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Moon Se-Hoon Bio, Age, Job, Height, Instagram, Singles Inferno

Meet Moon Se-Hoon, another singleton from Netflix’s hit reality show ‘Singles Inferno’. Fans thought it was fresh to see something like this from Korea’s entertainment industry. This Moon Se-Hoon Bio brings you information on his age, his job, height, and Instagram.

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Moon Se-Hoon On Singles Inferno

Meet Moon Se-Hoon from Netflix’s new reality show ‘Singles Inferno’.

The reality show ‘Single Inferno’ has a similar theme to ‘Love Island’ or ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ In the show, you’ll meet extremely stunning singletons who are stuck on a distant island and attempting to find love. They can only relocate to ‘the paradise’ because of the restricted supplies if they couple up on the show.

However, there is one rule: they are not permitted to reveal their age or occupation to other contestants. The goal is to attract people based on their attractiveness so that they can form a bond with one another. So, if one of them manages to get together, ‘heaven’ awaits them nearby, a fancy hotel where they are free to say or do whatever they want.

A group of Korean celebrities and comedians observe and react to their interaction in real-time during the broadcast, similar to Gogglebox. Song Ji-a, Kang So-Yeon, Shin Ji-Yeon, Kim Hyeon-Joong, An Yea-Won, Choi Shi-Hun, Kim Jun-Sik, and Oh Jin-Taek were also presented in the show. On the fifth episode of the show, three new candidates were introduced: Kim Su-Min, Cha Hyun-Seong, and Seong Min-Ji.

Back to Moon, he works in the food business and is really good at doing all kinds of household chores. The Cinemaholic reported that he likes animals and hanging out near the waters.

Among most of the contestants on the show, Moon is the mystery contestant on the show. A few of his IG posts suggested that he did modeling work. Moon is known for being a fast runner by winning the first challenge. He is also a good cook.

Moon Se-Hoon And Shin Ji-Yeon’s Relationship

Moon Se-Hoon expressed interest in his fellow candidate Shin Ji-Yeon during the show. When she first came, he offered her a pillow for her lap. When Kang So-Yeon entered the picture and went near to him, he did waver a little, but it didn’t stay long.

On the other side, Kang So-Yeon assisted him in the kitchen. Despite this, he couldn’t get Shin out of his head. As a result, he resolved to concentrate solely on her. He invited Shin Ji-Yeon and Song Ji-a on a special lunch date after winning the first game so that he could get close to Shin.

Similarly, another cast Choi Si-Hun also stated that she saw her as pure and that they enjoyed her grin. Shin partnered with Choi Si-Hun at the time of ‘paradise,’ leaving Moon spurned and sad, despite his best efforts to pursue her.

Moon was leaning further toward the growing bond between him and Shin when she returned from paradise, and the same thing happened. Moon kindly asked Shin if there was someone on the island that piqued his curiosity. She exhibited little interest, and the fact that she did not choose him to accompany her to Paradise just confirmed her lack of desire.

All of this pointed out the fact that they didn’t end up together in the end.

But on the show, Moon matched with Kang So-Yeon and vice versa and became one of the two couples to match on Day 1. On Day 2 selection, he chose to be with Shin Ji-Yeon and failed to match with her because she chose Choi Si-Hun. He again chose Shin Ji-Yeon and failed to match because Shin chose Oh Jin-Taek.

But, on Day 5, Moon was chosen by Kim Su Min and Seong Min Ji and on Day 6 he was shown his persistence in choosing Shin Ji-Yeon.

To talk about his romantic nature, if Moon likes someone, he will go to large extents for that girl and never give up. His ideal type of woman has thick lips and can express her true emotions.

How Old Is Moon Se-Hoon?

Born reportedly in 1995, Moon Se-Hoon turned 26 years old celebrating his birthday in 1995.

How Tall Is Moon Se-Hoon?

Speaking of his height, Moon Se-Hoon stands tall at around 6 feet.

Moon Se-Hoon Job

The only thing that we know of Moon Se-Hoon’s job is that he works in the catering business. He didn’t reveal information on the establishment he is working with.

Moon Se-Hoon Instagram, YouTube

Moon Se-Hoon is on Instagram. His IG handle is (@moonofsh) and he is relatively new on the platform with only 11 posts but 108k followers. He is not on YouTube or TikTok.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Moon Se-Hoon Birthday?

Moon Se-Hoon hasn’t revealed his birthday as of this writing.

  • Has Moon Se-Hoon Revealed His Family?

About his family, he shared a picture of his aunt in late December 2021. Back on 20 December 2021, he posted a picture of his alleged sister.

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