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Liana Wallace Bio, Parents, Height, Job, Dating Xander?

Meet the adventurous, loving, and outspoken Liana Wallace, an ousted yet memorable contestant from the forty-first season of Survivor.

Out of the game, Liana still managed to seek the media and public’s attention as she talked to Parade all about her Survivor 41 journey early in December 2021.

Is Liana Wallace Dating Xander Hastings?

Now that you are here, you must have heard of Liana Wallace’s “super complex” relationship with Xander Hastings, her co-star from the show.

First of all, let us make you understand that Liana, now out of the reality show had no intention of dating Xander once he is also out from the competition. When asked if the two of them will be in Fiji during their honeymoon, Liana, followed by a laugh, said — “No. I’m in a really happy relationship with someone else.”

Only then did she try to explain their dynamics.

To Parade, she started “I don’t think fans understand where the dynamic between Xander and me even came from.”

She went on: Back at Yase, she thinks three major things contributed to her and Xander’s “crazy” relationship. The first, she explained, is the scene where Xander finds the idol. He then goes left and she goes right. He finds it, she does not find it.

And the second thing: while in camp, as soon as he did find the idol, he managed to tell everyone present there except for Liana. Following this Liana was like “Okay, I don’t know why. But Xander does not want to work with me, and now he has all these advantages. He’s a huge threat in the game.” And therefore she continued to harbor resentment towards this guy.

So, even after she found out that Xander thought of her as attractive, she continued to talk about how only Xander was responsible for their straining relationship while on the island.

However, she still spilled that she is close to Xander in real life (away from the Survivor scene). She confirmed that she had no hard feelings toward him. “First and foremost, in real life and outside of the game. Xander is an amazing person. Super genuine, super kind, a complete sweetheart. And so to see how that was misconstrued in the game was kind of hard to see.”

Early in December 2021, there were also whispers that Xander might be dating season 38 alum, Lauren O’Connell. Evidence of this was suggested by Reddit Sleuth on the 7th of December.

Liana Wallace Parents

Liana Wallace comes from a close-knit family in Evanston, Illinois.

Wallace’s parents worked hard just to make sure that Liana and their other kids could have the best education possible. School and education have always been really important to her family which is why Liana too has always worked hard to not disappoint her parents. To get into Georgetown, she slogged all through high school instead of slacking.

Still, it was the same parents, specifically her mother, who first got Liana interested in Survivor. Watching the show together has been the family’s tradition.

Growing up, Liana was also always trying to catch up with her two elder brothers Andre and Jordan. As a result, she has always had to be kind of rough and tough to keep up with the boys. And this helped too.

Together, the three siblings even used to play a make-believe version of Survivor in their childhood.

Someone, in the comment box, also mentioned this University of Illinois grad Simone Perrin as Liana’s sister.

Also, so you know, Liana spent a portion of her childhood in Tokyo and Singapore.

Liana Wallace Height

Liana Wallace stands around 5’8” tall.

What Does Liana Wallace Do For A Living?

Liana Wallace, who went on Survivor 41, hoping to play as a hybrid of previous contestants Tony Vlachos and Elaine, is a college student if you ask what she does for a living.

She was in her junior year at Georgetown University when she went on the show and was slated to graduate sometime in 2023. Also, according to her Linkedin page, Liana is majoring in International Business and Finance and has a minor in Women and Gender Studies.

Other than academics, the former Moran Center intern says she is proud of this accomplishment from the time when she was invited to perform her spoken word for Congressman John Lewis during a fundraiser for a non-profit organization in her community.

(Of course) Liana, for a living, also loves writing poetry, fighting for change, and helping others.

How Much Is Liana Wallace Net Worth?

Liana Wallace, the winner of The Oliver Baty Cunningham Memorial Prize, had less than an estimated $200K net worth in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Liana Wallace?

Liana Wallace turned 21 years old in 2021.

  • When Is Liana Wallace Birthday?

It is on the 26th of October that Liana Wallace celebrates her birthday, every year making her a think-out-of-the-box Scorpio.

  • Is Liana Wallace On Instagram?

Yes. Liana Wallace is on Instagram and until 9 December 2021, the account @liana.wallace had 56 posts and 10K followers.

She also had around 2,317 followers on Twitter @lianawallace25.

For some reason, her TikTok @lianawallace5 was no longer available.

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