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Matt And Abby Howard Age, Net Worth, Kids, Mormon

On TikTok, Matt and Abby Howard have amassed over 5 million followers, and they also have 7 million YouTube subscribers. However, given that they frequently encourage harmful relationships in the guise of tradition, many have become concerned about their social media reach. They started uploading to TikTok after losing their employment due to the pandemic, and they soon became popular there. Since then, they have persisted in exposing details of their lives on social media and launched the podcast Unplanned, in which they frequently discuss issues pertaining to marriage and parenthood.

They’ve been transparent about their “traditional” marriage and their contentment with “traditional gender roles.” They appear to be merely a happy couple sharing their way of life with the world.

But the two have gained a lot of notoriety on TikTok, frequently becoming viral due to various issues. The most problematic thing is that this supposedly ideal pair has many fans who wish to model their marriage and lives after them. Often, they will say that their parenting and marriage model is the best and that other people should aspire to it.

However, concerns arose about whether they’re encouraging bad relationships or tradition.

Learn more about it here.

Matt And Abby Howard Controversy

Matt & Abby Howard started to appear on TikTok’s FYP after they boycott Father’s Day. The couple gave an explanation for their boycott of the occasion in a podcast episode, stating that Matt’s birthday fell on Father’s Day the previous year, making the holiday and birthday feel less unique. There was no debate about the choice to separate this year’s birthday and holiday.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for people whose birthdays coincide with holidays to have this emotion and want to make sure they are apart.

The way the conversation proceeded gave rise to the controversy. With remorse, Abby said that she “kind of combined the holidays.” With no delay, Matt added, “You did combine the two of them.” But then they both clarify that it was the same day they returned from their babymoon and that Abby was extremely pregnant at the time.

Matt cuts Abby off as soon as she begins talking about how she tried to make the day extra special by bringing him a cake and grilling, saying, “Well, I grilled, but I know a lot of dads grill on their birthday.” Abby reminds him that she was actually “growing” his child in an apparent attempt to defend herself. But Matt can’t seem to get over the combo and how “so sad” and “a bummer” it was, so Abby gives in and says she “failed” him.

Naturally, most viewers found the exchange to be offensive. She did the best she could while pregnant, thus she “failed” him? Given that they had recently returned from a trip and that his wife was significantly pregnant, many viewers were curious as to what precisely he was expecting.

In the past, Matt & Abby gained widespread attention for their divisive podcast comments and videos. In a since-deleted video from 2022, Matt is seen in it deciding to “surprise” Abby by looking after their newborn boy and cleaning the house once, so she can go to the gym. They were a “traditional household,” he continued, meaning she took care of the majority of the housekeeping and childrearing.

“Don’t be fooled by me picking up my house because I’m not typically the one that does it,” he said, shocking the audience. Furthermore, don’t let the fact that I look after my son deceive you—my wife does the same thing most of the time.

Matt reiterated that they just “naturally take on traditional marriage roles” and that there’s “nothing wrong with that.”

At this point, Matt and Abby are free to live their lives as they see fit. The issue is that they have a sizable fan base that regularly observes the pair normalizing questionable behavior or asserting that this is the embodiment of a “traditional” and “natural” marriage. They don’t consider the negative effects of the concepts they’re pushing when they post these remarks and videos.

Abby, for instance, once said that they would never consider getting a divorce. She even advised other couples to adopt similar perspective, cautioning that if they enter marriage thinking divorce is a possibility, they will eventually work “themselves towards divorce.”

Matt And Abby Howard Wedding

You can watch a glimpse of Matt and Abby Howard’s wedding on their YouTube channel. In March 2020, they posted a video titled Our Wedding Video.

The pair, who met in eighth grade during a summer theater program at Muny, St. Louis, and both went to Missouri State University when it was time to go to college, married on 6 July 2019 while attending college. Their wedding took place at Quincy Country Club. The bride was given away by her parents at the ceremony conducted by Kory Hollensteiner.

Morgan Hill, the bride’s friend, served as maid of honor. Kara Vandament, a friend of the bride, Baylee Mundt, a friend of the bride, Taylor Tweedell, and an acquaintance of Olivia Watson served as bridesmaids. Caleb Howard, the groom’s brother, was the best man. The groom’s brother Josh Howard, the bride’s brother Blake Biswell, the groom’s buddy Garrett Nau, and the groom’s friend Brendan McKenna served as the groomsmen.

Bob Jung, the groom’s acquaintance, and Isaiah Campbell, the groom’s cousin, served as ushers. Gianna Grace Biswell, the bride’s cousin, was the flower girl. William and Thomas Biswell, the bride’s cousins, served as ringbearers on their wedding.

Guitarist Jordan Frese, drummer Bennett Garippo, and singer Francis Camerer prepared their music.

Matt And Abby Howard Kids

Matt and Abby Howard captured every moment of their daily lives, including Abby’s prenatal journey and the birth of their son Griffin on 3 July 2022, which they shared with viewers. August Jacob Howard, their second child, was welcomed into the world on 10 August 2023. He weighed 8lbs 14oz.

Matt And Abby Howard Age

Born on 1 December 1998, Abby Howard is 25 years old. Her husband Matt turned 26 years old on 18 June 2024.

Are Matt And Abby Howard Mormon?

Although Abby Howard mentions her faith in her Instagram bio, Matt Howard has been more reserved when it comes to his religious views. However, their social circle and formal demeanor have made some question if they are Mormon.

Matt and Abby don’t appear to practice Mormonism, despite the fact that the well-paid influencer stars are big fans of the religion. While they embrace the idea of the “perfect” Christian American family, neither has disclosed which Christian denomination they follow. Their fans usually make jokes about how Matt frequently goes about in videos without a shirt on while Abby posts photographs of herself in bikinis and other skimpy attire.

But Mormonism mandates that adherents “wear garments,” which is a way of disguising oneself and dressing in less skimpy attire. Some Redditors even implied that neglecting to comply could result in one’s membership in the Mormon church being terminated.

Others pointed out that if Matt and Abby had been Mormon, the wedding would have looked very different because they initially became famous through releasing recordings from their nuptials. They would need to be “temple married,” which is a term used to describe a particular Mormon marriage custom that differs from the conventional church marriage.

Matt and Abby seem to be in the same social circles as Mormon influencers despite not seeming Mormon.

Matt And Abby Howard Net Worth

Although unconfirmed, Matt and Abby Howard’s combined net worth is likely above $4 million.

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  • Where Are Matt And Abby Howard From?

Matt and Abby Howard hailed from Ballwin, Missouri.

  • Are Matt And Abby Howard On Instagram?

Indeed, the couple has their respective Instagram account (@abbyelizabethoward and @_matt_howard_).

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