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Nate Albert Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Me Or The Menu

From the producers of the hit TV show, 90 Day Fiance comes a not-so-typical food show, Me or the Menu, which premiered on June 30th, 2022 on Food Network and Discovery+. It follows the lives of four couples as they navigate the restaurant industry–some just opened new restaurants while others are struggling to make it to opening day. The cutthroat nature of the restaurant industry will test not only their businesses but also their relationships. Nate Albert and Kathleen Murray are one of the four featured couples on the show.

Find out if the two are still together after the filming of the show and information about Nate’s career, net worth, family, and more in the article below.

Nate Albert On Me Or The Menu

Nate Albert’s girlfriend Kathleen Murray was always an enthusiastic home chef who dreamed about opening a restaurant one day. At her home, she used to make authentic Italian meals inheriting her grandmother’s recipes.

One day, when Nate proposed to Kathleen with a food truck instead of a ring, they knew they were meant to be each other. The two together own and run Saucy Kat, an Italian cuisine food truck, which Kathleen hopes to turn into a restaurant someday.

Talking about the show with Daily Herald, Nate’s girlfriend said, “Probably the most important thing about this show is the in-depth look at the impact of our personal relationship while trying to run a business together.”

Nate also shared his own experiences of filming the show. “When they first started filming, I was so awkward. But the more you did it, the more you got used to it,” Nate said.

COVID-19 cutbacks last year made Nate lose his job at a winery, which gave him enough time to put into the food truck business. However, Me or The Menu star was not too keen to spend his energy on the food truck. On the other hand, Saucy Kat was a way for Kathleen to express her love of cooking and share family recipes.

Nate and Kathleen’s personal life takes a big hit as hinted by the Food Network show. Reportedly, Nate’s mistakes cause the couple to lose hundreds of dollars in their business and his lack of motivation also causes Kathleen to have doubts about his commitment to her. In the show, Nate must earn his love’s trust back by proving he is just as committed to a business partner as he is to a romantic partner.

Are Nate Albert And Kathleen Murray Still Together?

Reportedly, the couples on the show Me or The Menu, Nate Albert and Kathleen Murray have been together since 2020. That is what their Facebook tells us.

We are glad to reveal to you the information that Nate and Kathleen were still together as of July 2022. Both of their Facebook showed each other’s names in the Relationship section. It seems like the couples were able to maintain a smooth relationship whilst handling the stress of running their food truck business.

Nate Albert Career

Although Me or the Menu was Nate Albert’s first TV experience, it was not the same for Nate’s partner Kathleen. She previously appeared in Episode 3 of Season 11 of the Fox show Masterchef.

Besides working at the Italian food truck Saucy Kat, Nate Albert also works at Lola’s Ristorante as the owner. His LinkedIn handle further reveals that he was a Wine Sales Specialist at Prairie State Winery from April 2018 to January 2022.

Nate has also worked as Fire Alarm Technician at Fox Valley Fire and Safety and as Warehouse Worker at Steiner Electric in the past.

Nate’s LinkedIn handle reveals that his very first job was as a maintenance crew member of Blackstone Gold Course and Country Club, where she worked from April 2012 to June 2012. From there, he moved on to work as Assembler at UniCarriers Americas Corporation.

According to Nate’s Facebook, he went to Marengo High School for education.

How Much Is Nate Albert Net Worth?

As of 2022, Nate Albert’s net worth was reported to be above $400 thousand.

Nate Albert Age

According to online sources, Nate Albert was born in 1991 and thus was 30 years of age in July 2022.

Nate Albert Height

Although Nate Albert’s exact height is not publicly available on the Internet, we can estimate his height based on some of his pictures with his girlfriend Kathleen. Given that Kathleen Murray stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, Nate must be at least 6 feet tall.

What Do We Know About Nate Albert Family?

Coming to Nate Albert’s family, we know that his mother’s name is Pamela Albert and she turned 63 years old in 2022. Although Nate has also featured his father on his Facebook in the past, we don’t know his name yet.

His grandmother’s name is Joan Albert. Furthermore, Nate also has a brother in the family.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nate Albert Birthday?

Me or the Menu star Nate celebrates his birthday in September.

  • Where Is Nate Albert From?

Nate Albert’s Facebook shows that he is originally from Marengo, Illinois. However, he currently resides in Lombard, Illinois.

  • Is Nate Albert On Instagram?

Nate Albert could not be found on Instagram as of this writing. However, he is available on Facebook.

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