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Laurie Palermo Bio, TLC Forbidden Love, Job, Age, Family

Laurie Palermo is starring in TLC’s newest offering Forbidden Love. Learn more about Laurie and the show in this short article below. Here we bring you details about her age, job, family, and more.

So, keep on scrolling down to read all about her here.

Laurie Palermo On TLC’s Forbidden Love

Laurie Palermo is one of the cast members of TLC’s new show Forbidden Love. In TLC’s newest relationship series, Forbidden Love, four new couples are testing their love and commitment. The new show, which debuted on July 21, 2024, will follow the stories of four different scenarios: an Amish man who falls in love with a non-Amish lady; an Orthodox Jew who pursues a Catholic woman; and a Muslim man who falls in love with a staunch Catholic.

“Traditionally, Orthodox Jews won’t date women that aren’t Jewish, but sometimes in life, the Jewish boy falls in love with an Italian Catholic girl,” Eli says in the trailer of his partner, Laurie. Ultimatums will also be issued, with Eli admitting, “The only way the relationship’s going to work is if Laurie converts.”

According to their bio, “Eli is an Orthodox Jew and Laurie was raised Catholic. Laurie was the opposite – she was raised a devout Catholic but abandoned her religion after the untimely death of her father.”

Laurie chose to become a Christian in order to cement their future together because Eli was already pious when they first met. However, conversion is no easy task. She finds herself ready to entirely change her lifestyle, giving up her clothes, getting her hair done, attending lessons, studying for exams, and generally worrying whether she can pull it off and whether she is sacrificing too much to be with her true love.

On 11 June 2024, Laurie announced on her Instagram, “God’s plan is always the best plan. Check us out on @tlc July 21st!! ✡️🪬🙏🏼🕍.”

Are Eli Hayempour And Laurie Palermo Still Married?

Laurie Palermo has multiple pictures of Eli Hayempour on her Instagram. It is very likely they are still together. However, whether the couple’s relationship has to endure any turbulence that can affect them is yet to be seen in the show.

In March 2024, Laurie proudly shared that Eli is 8 years sober. She wrote, “Happy 8 years sober, my precious Eli baby! I’m incredibly proud of you and love you more than words can express. ❤️❤️❤️.”

In June 2023 when Eli was celebrating his birthday, Laurie wished him with a post that read, “ou’re the best part! Happy birthday to the love of my life, the one who fills my days with joy, laughter, and endless love. Your presence brightens every moment, and your heart inspires me in countless ways. Here’s to celebrating you today and always. Cheers to another beautiful year together! BH.”

Laurie Palermo Age

In June 2023, Laurie Palermo turned 36 years old.

Laurie Palermo Family

Laurie Palermo is the daughter of Susan Tremblay Palermo and the late Kenneth Palermo. It is not clear when her father passed away.

He was the son of the late Anselmo Palermo and Mildred “Millie” Palermo (Sapienza) both of whom are no more. Ansel died on September 3, 2014 at the age of 95 on his 64th wedding anniversary.

Ansel proudly volunteered to serve his country during WWII in the United States Navy. He fought on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Anselmo also served during the Battle of Midway and the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Mildred died at the age of 89 on April 28, 2017. After graduating with the Class of 1936 from Essex Agricultural High School she married Anselmo in a simple, yet beautiful ceremony. She was the longest-serving employee at Caldors Department Store, having worked there her entire life. From the time the business first opened its doors in 1974 until its closure in 1996, Mildred worked there.

But, Laurie’s mom Susan raised Laurie and her three siblings on her own. On Susan’s birthday in May 2020, Laurie wrote, “Happy Birthday to my momma @suepa74 Thank you for always being there for me, you’re the strongest woman I know! Raising 4 kids on your own had to be the hardest job you ever had, but you never gave up and we all turned out pretty damn good!! 🤪Love you to the moon and back and hope you have an amazing birthday Mom! 😘🌟.”

Talking about siblings, Laurie has three. They are Kenneth, Jennifer, and Angela. Her sister Angela works as a casting assistant at Crucial Casting and is also a singer going by the moniker Ann G.

Jennifer is a mom of two boys and works as a content creator. Kenny is also a dad.

Laurie Palermo Job

Laurie Palermo is a freelance casting associate and producer. After relocating from New Hampshire to California in 2009, Laurie has worked on numerous TV series and commercials. She is currently an actor and fitness model after studying theater in college.

According to her LinkedIn, Laurie has been working at Propagate Content since May 2016. She also served in the same role at Crucial Casting. She write, “I began my journey in the casting industry as a Casting Assistant, progressed to become a Casting Associate, and eventually achieved the role of Casting Producer.”

Her IMDB states that she served as a casting producer for numerous TV shows such as Prank Encounters, SciJinks, Fameless, Terrence Howard’s Fright Club, and more.

Before that, Laurie was a sous chef at Mari Vanna Restaurant from 2012 to 2015.

Lauri holds She graduated from Diablo Valley College in 2012.

Laurie Palermo Height

Laurie Palermo’s height measures above 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Laurie Palermo On Instagram?

On Instagram (@laudizzyy), Laurie has amassed 2315 followers.

  • When Is Laurie Palermo Birthday?

Laurie Palermo celebrates her birthday on 20 June.

  • Where Is Laurie Palermo From?

Laurie Palermo hailed from New Hampshire. She is now residing in California.

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