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Meet Alana Alfallah, Noor Alfallah Mom! Her Age, Job

Alana Alfallah is the mother of Noor Alfallah who is eight months pregnant with the fourth baby of Al Pacino. Al and Noor linked with each other back in April 2022. For those who are interested to learn about her family, this article is about her mother.

So, keep scrolling down this article where we cover details related to her age, job, and current residence.

Meet Alana Alfallah, Noor Alfallah Mom

Noor Alfallah who was spotted grabbing dinner with veteran actor Al Pacino in Venice, California in April 2022 is the daughter of Alana Alfallah (born Alana Setlin). She is one of the four children of Alana and Falah N. Al-Fallah. Her parents have been married since December 1987.

During their 25th wedding anniversary, Noor wished her parents via an IG post. She gushed on the post, “Happy 25th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! I love you!”. December 2021, marked Noor’s parents’ 34th anniversary.” Later in December 2019, Noor’s sister Remi took to her IG and wrote, “32 years since modor and Fodor gave each other matching friendship rings”.

On Alana’s birthday in 2019, Noor wished her mom via an IG post writing, “Happy Birthday to my amazing, beautiful, cool, smart, and funny Mom! ❤️🎂🎉 My forever bestie! I love you so much!

Speaking of sisters, Alana has two sisters and one brother. The other two daughters of Alana are named Remi (@remialfalah) and Sophia (@sophiaalfallah and their son is named Nasser Falah (@nassmoney).

Born on 4 December 1996, Remi is 25 years old whereas Sophia turned 15 years old in July 2021.

Remi Alfallah worked at Saturday Night Live, where she was the first assistant to Lorne Michaels. Remi graduated from the USC Marshall School of Business before working for Michaels. She also worked for Doug Wald at Anonymous Content and spent time learning in Focus Features’ acquisitions team.

Remi also famously dated Prince, the son of Michael Jackson. Alana spoke of Remi’s relationship with Prince and told, “Look, my husband is from Kuwait and I’m American, he’s very strict, so there is no way he’d allow Remi to see someone who wasn’t doing the right things in life. Prince doesn’t get into trouble, he doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t drink. We wouldn’t allow Remi to be with just anyone.”

Alana explained that her American-born daughter met Prince in 2012 when Remi began taking classes at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California.

Although there were rumors that Alana’s husband was related to Kuwati royalty, Royal House of Al-Sabah, one Kuwaiti journalist debunked the myth in April 2012.

“Al-Faleh is not a name from the royal family,” said the journalist, who preferred not to be named. “It is a famous family name in Kuwait. And Remi al-Faleh is not a Kuwaiti princess.” Even if the al-Faleh family isn’t technically royal, they are undeniably wealthy.

Alana Alfallah Age

Alana Alfallah reached age 58 in February 2023. Hence, 1965 is her birth year.

Alana Alfallah Job

It is unclear what Alana Alfallah does for a living but we can tell that she is happy to be alive and is living life to the fullest. According to Los Angeles Magazine, she contracted COVID in 2020.

Alana was sick with a low-grade fever and aches and pains in March 2020, and she tested positive for COVID-19. Her doctor took an X-ray of her lungs right away to make sure she didn’t have pneumonia, but both lungs were clear. She was given the COVID protocol, which included the anti-malaria medicine hydroxychloroquine, as well as the antibiotic Zithromax and zinc.

Four days later, Alana was much worse. Her fever spiked to 103 and she had pneumonia in both lungs. She was rushed from her Beverly Hills home to Cedars-Sinai. “I think those drugs made me sicker,” she says of the treatment.

Alana’s doctor Dr. Robert Huizenga, a Harvard-educated physician and assistant professor of clinical medicine at UCLA, told Los Angeles Magazine, “Alana’s inflammation levels were so elevated it looked like she wasn’t going to pull through.”

Alana was willing to let doctors try anything. Running out of options, Huizenga realized he needed to treat the cytokine storm by bringing down lung inflammation. He tried to get the Ebola medication remdesivir but it wasn’t available. The next on the list was an anti-inflammation drug called Actemra, but it was only accessible to patients in ICU.

“Before putting her in intensive care, I gave it one last shot,” says Huizenga. “Out of pure desperation, I tried an anti-inflammation supplement, called NMN [nicotinamide mononucleotide].” He sat in the hospital room as she drank the NMN cocktail infused with boosters like zinc.

“When he had me drink the first dose in the hospital, I didn’t think it would work,” Alana admitted. “But 12 hours later, my fever came down a couple of degrees, and my inflammation level was cut in half.”

Alana drank the oral medication again the following morning. Her temperature returned to normal by evening. Even after being released from Cedars a few days later, she continued the NMN cocktail.

“He saved my life,” she told the magazine.

Is Alana Alfallah On Instagram?

Indeed, Alana Alfallah has an Instagram account. She has the IG handle (@asetlin).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alana Alfallah Birthday?

Alana Alfallah celebrates her birthday on 15 February.

  • Where Is Alana Alfallah From?

Alana Alfallah hailed from Beverley Hills, California.

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