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Linda Harding Bio, Hamish Harding Wife, Age, Job, Kids

British billionaire businessman Hamis Harding is married to his wife Linda Harding. The family of British explorer and entrepreneur Hamish Harding confirmed this week that he is one of the five individuals missing on the OceanGate Titan submersible.

When the submersible lost communication with its support vessel on Sunday, the founder of Action Aviation, a man who is supposedly worth a billion dollars, was traveling there on a $250,000 excursion to see the Titanic wreck.

People have been concerned about the missing individuals and their families. Here is what we know about the billionaire’s American wife.

Meet Linda Harding, Titanic-Bound Sub Passenger Hamish Harding Wife

Titanic-bound sub-passenger Hamish Harding is married to his wife Linda Harding. It is unclear when they tied the knot though several reports suggested that they are married now. But according to Linda’s Facebook, she stated that she was in a relationship since 24 August 2011. Linda hasn’t updated her Facebook since May 2022. So, they were likely married after that time period.

Hamish owns the commercial and private aircraft company Action Aviation, which is situated in the United Arab Emirates where Lisa and Hamish both reside. Unlike her husband, who is internationally known for his exploits as a space tourist and aviator, Linda desires to remain anonymous.

While Linda doesn’t seem to have a visible social media presence, the explorer posts frequently to celebrate his many explorations.

The family, along with other friends and coworkers of Hamish who were involved in his One More Orbit Guinness World Record-breaking flight around the world, attended a Living Legends Of Aviation event in August 2019. Linda would to remain anonymous while her husband is well known for his exploits as a space tourist and aviator.

Sometimes, Hamish puts family photos on his Facebook page which also includes Linda. Hamish posed for a Guinness Book of World Records certificate in 2019 alongside his wife and kids. Hamish captioned the post, “With family at the Living Legends of Aviation press conference where Guinness World Records adjudicator Joanne Brent presented #OneMoreOrbit with its certificate for breaking a world record.”

Linda Harding And Hamish Harding Kids

Linda Harding and Hamish Harding share two sons Rory and Giles. Giles has his own Instagram account (@giles.explores) that describes him as a teen explorer. On his IG, you can see a lot of posts of the father-son duo setting out on expeditions.

Lisa also has a daughter named Lauren and a son named Brian Szasz (37 years old). In fact, the first person to corroborate that the businessman was a passenger aboard the submarine was Hamish’s stepson, Brian. After the news of the OceanGate submarine’s disappearance came, he posted about it and asked for prayers for his stepfather.

Brian gushed: “Thoughts and prayers for my stepfather Hamish Harding as his submarine has gone missing exploring Titanic. A search and rescue mission is underway. Thoughts and prayers for my mom and Hamish Harding.”

Later, he added: “For privacy, my mom asked me to delete all related posts thanks for the support.”

“It might be distasteful being here but my family would want me to be at the Blink-182 show as it’s my favorite band and music helps me in difficult times,” Brian wrote via Facebook on June 19. He also tweeted a direct message to band member Tom DeLonge, writing, “My stepdad is missing in the sub at the Titanic site. I’m here at the San Diego show for support thanks.🖤🙏.”

At his mother Linda Harding’s request, Brian Szasz eventually removed the Facebook post, but not before it went viral. Szasz was criticized by Cardi B for going to the concert when his stepfather was still missing.

“People are like, ‘What is he supposed to do? Be sad at the house? Is he supposed to go look for him himself?'” Cardi asked in an Instagram Story video on Tuesday, June 20. “Yes, You’re supposed to be at the house sad. You’re supposed to be crying for me. You’re supposed to be right next to the phone waiting to hear any updates about me.”

Brian slammed Cardi in a series of tweets. “What a [piece of s–t] trashy celeb. Cardi B trying to get clout off me and my family suffering,” he wrote. “I went to a Blink 182 concert for coping rather than sitting at home and watching the news. Shame on you Cardi get some class!”

When Szasz stated that he went to the band’s concert while his stepdad was still imprisoned in the Titan, his admiration for Blink-182 made national headlines. His admiration for the band is well-documented on social media, as both of his handles—Instagram and Twitter—include the number 182.

Brian saw DeLonge at least twice and displayed a tattoo of a cassette tape containing the band’s name in April. In January 2018 and November 2019, he posted pictures of himself with the musician.

Brian claims that other journalists, including former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, have gotten in touch with him.

“You know it’s a bad day when you get a phone call from Tucker Carlson!” Brian quipped in a Facebook post on Monday. One day later, he shared a video of a man he claimed was a “creepy” reporter “following” him while he was at a baseball game. While many commentators have questioned Brian’s decision to keep posting during the ordeal, he is still very active on social media. In a since-deleted tweet on Tuesday, he wrote, “Ladies I’m single!”

His sister Lauren is 38 years old and is currently residing in Boise, Idaho.

Linda Harding Age

Born in March 1947, Linda is currently 76 years of age.

What Is Linda Harding Maiden Name?

Linda Harding’s maiden name is Linda Dunbar.

Linda Harding Job

It is unclear what Linda Harding does for a living.

How Much Is Linda Harding Net Worth?

In 2023, Linda Harding’s net worth has to be above $5 million.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Linda Harding Birthday?

Linda Harding celebrates her birthday in March.

  • Where Is Linda Harding From?

Linda Harding hailed from Piscataway, New Jersey. She was residing in San Marcos, California.

  • Is Linda Harding On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Linda Harding is available on Facebook (@linda.szasz).

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