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Meet Caleb Sima, Kathy Fang Husband! His Age, Net Worth

Chef Dynasty: House of Fang is a limited series on Food Network that which when premiered on 27 December 2022 brought to its audience a look at the legacy of a father-daughter duo in the restaurant industry. Chef and restaurateur Kathy Fang starred on the show serving authentic Chinese dishes alongside her father, Peter Fang.

Kathy’s father is the renowned chef/owner at House of Nanking (HONK), a popular Chinese eatery in San Francisco. So, aside from the food, she ate at home, Kathy also grew up in the restaurant industry. When her parents opened the restaurant, she was just 7, and because they could not “really” afford daycare she had to spend all of her waking hours in the restaurant. So, naturally, she just fell in love with food, its flavors, and smells, but when it was time, the Chopped Season 27 champion chose a husband completely out of her food league. Yes, she is married. And her husband is Caleb Sima, who has found fame rather in the tech industry.

Meet Caleb Sima, Chef Kathy Fang’s Husband

Several years after getting married to Caleb Sima, Chef Kathy Fang has gotten even more fond of her husband and vice-versa. They tied the knot sometime after Caleb successfully popped the question in 2014. While we do not know the exact year of their wedding, we know they celebrate it every year on the 29th of May. And on these occasions, Kathy expresses her feelings as something like — she is always so thankful for Caleb coming into her life. In her eyes, he is an “amazing” husband, father, son-in-law, and so much more.

The two started dating around the 2010s after they met in San Francisco. Then, after a failed attempt at proposing during their trip to Paris in 2013, Caleb decided to do it all over again. So, the next year, he planned to do it more consciously in San Francisco. Wanting food to be at the center of their special night, Caleb enlisted one of Kathy’s favorite chefs, Chef Gary Danko, to help him surprise her with a pretend holiday party. He arranged for a car to pick everyone up and Kathy thus realized the event was impeccably done with interiors that were more romantic, sophisticated, and sexy than “holiday festive”. So, that way, he asked her to marry him and she agreed this time. Of all things Kathy was taken aback that he did it right above the city she grew up in and was born in.

How Many Kids Do Caleb Sima And Kathy Fang Have?

So, Caleb Sima and Kathy Fang eventually got wedded, and soon after they welcomed their first child, Ava on 9 November 2017. Neo arrived second on 13 March 2020.

Ava graduated and got promoted to Pre-K 4 in June 2022 while her brother Neo started his preschool on 30 August 2022.

Often on social media, Kathy writes about juggling her two children, husband, and career. Yet, she says she is lucky to have all of it. Her kids, in her words, even inspired another successful business. She says her babies are the loves of her life and they bring her joy in ways she can not imagine.

Also, Kathy often talks about how Caleb is the “best baby daddy” to her kids.

Despite all, the family of four took quite some time before they resembled for their first official family portrait in July 2022. They managed to make it happen finally on their trip to Thailand.

Caleb Sima Age

Caleb Sima was born in 1982. So, on 15 December 2022, as he turned 40, his wife planned to surprise him by getting 40 of his friends out for a party and lunch.

Caleb Sima Job And Career

Since February 2021, Caleb Sima has been functioning as a chief security officer at Robinhood Markets, a stock brokerage platform for stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Before this, he was the Vice President of Information Security at Databricks, a leading data analytics, and machine learning company. He was here full-time between January 2019 and February 2021. And prior to joining Databricks, he was a Managing Vice President of Cybersecurity at CapitalOne, founded BlueBox Security (now acquired by Lookout) and SPI Dynamics (now acquired by HP), operated as CEO of Armorize (now acquired by Proofpoint), and was a Chief Technologist of Application Security Center at Hewlett Packard.

This way, Caleb has been involved in the internet security arena for over 20 years. Today, he is regarded as one of the frontiersperson of application security. He also not only holds multiple patents in the space, but serves as an advisor, investor, and board member for security companies. Yes, he is also the author of “Web Hacking Exposed”.

So, like Kathy, Caleb is well-known in his own right. One can tell from his LinkedIn that he has worked in cybersecurity since 1996. Of course, it was not any easier when it all started with him skipping college, and people warning him that it would be a foolish route to nowhere.

How Much Is Caleb Sima’s Net Worth?

Caleb Sima reportedly had an above $25 million net worth as of 2022.

Back in 2004, when he was just a teenager and made headlines on, he was already boasting a six-figure salary as chief technology officer of an online security company. “Caleb is one of a select group of young techies who hit it big without an academic pedigree after technology and Internet-related businesses exploded in the late 1990s,” they wrote about him at the time.

Who Are Caleb Sima’s Parents?

Not much is known about his parents. Still, it is understood that he is grateful towards them and he loves them. One time he even said that his parents did him a favor by taking away the television and forcing him into something more productive. He actually gave an instance of how his father, taking an interesting approach to his activities, helped him to make his first fake ID.

Looking at those times Caleb enjoys telling others how his father supported him. In turn, he said, he was open with his father, he could tell him what he was doing in life.

Then, of course, most of us have already been acquainted with his parents-in-law Peter and Lily Fang, who moved to San Francisco from Shangai in 1980.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Caleb Sima?

Caleb Sima stands 5’9” in height and looking at him, his wife believes that the 40s is “new sexy”. Of course, her fans agree.

  • Where Is Caleb Sima From?

Caleb Sima has not only been living in San Francisco, California but he was also born and raised here.

  • Is Caleb Sima On Instagram?

Yes. Caleb Sima could be found on Instagram @csima with 9 posts and 279 followers as of 29 December 2022. His sharings here are collections of photographs are all things affluent, places, his cars, or his elite lifestyle in general.

Besides, he also seemed active on Twitter @csima and on Facebook.

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