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Meet Nikki Pettus, Actor Roe Hartrampf Ex-Wife! Age, Job

Learn about Nikki Pettus, the ex-wife of actor Roe Hartrampf. When did they get married? What is her relationship status? What does she do for a living? How old is she?

Learn all about Nikki as you scroll down this article below.

Meet Nikki Pettus, Actor Roe Hartrampf Ex-Wife

Emily In Paris star Roe Hartrampf was previously married to his ex-wife Nikki Pettus. stated that Roe and Nikki exchanged their wedding vows in 2016.

In November 2016, Nikki announced, “I can/will not support a man that has said the most disgusting things about women, the sexually assaulted, POC, the disabled, LGBTQ, Muslims, immigrants, and refugees- he ran a campaign fueled by hate that gave a voice to the uneducated bigots in our country and for that, I am all the emotions. After I cry into my coffee, I will actively fight for the oppressed, for a world Roe Hartrampf & I want to raise a child in, and move forward with kindness and compassion because love will ALWAYS trump hate.”

Nikki’s social media posts reveal that they were together at least since 2012 or have known each other before that period. In May 2012, Roe posted on her Facebook, “Can’t wait to see Roe Hartrampf Lady Gaga-dance his little heart out! Spoiler alert!.” A month later, Nikki promoted another work of Roe by posting, “‘The sun is shinin’, I’m in the newspaper…All is well in the world! Roe Hartrampf, you float my boat. Go see Bad Guys at Second Stage!”

In March 2014, Nikki talked about moving in with “her honey” and was likely referring to Roe.

Nikki Pettus Relationship Status

First off, Nikki Pettus is a mother now to her beautiful daughter Ruby Louise White. Ruby was born on 31 July 2021.

After Ruby’s birth, Nikki wrote in one post, “carrying her for 9+ months was unlike anything I could’ve ever imagined, and birthing her was no different- everything i thought I’d need and feel was flipped on its head and amplified. now that she’s here, I’m feeling my way through these early days of motherhood like someone searching for a light switch in the dark, waiting for it to click, only to realize it’s a dimmer switch.”

Nikki had her baby with her current partner Michael “Mike” White. Mike is a designer at Swell Studio. After creating the Bast Side table from a fragmented chunk of alabaster Ordinal Indicator founder & designer, Mike wanted to develop a body of work that incorporated alabaster into each piece.

Shou-Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique of preserving & finishing wood by setting fire to it. The heat of the flame releases natural oils in the wood making it very durable against the elements. This collection is based on that technique & designs inspired by trips to Japan by the designer Mike.

Actor Roe Hartrampf is currently in a relationship with Melanie Moore, his girlfriend with whom he lives in New York. The first ever post that they appeared together on Valentine’s Day.

In July 2021, Melanie and Roe were also celebrating the love of their friends Matt and Augusta Hunter at Napa Valley Wine Country.

Melanie posted a cute selfie and captioned it, “my valentines! 🥰.” A year later on Valentine’s Day 2022, he posted, “my curly valentines.” The Emily In Paris star and his lady love also appeared together on the red carpet of Fair Cakes: The Play. The post’s caption read: “she’s serving, I’m cheesin 😁 happy opening to @fairycakestheplay.”

Nikki Pettus Age

Nikki Pettus is 37 years old as of Dec 2022. She was born in August 1985.

Who Are Nikki Pettus Parents?

Nikki Pettus was born to her mother Desiree Anderson. Desiree is a native of Honolulu, Hawaii but currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Nikki attended Oak Ridge High in 1983 and is working at Naples Hotel Group since September 2018. There is no information about her dad currently but some sources on the web suggest that Fred Pettus might be her father.

Desiree appears to be married to Steven Andersen. Steven is currently residing in Fleming Island, Florida. Steven is a district manager at The Crossings at Fleming Island Community Development District. He was a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated in 1986 with a degree in Business-Finance.

Nikki Pettus Job

Nikki Pettus is the owner and creative director at Strega Flora, a floral, calligraphy, and design studio based in Los Angeles & New York. Helmed by Nikki, the business travel through the northeast and beyond to create a memorable world of whimsy in attempts to reconnect their clients with the beauty and magic of nature.

Their ethos: “In close collaboration with our clients, our studio eschews traditional event design for the stuff dreams are made of. Color and texture are our jam and we’re committed to (obsessed with) finding the most special ingredients from growers as local as possible to meet your needs. Our studio designs with a deep admiration of our planet and we strive to make our footprint small- we’d love it if you’d join us in that effort by leaning into the seasonal approach to design and staying open to creative ways to reduce waste.”

You can visit the brand’s store.

Furthermore, she is also on IMDB and worked on shows like Fishbowl, My Crazy Love, and Echoes & Voices.

He is a former florist at Flower Girl NYC.

Nikki studied at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Nikki studied Theatre Performance at the University of Florida and Theatre and Dramatic Arts at the New World School of the Arts.

Is Nikki Pettus On Instagram?

Yes, Nikki Pettus is on Instagram (@stregaflora) and (@nikki.pettus).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nikki Pettus Birthday?

Nikki Pettus’s birthday is in August.

  • Where Is Nikki Pettus From?

Nikki Pettus is a resident of New York, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida.

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