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Morgan Monay Harvey Bio, Famous Relative, Claim To Fame

After a successful first season, Claim to Fame returned for a Season 2 on 26 June 2023. Like the previous season, Season 2 starts with 12 contestants, each of whom is related to a celebrity. Morgan Monay Harvey or simply Monay is one of them. So, in the rest of the writing, let us tell you who she is and who her famous relative is.

Morgan Monay Harvey On Claim To Fame

In each episode of Claim To Fame, one contestant is eliminated and only then their identity is revealed. Meanwhile, the last person standing takes home a hefty prize of $100,000.

Season 2 got off to an exciting start as Morgan Monay Harvey and the other contestants made their way to the Claim to Fame mansion. They had their first introduction to the clue wall filled with items such as a green bench, a bee, a mask, a rhino, and an astronaut.

The first challenge was a talent show and Travis was the winner of the challenge and was therefore protected at the Guess-Off and given an extra clue. Hugo and JR came in last place, and Hugo was elected the season’s first Guesser. At the Guess-Off, Hugo chose to target Carly and correctly guessed that she is Tom Hanks’s niece, Carly Reeves. Alicia Key’s brother Cole Cook, Morgan, and the remaining other nepo-babies got saved from elimination in the season premiere.

Is Steve Harvey Morgan Monay Harvey Famous Relative?

When introducing herself on Claim To Fame, Morgan Monay Harvey claimed her celebrity relative is her father and that he is best known for being an athlete. She also hinted that her famed father has an Emmy Award. And some of the contestants did guess right that she is none other than Steve Harvey’s daughter, mostly because of her striking likeness to the Little Big Shots star.

Morgan also had gushed that the last thing her celebrity relative had told her was to “Bring home the money”.

In the “Two Truths and a Lie” segment, Morgan stated that lying is her strategy, and she’s lying about everything anyone could think of. When Hugo was up for being the guesser, Carly shared with him and Travis that she thought Morgan looked like Steve Harvey and that he could be her dad. Carly said he’s been on television forever and probably has won an Emmy. In addition, Carly pointed to the “Family is everything” sign on the Clue Wall, which she thought might represent Steve’s Family Feud.

But, to those of you who don’t know, Morgan is not Steve’s biological daughter. In fact, she is one of the three children (the others are Lori and Jason) Steve adopted after marrying their mother Marjorie Elaine Harvey in 2007.

Who Is Morgan Monay Harvey’s Real Father?

Morgan Monay Harvey’s real father is Jim L Townsend, AKA Jimmy Townsend. He is a self-proclaimed “Born Again Christian, Entrepreneur, American Author, and Public Speaker”. On his IG @jim.l.townsend also he mentioned being a writer.

The patriarch turned 75 in March 2023 and seemed to be residing in Memphis, Tennessee by then.

Jim reportedly was a major drug dealer who served almost 30 years in prison after he attempted to purchase an amount of cocaine. He and Morgan’s mother, Marjorie were legally married when he got arrested. They lived in Memphis and had a great life together until that transpired.

Morgan Monay Harvey Age

Because Morgan was born in 1985, she reached the age of 38 in 2023.

Morgan Monay Harvey Job

Morgan Monay Harvey is a professional chef, cookbook author, and food blogger. Her blog, I Need Some Mo, was featured on Steve’s talk show back in 2016. She had stopped by to showcase her Jamaican-inspired cooking skills, in honor of her husband’s Jamaican heritage. On numerous other occasions, Morgan made guest appearances on Steve’s show to share her quick and delicious recipes.

How Much Is Morgan Monay Harvey’s Net Worth?

Morgan Monay Harvey reportedly had above $600K net worth as of June 2023.

On the I Need Some Mo website, it’s been cited that Morgan was immersed in the world of cooking and the joy that it could bring long before the term “foodie” was a trend and badge of honor. It goes on to tell that after nearly two decades of milling around her mother and grandmother’s kitchens, Morgan cultivated that love into a blossoming career by graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2011 with a degree in Baking and Pastry. She worked for several prestigious bakeries and special events companies in the Atlanta area.

Morgan’s cookbook “Party Heart Cookbook” is now selling at $9.99. She claims the book to be full of nearly 40 pages of delicious and simple finger food and dessert recipes that will allow the readers to host a NO-FAIL party that their young and young-at-heart guests all will love.

Morgan Monay Harvey Height

Beautiful Morgan Monay Harvey stands below 5’4” in height.

Morgan Monay Harvey Husband

Morgan Monay Harvey has been married to Kareem Dj-Bruckup Hawthorne since 12 October 2013. By the look of things, Morgan and Kareem are really enjoying their life together, in which they are also joined by their two daughters.

Their eldest, Elle, AKA Barbie Girl, and Sugar Bear, turned 8 on 27 March 2023. Their second daughter Marley completed 2 on 1 September 2022. “You have brought a spunk and lighthearted air to our family that was right on time. We are in love with your fire, your humor, your fearlessness, your wonder”, Morgan gushed about her sweet baby on that day.

On their ninth anniversary in 2022, Morgan took to her IG some old glimpses from her wedding day and next to it gushed about their journey. She at length talked about how they have been faithful to the journey and each other.

Morgan’s husband one time in November 2016 also made it to the news accused of a $300K homecoming scam.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Morgan Monay Harvey’s Birthday?

Morgan Monay Harvey’s birthday is on May 14th, making her Taurus.

  • Where Is Morgan Monay Harvey From?

Morgan Monay Harvey had been residing in Atlanta, Georgia as of 2023. It is not understood if the settlement also is her hometown.

  • Is Morgan Monay Harvey On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Morgan Monay can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 27 June 2023, her IG @morgan_janel included 943 posts and 93.9K followers.

On a regular basis, she also showed glimpses from her life on ‘Morgan Hawthorne’ Facebook. Plus, one could give her a follow also on Twitter @DJBRUCKUP.

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