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Morgan Tremaine Bio, Age, Instagram, TMZ, Who Is He?

Meet Morgan Tremaine, former TMZ employee Johnny’s lawyer intended to have the testimony. However, TMZ intervened and filed a motion to stop Johnny from doing that.

Numerous people have been dragged into the defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. They recently had the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp actress Kate Moss testify in court. Now, Johnny’s legal team is attempting to cross-examine ex-TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine regarding a video of Johnny and Amber.

Learn about Morgan’s age, Instagram, his tenure in TMZ, current job, and his wife and family members.

Will TMZ’s Morgan Tremaine Testify In The Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Defamation Trial?

TMZ filed an emergency motion in court on Tuesday to prevent Johnny from calling Morgan of the TMZ to testify in the ongoing defamation trial against Amber Heard. Per the motion, Variety, reports that TMZ is attempting to prevent Morgan Tremaine, who served as a field assignment manager, from testifying.

“TMZ promised this source that it would maintain their confidentiality and would not disclose their name or other information about them,” the statement from TMZ’s lawyers read further. “TMZ makes such promises of confidentiality, from time to time, so that it may publish information in the public interest, and it relies on the journalist’s privilege protecting the identity of confidential sources to do so”.

Johnny’s legal team indicated that they wanted to call Morgan who provided TMZ with a video that showed Johnny yelling at Amber and slamming cabinets. However, they declined to state the line of questioning that they would follow. Lawyers representing TMZ shared that Morgan had nothing to do with the video furthermore and that Morgan’s testimony would be based on “rumor and conjecture”.

Moreover, the gossip news outlet also shared that under Virginia law, the identity of the source should be protected under the journalist’s privilege. The outlet says that Tremaine’s testimony is irrelevant in the trial.

Meanwhile, Johnny’s star attorney Camille Vasquez had hinted during her cross-examination of Amber that the actress had leaked the video and TMZ had paid for it. But, Amber denied the claims.

Camille further claimed that Amber allegedly told TMZ that she obtained a restraining order against Johnny in 2016. However, Amber vehemently refuted the claim, claiming that Johnny’s divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, had close ties to TMZ.

Morgan Tremaine Age

Born in 1990, Morgan Tremaine is 31 years old as of May 2022. He celebrates his birthday on 10 July.

Morgan Tremaine Job Now

Morgan Tremaine is currently working as a Live Broadcast Producer at Esports Engine in Burbank, California since September 2020.

According to his website, Morgan has been working as a producer, host, director, and leader for more than eight years.

Morgan had previously served as the host/producer at Sinclair Broadcast Group from 2017 to 2020. He syndicated host and producer developing episodic content for lifestyle, tech, gaming, and entertainment verticals across Sinclair’s diverse offering of television and digital networks.

Before that, Morgan was working for TMZ which he joined in September 2014 as a video producer and later became Assignment Manager from 2015 to 2017.

He also has an IMDB page based on which he was a co-producer of a TV show titled #Travel (2020). He also starred in Glee and Detention (uncredited) in 2011.

Morgan reportedly started his career as an editor at What’s Trending in 2013. He holds a BS in Film Production from Los Angeles Film School.

Is Morgan Tremaine On Instagram?

Yes, Morgan Tremaine is on Instagram (@morgantremaine). You can also find him on Twitch (@MorganTremaine), TikTok (@morgantremaine), and Twitter (@MorganTremaine).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Morgan Tremaine From?

Morgan Tremaine was born in Chianti in Tuscany, Italy. He claimed Florence, Italy as his hometown.

Morgan is the son of Leonie Albani-Tremaine. Leonie is the author of two books Adios, Aries: A Horoscope Homicide Mystery and The Roman Game.

Morgan has an older brother named Nicholas Paini. Leonie was reportedly at the ballet in Palazzo Pitti when she went into labor and gave birth to him with the rising sun in Fiesole, a hillside town just outside of Florence. According to Leonie, “All the nurses were in a tizzy, saying he was the longest baby they had ever seen, and he has continued to cause a stir with the ladies ever since”.

Leonie had Nicholas with her former husband Giacomo Giuseppe Paini who passed away in Florence, Italy. He was a professor of Philosophy, Latin, and Ancient Greek, and owned a school in Florence.

  • Is Morgan Tremaine Married?

Morgan Tremaine has a wife named Sidda Tremaine. They reportedly married on 1 October 2021 at Caesars Palace Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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