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Miss Benny Bio, Partner, Parents, Net Worth, Height

Miss Benny is appearing on Netflix’s Glamorous in a lead role. Fans know him from the time when they started their YouTube channel. Learn about their partner, parents, and net worth as this article proceeds.

Below, we attempt to cover it all here.

Miss Benny On Netflix’s Glamorous

On Netflix’s Glamorous, Miss Benny portrays the role of Marco Mejia. The program, which will debut on Netflix on 22 June 2023, features all the cliches you’d anticipate from the adored genre: When Marco accepts a job working for a makeup tycoon, he must negotiate office politics while, of course, falling in love.

Marco is an immigrant attempting to make it in New York City. But if nothing went wrong, it wouldn’t be a romantic comedy. Marco’s path in the makeup industry hasn’t been easy, what with mistakes at work and miscommunications with his coworker and love interest. Marco fails, but Miss Benny’s moving performance makes them enjoyable and upbeat.

Miss Benny sat with Them and shared their experience doing the show. They told the outlet that they did the show because the Netflix show “really spoke to me because it was the first time I had been sent a script that I saw myself in.” They had received several scripts before with little witty one-liners but “it was rare that I got to see a show with a full range of experiences that a queer young person gets to have, and specifically a gender nonconforming person. So when I got the call about the script, I remember thinking, This has to be it.”

When it comes to playing Marco, Miss Benny said, “It was a healing and cathartic process for me to play Marco, because there’s something that happens when you are somebody who grows up with access to the internet; you feel such a sense of cultivating a personality while also developing your own personality.”

“In my experience, I would put on this vibrant persona and then I would turn off the camera and [feel] so heavy about what was going on in my life. Those moments were very real to me. There are moments in the show where Marco’s life is kind of unraveling, but Marco still has to keep the show going on and still make content, “They added. “And I think the beauty community on YouTube and on TikTok is going to giggle at some of the fun references we put in the show about the platforms.”

How Much Is Miss Benny Net Worth?

As of 2023, the accumulated net worth of Miss Benny is above $250 thousand. At age eleven, they started their training and career as an actor. They established a YouTube account in 2010 after having success in stand-up comedy, improv comedy, and sketch comedy. Since then, they have amassed a following of hundreds of thousands of followers.

With the self-produced music video “Little Game,” they made their musical debut in 2014 (as “Benny”). Since then, they have worked as a songwriter and recording artist under the name “Miss Benny.”

Benny has also released songs like Every Boy, Rendezvous, One Damn Good Mistake, That’s My Man and a few others. In June 2023, they released an EP titled SWELTER containing six songs.

Find their music here on their YouTube channel which has 1.8 million views in total and 35.2K subscribers. Also, you can stream their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Miss Benny Age

Miss Benny was born on February 19, 1999. This makes them a 24-year-old celebrity and therefore a Pisces.

Who Are Miss Benny Parents?

Miss Benny’s mother is named Cynthia J Pierce. Public records reveal that Cynthia is 54 years old and lives in Denton, Texas. She is related to Joseph Pierce who is likely Miss Benny’s father. Joseph is 55 years of age.

Not much is known about their parents. You can meet Cynthia on Instagram (@mamajpierce).

They opened up about their childhood and discovered non-conformity with Out magazine. They said, “There were a lot of small discovery moments leading to one big “a-ha” moment. As a kid, I loved playing dress-up in princess clothes with my sisters and having (temporary) permission to embrace my femininity in a safe space. When I was around eight years old, I grew my hair out past my shoulders and tied it up in a ponytail. By 10, I was having my friends pull “pranks” where we pretended I was a girl when we would meet up with the other boys in the neighborhood.”

The added, “Eventually, I was locking my bedroom door at night and putting makeup on and lip-syncing to Marina and The Diamonds. I think the big moment came when I was watching an interview with Courtney Act where she dropped the word “genderqueer” casually. It led to me researching videos about gender and being introduced to the concept that identity isn’t so black-and-white, but instead exists on a spectrum. And feeling somewhere in the middle is so much more understandable with that concept in mind.

Speaking of sisters; records online reveal that they are named Hannah Pierce (32 years old) and Haley Pierce (29 years old). However, these details are yet to be confirmed.

Miss Benny Height

Per their posts, Miss Benny’s height measures under 5 feet 10 inches.

Miss Benny Partner

At the time of this article in 2023, Miss Benny appears single. There is no information regarding Benny’s past relationship.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Miss Benny Birthday?

Miss Benny celebrates their birthday on 19 February.

  • Where Is Miss Benny From?

Miss Benny was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in Denton, Texas.

  • Is Miss Benny On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Miss Benny is available on Instagram (@missbenny). They don’t seem to have a profile on Facebook.

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