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Love Never Lies Guillem Age, Job, Instagram, Last Name

Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia, aka Amor con Fianza: Destino Cerdena, is a Spanish dating series on Netflix. The reality show features many young couples who are ready to prove their devotion to each other and win up to 100,000 euros.

The very first season of the series featured several intriguing couples, including Guillem and Sara. So, now, in the writing about Guillem, we shall tell you all about him and most importantly answer the fans’ burning question — “Are the two still together?”.

Is Love Never Lies Guillem Still Together With Sara?

Sara and Guillem when they entered Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia in Season explained that their communication skills were not the best and Sara felt that she needed to develop more empathy. They revealed that their main motive to come on the show was to test their love and come out stronger.

And so when the process continued more issues of this couple were known. It was exposed that Sara often flirted with other men on the internet and gave the impression of being single. Meanwhile, about Guillem, he was known to not give his relationship any priority. The couple had love at first sight and had never looked back until they started struggling within their relationship.

Once separated, as part of the show’s format, Guillem and Sara appeared like wanting to pursue connections with someone else. Just like every other pair, Guillem and Sara too were split apart at the start of the round. They had to separately spend time with some highly attractive bachelors.

Sara was seen getting closer to Aitor, whom she had met while working in a store during Christmas and found very attractive, and she also had a budding chemistry with fellow participant Asier Sarmiento. Guillem, on the other hand, also appeared getting intimate with another woman also named Sara. Guillem also tries to form a bond with Daura. He also connects with Paloma and seems to be truly enjoying the dynamic.

But, when Sara walks out of the villa after seeing Guillem sharing a bed with Paloma, Guillem too agrees to walk out and clear things with Sara.

So, did they get back together?

Upon exiting the competition, Sara and Guillem talks through their issues and decided to stay together as a couple. Sara discovers through the “eye detect” test that Guillem had not been physically intimate with anyone. After Guillem arrives, Sara then is seen explaining to him that her actions stemmed from her belief that he had cheated on her. They still seem to be enjoying each other company by the time of this writing as they have been positively talking about their time on the show ever since.

We should also let you know that Sara’s relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’, but she did not seem active on the page since 2019.

Love Never Lies Guillem Age

When Guillem appeared in Love Never Lies premiered on 11 November 2021, he was 25 years old. As for Sara, she was 23. So far, Guillem had not revealed what year he was born and what day his birthday is on. But, we have noticed him brag about working at a certain production company since at least April 1997 and this actually looks like his birth year and month.

What Is Love Never Lies Guillem Last Name?

Love Never Lies Guillem’s last name is Morell. He is also known by the shortened “Guille”.

Not much has been told about his family and their whereabouts. But we can still tell a few things.

These people with names Joan Morell, Alex Morell, and Eduard Morell happen to be some of his family/relatives.

Love Never Lies Guillem Job

Guillem may present himself as a reality TV star during his journey on Love Never Lies. But, he is actually a professional photographer and videographer.

On his LinkedIn, he brags about working at Sense6production since at least April 1997.

While in the qualification section, it’s been cited that he did a course about the REALIZATION OF AUDIOVISUAL PROJECTS AND SHOWS, Cinema, and video at ITES, the Technical School of Training Cycles of Image and Sound.

A hint about his salary: stated that a person working in photography in Spain typically earns around 2,170 EUR per month. That is, the salaries range from 1,510 EUR at the lowest to 2,910 EUR at the highest.

Love Never Lies Guillem Height

Guillem stands above 5’11” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love Never Lies Guillem From?

Love Never Lies Guillem is from Barcelona city on the coast of northeastern Spain. Barcelona, if you do not already know, is a Mediterranean city with excellent beaches and good weather. Art, gastronomy, and sports excel here exceptionally. Gaudi’s architecture, 37 Michelin stars, and the Barcelona Football Club also have made the city a world-famous tourist destination.

So, naturally coming from this place Guillem is a natural when it comes to the language Spanish. Yet, he also insists he is well-versed also with English.

  • Is Love Never Lies Guillem On Instagram?

Yes. Love Never Lies Guillem could be found on Instagram @morellguille_photo with 95 posts and 3,129 followers as of 16 November 2022.

He also had a TikTok account, but with no content exchanged, and a Twitch account @gdetarzan with some 54 followers.

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