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Neelam Gill Parents: Mom Rajan Gill And Dad Harpreet Gill

Get to know model Neelam Gill’s parents named Rajan Gill and Harpreet Gill. Here we unfold details about their marriage, children, age, and their job.

So, keep scrolling down to read all about them.

Who Are Neelam Gill Parents?

Neelam Gill’s parents Rajan Gill and Harpeet Gill. She was raised in Coventry and was exposed to a lot of bullying for her skin color. In an interview with Stylist, Neelam remembered: “I remember being a kid and walking to school and someone shouting ‘Paki’ out the window. That was just so normal.”

Neelam added: “I’d get comments like, ‘Does your Dad own the corner shop?’ or ‘Is he a taxi driver?’ It makes me feel really angry. I could never imagine doing that to someone. It’s not something I’d stand for now and now I’m very outspoken about it. When I was younger I was very insecure and I didn’t think I was pretty because I thought being fair was what made you beautiful. I would always hate the color of my skin.”

After being discovered at the young age of 14, Neelam made her debut for none other than Fashion Week favorite Burberry, and she has credited them with turning her into a household name.

Neelam was scouted at the age of 14. However, her parents said, “Okay, just stay in school and then do it before college.”

Neelam has walked for Dior, modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, and appeared on the covers of numerous publications, including the Hunger cover taken by Rankin in 2014, which made news around the world.

Meet Rajan Gill, Neelam Gill Mom

Rajan Gill is the mother of Neelam Gill.


Rajan has shared about marrying Neelam’s dad.

“To be honest we were both civil to each other. He worked most of the time. I pretty much was on my own trying to give the girls the very best in life, I used to have to support the girls on my own financially. I lived in a 1 bedroom flat above a shop and I also worked 7 days a week,” Rajan opened up about her previous marriage stating.

She added, “I had an office job then I would work in their supermarket. I bought myself a house after 10 years. It was just to society and paper it was a marriage. When I got my own house I started sleeping with the girls. It was towards the end of the marriage it became toxic as we used to argue a lot and fight so I knew then I had to get out as I could no longer paint a happy picture anymore.”

Rajan remarried on 15 August 2009 at the age of 39 with Harpreet Gill, Neelam’s stepfather. Her parents wanted a discreet wedding for her in India but her current in-laws insisted on having a big one. She added, “I was more than a mature bride; I was a divorced single mum marrying someone 10 years younger. I was made to feel ashamed and embarrassed because culturally, it just wasn’t the norm.”

Rajan was born in 1970, she is now 52 years old. She is working as a makeup artist and a property developer. She attended Sidney Stringer Academy.

Meet Harpreet Gill, Neelam Gill Dad

Harpeet Gill, the dad of Neelam Gill, is 42 years old.

On Rajan’s birthday in July 2015, Rajan wished her husband, “Happy birthday to the kindest sweetest man ever!!! Hope you have an amazing day. You are always thinking of others by spoiling me and the girls and never yourself. Let’s see if we can spoil you for a change Harpreet Gill.”

Rajan’s current job is unclear.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Neelam Gill Parents From?

Neelam Gill’s parents live in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

  • Are Neelam Gill Parents Still Married?

No, Neelam Gill’s parents are no longer married. In fact, Rajan remarried after divorcing Neelam’s husband.

Rajan married her ex-husband on 17 November 1990 and was only 20 years old. Neelam added, “The Gurdwara ceremony followed on 20th January. It was bitterly cold. Every aspect of the day was controlled by my parents and the groom’s family. I had no say. It’s sad and utterly joyless; a checklist of everything a wedding shouldn’t be. My colleagues commented on how vacant I looked.”

After 14 years of heartache, the arranged marriage finally ended in divorce.

Neelam shared, ” I felt it was more important to show my two young daughters Neelam and Jasmine that it was better to be happy alone than to remain locked in a loveless relationship.”

  • How Many Kids Do Neelam Gill Parents Have?

Neelam Gill has two sisters.

Jasmine is living in Coventry, United Kingdom. She studied at Kenilworth School & Sports College. Born in September 2000, Jasmine is age 22.

Then, there is Millan born from Rajan’s second marriage. Born in May 2013, Millan is 10 years old in 2023.

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