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Mike Glover Bio, Age, Height, Wife, What Happened?

FieldCraft Survivor CEO Mike Glover was reportedly arrested. He was charged four times including domestic violence. So what happened to him? Is the victim his wife or girlfriend?

Find out more as you scroll down this article below.

What Happened To Mike Glover?

Mike Glover is one such influencer who promotes additional Second Amendment rights while preaching about family devotion and emergency readiness. He has gone offline as FieldCraft Survivor, his firm, handles the aftermath from his imprisonment in May 2024.

FieldCraft Survival’s world appeared to be operating normally until May 5, when it was announced that Mike Glover, the company’s founder and CEO, had been taken into custody on suspicion of domestic abuse. His supporters conjectured as the rumors spread as to what transpired. For legal reasons, Glover hasn’t given his side of the tale in full, but we do know certain details about what happened before his arrest.

Glover was taken into custody in Provo, Utah County, on May 1, 2024, at 11:30 a.m., according to a police record that Reno May posted on Twitter. The accusations against Glover were brought by the Utah County Attorney’s Office. They included one count of second-degree felony aggravated assault, wrongful detention, domestic abuse in the presence of a child, and property damage or destruction.

According to the documents, Glover’s wife/girlfriend Jessica Smudz provided a “probable cause statement” that served as the basis for the allegations.

She added, “The statement of J.S. that on or about May 1, 2024, she and the father of her children, Defendant Michael Aubrey Glover, got into an argument at their home in Provo, Utah. J.S. went to give their minor child L.G. a bath and locked the door behind. Defendant broke door and came in and grabbed J.S. by the wrist causing it to break while J.S. was still holding L.S.. Defendant said he was going to break her wrist Defendant would not let J.S. leave the bathroom for several minutes.”

FieldCraft Survival released a statement at the time in which it said, “The arrest is a disappointment, and we ask for privacy and prayers for his family as they navigate this difficult chapter in their lives … We believe that Mike deserves due process of law and that as the legal system moves forward, and as the facts come out it will paint a clearer picture of what happened and the circumstances of the situation.”

They appointed Glover’s Number Two, the president and CMO, as the acting CEO a few days later. Glover was subsequently booked into jail on a $5,000 bond, which we presume he was able to post. But he didn’t discuss it in public or at all until June 15, 2024.

Glover is being represented by Dexter Law firm with Chris Dexter (member of bar since 1995), Brixton Hayes (member of bar since 2015), and Mitchell Robinson (member of bar since 2016).

Mike Glover Wife

Many sources claimed that Mike Glover’s wife is Jessica Smudz however court docket states that she is his girlfriend. According to the document presented by an X profile Not K, Mike signed a jail release no contact order on  1 May 2024. It was later waived by Jessica on 3 May 2024. In this period, Mike contacted his friends to relay messages to Jessica.

One of the messages Jessica was to receive was, “yeah call her and like let her know the severity of this.”

Later on, police arrest him for violating the restraining order. Later on, Mike was offered a 10K bail. His girlfriend likely another woman was in court from Ohio and made a character statement in favor of him. She stated that he is a loving person and father and that she would like to be home with him to raise their children together.

Jessica’s direct quote to judge read: “I would, if I could, ask something. You to be lenient in this case. I can vouch for his amazing character as a father and as a loving person at home with me, and I would love him to be back home so we can raise our beautiful family and continue to do that here in Utah.”

Later on, she asked the judge to be lenient. The prosecution agreed with the 10K bail but asked that PO be implemented. Jessica didn’t want that but the state still requested it.

The couple were reportedly living in a place they rented from some audiologist. He also received a property damage charge because of that reason.

More about Jessica, in May 2024, she is 26 years of age.

Mike Glover Age

According to the court document, Mike Glober was born in 1980 which makes him 44 years of age.

Mike Glover Height

Per his bio on the court document, Mike Glover stands tall at 6 feet 1 inches. He weighed 230 lbs.

Mike Glover Career

Mike Glover is available on LinkedIn. His profile states that he was serving as 11B/18B/18Z at USASOC/USASFC from 1997 to 2012. Then, he served as Ops Sgm from 2014 to 2015 at the Special Operations Detachment.

Since January 2014, Mike has been serving as an independent contractor at USG Contractor. Furthermore, Mike founded FieldCraft Survival LLC in 2015 and serves in the role of the company’s CEO.

Mike graduated from American Military University with a B.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mike Glover From?

Mike Glover is residing in Heber City, Utah.

  • When Is Mike Glover Birthday?

Public record shows that Mike celebrates his birthday in January.

  • Is Mike Glover On Instagram?

Yes, on Instagram Mike has over 450K followers.

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