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Keith Papini New Wife, Now, Job, Net Worth, Instagram

Keith Papini, the husband of Sherri Papini, who voiced his ordeal in Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini, a new three-part documentary series is now streaming on Hulu. Where is he now? Does he have a new wife? Is he on Instagram?

Scroll down and read all about it here.

Meet Keith Papini, Sherri Papini Husband

Before Sherri Papini eventually testified to a court that she had made up the entire narrative, Keith Papini spent years believing that his wife, the mother of their two children, had been kidnapped and held captive for 22 days.

Sherri vanished on November 2, 2016, while jogging close to her house in Redding, California. But amazingly, Sherri, then 34, reappeared on a highway close to Sacramento, more than 150 miles from her disappearance, after spending more than three weeks away from her little children and family. This prompted a global search.

Sherri appeared undernourished and severely bruised. Keith raced to a hospital in Woodland, California, to see her as soon as he learned that she had been discovered alive. He opened the curtain in Sherri’s hospital room and saw his wife for the first time since she had disappeared. But the feeling vanished as soon as it appeared. He noticed bruises all over her body and felt scabs on her back when he held her in the hospital bed.

“As soon as I saw her face, the way she looked up at me in that moment, I just felt, this is fake, this is not real,” Sherri’s husband Keith told PEOPLE.

“There’s no way somebody could do this to themselves,” Keith saud he thought to himself. “Then I felt guilty that I even thought that she could do this.”

Keith stood by his wife for years, convinced that she had been taken against her will, despite his first gut sense. In order to help with the investigation, he frequently communicated with law enforcement and urged his wife to tell him whatever she could recall regarding the location of her detention.

“I was constantly trying to solve the case,” Keith says. “I always was reaching out to the FBI. Every time she would tell me something, I was writing it down or trying to find a picture of it, and I would give that to the FBI.”

Keith made an attempt, but it seemed like there were no leads on the people Sherri claimed kidnapped and tortured her. Furthermore, Keith claimed that Sherri was continuously traumatizing him and their two young children while he was attempting to assist his wife in healing from the trauma she claimed to have experienced.

Poking holes in Sherri’s assertions during the missing investigation led investigators to the conclusion that she had lied throughout the entire kidnapping. Investigators found that she was voluntarily in her ex-boyfriend’s house in Costa Mesa, California, for the entirety of the 22 days she was absent.

In March 2022, Sherri was taken into custody about the scam.

After getting back in touch in 2006, the couple—who had first met in middle school—married three years later. They subsequently welcomed two more children: their daughter Violet and a son called Tyler. They were living as a typical family outside Redding, California.

Nearly six years after going missing, on April 18, 2022, Sherri entered a guilty plea to one felony charge of mail fraud and giving false statements to federal officials. She was given an 18-month prison sentence; she was out early in 2023.

Where Is Keith Papini Now?

Keith filed for divorce from Sherri a few days after her guilty plea, saying she persisted in trying to manipulate him even after the split. Their two kids are now under Keith’s sole custody; Sherri sees them monthly during supervised visitation.

“The trauma inflicted on our children at the unexpected loss of their mother was heartbreaking,” Keith wrote in a declaration for the Shasta County Family Court. After Sherri was given her sentence, Keith spoke with PEOPLE and expressed his shock at all that had happened.

“The events of the past two months have been shocking and devastating,” he said. “My current focus is on moving on and doing everything I can to provide my two children with as normal, healthy and happy of a life as possible.”

Since then, Sherri has monthly supervised contact with their children, while Keith has been granted full custody. Keith still tries to provide “them with a happy and healthy life… surrounding them with loving people” in their daily lives.

In 2024, Keith revealed to PEOPLE that Tyler and Violet are “thriving” in their studies and take part in extracurricular activities like ballet and sports. Regarding the reason he thinks Sherri’s fictitious kidnapping over ten years ago occurred, Keith is content to remain in the dark.

“I’ve accepted that I will never know the truth. No one ever will,” he said.

Keith Papini New Wife

It is not clear if Keith Papini remarried after ending his marriage with Sherri Papini.

Keith Papini Job

Keith Papini worked as an audiovisual specialist at Best Buy. According to his LinkedIn, he is working as a senior consultant at Best Buy.

His LinkedIn bio states, “As a Senior Consultant for Best Buy, my primary responsibilities revolved around delivering tailored solutions to clients’ unique needs. This involved meeting with clients at their homes, where I would conduct an in-depth needs analysis to determine their requirements. From there, I would provide expert recommendations on the most suitable products and services, ensuring that they were always informed of the latest technologies available.”

“Throughout the entire process, I acted as the clients’ sole point of contact, overseeing every aspect of the project from start to finish. I worked closely with internal teams to ensure that installations and services were delivered on-time, on-budget, and to the highest possible standard. Additionally, I followed up with clients post-installation to ensure their satisfaction and address any concerns they might have.”

He concluded, “In short, my role as a Senior Consultant for Best Buy was focused on delivering exceptional service and solutions to clients, acting as their trusted advisor and advocate throughout the entire process.”

Keith studied at Shasta College.

How Much Is Keith Papini Net Worth?

In 2024, Keith Papini has a net worth under $1 million.

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  • Where Is Keith Papini From?

Keith Papini resides in Redding, California.

  • How Old Is Keith Papini?

Born in 1983, Keith Papini is 40 years old.

  • Is Keith Papini On Instagram?

We were unable to discover the IG is Keith.

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