as either of us had planned, but, I still adore you and am thankful that I get to spend even the not-great days with you by my side. happy birthday, love.”

To talk about Brit, she gained fame as a crime fanatic. She grew up binge-watching taped interrogations on Youtube. Eventually, she then found herself working for a P.I. for a while, and later she then introduced her friend of over 32 years, Ashley Flowers to the podcast Crime Junkie in 2016.

Their podcast was well-liked by crime enthusiasts, but it also generated its fair share of controversy. Brit and Ashley were charged with plagiarism by a former journalist and several other podcasters in the early months of 2019. They also criticized the hosts for secretly removing the programs after the truth was revealed. After this, the accusations of copying caused Crime Junkie to lose its position as the top podcast in the nation. The following are some of their top podcasts from 2021: The mysterious deaths of Ellen Greenberg, Patsy Wright, Enrique Roman Martinez, and Allan Showery were all investigated.

All of Crime Junkie’s viewers received one free episode every week, and those who wanted more had to download their fan club app. The Weird One ($60/year | $5/month), The Rude Ones ($120/year | $10/month), and The Ones Who Stay Alive ($240/year | $20/month) were the three categories into which they had split their fanbase.

How Many Kids Do Justin Daniel Prawat And Brit Prawat Have?

As of November 2021, the couple was happier than ever and living in Indiana with their adopted two kids — a son named Eli Prawat and a daughter named Mae Eloise Prawat.

The couple adopted their son in 2019. On the day of the finalization of the adoption, Brit announced on her IG, “meet Eli Prawat. after nearly a year and a half since meeting him, we finalized his adoption today.”

A year after his adoption, Brit shared on her IG that they “signed the petitions, stood before the judge, and promised the state, but most importantly, that we would care for him, take responsibility for his future, and love him not as our own, but because he is our own.”

Meanwhile, they brought their daughter Mae Eloise in 2018 and were the first among the two to be adopted. Mae turned 4 years old on 9 April 2022. The couple’s son Eli turned 14 years old in February 2022.

Brit shares a lot of pictures with her children. On the other hand, Justin is out having fun with his two kids. He and his daughter was having a daddy-daughter day at a beach. In November 2021, Justin and his two children were at the Butterfly Wonderland.

Justin Daniel Prawat Age

Justin Daniel Prawat turned 34 years old in September 2021. He celebrates his birthday on 19 September.

Justin Daniel Prawat Job

Justin Daniel is best known for creating the theme for Crime Junkie Podcast. In October of 2019, he launched a comedy podcast, Don’t Blow Your Pod, with his long-time friend Nathan Jude. Crime Junkie currently has over 100 episodes meanwhile Don’t Blow Your Pod currently has 39 episodes.

In October 2019, Justin announced on his IG, “This is what it looks like when Nathan and I begin a new collaboration. Something is coming soon. That’s all I can say. But it’s special.”

Justin is also a musician going by the name Justin Daniel. He is on Spotify and has released five songs Soco Amaretto Lime, Gotta Get Thru This, Not Even Close, Gotta Get Thru This, and Relax.

Is Justin Daniel Prawat On Instagram?

Yes, Justin Daniel Prawat is on Instagram (@justindaniel). He is also on Twitter (@justinprawat).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Justin Daniel Prawat From?

Justin Daniel Prawat hailed from South Bend, Indiana. He is the son of Creighton (Janet) Prawat of Bremen, Indiana. Moreover, he lost his grandfather Joseph W. “Radio Joe” Prawat on 2 January 2010 at the age of 81. Joseph was born on 8 June 1928 to his parents Walter and Lillian Prawat in South Bend.

Justin’s dad Creighton is one of the three children born to Joseph. He has an uncle named Thomas (Linda Sisson) Prawat of Elkhart and Elizabeth (Carlos) Ferra of South Bend.

  • Where Did Justin Daniel Prawat Recieve His Education?

Justin Daniel Prawat hasn’t shared any information regarding his education as we speak.

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