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Pooja Mehta Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Dancing Queens

Bravo’s new docuseries, Dancing Queens follows a group of ballroom dancers as they invest their time and money into their all-consuming passion to vie for the top spots, respect, and recognition in the world of Pro-Am dance competitions. Among these highly skilled amateur dancers is Pooja Mehta. So, in the rest of the writing let us tell you who she is, about her net worth, age, height, Dancing Queens journey, and more.

Pooja Mehta On Bravo’s Dancing Queen

Pooja Mehta introduces herself on the show as a rebel from a family of doctors, a makeup artist with a successful beauty business.

Also, viewers find out that dancing is a family affair among Pooja’s folks. Like Pooja, her mother, and her sister have all been dancing with Pooja’s costar on the show Colette Marotto‘s former pro partner, Kristijan Burazer.

A previous champion in the rhythm category, Pooja around her time on the show switched to Latin to compete alongside her family and prove that she can succeed in their category too. So, all of that is documented on the show.

Also recently, Colette’s pro dance partner left her to compete with Pooja, forcing her to find a new pro, Oleksiy “Alex” Pigotskyy, and start from scratch.

On Dancing Queens Pooja and Colette are also joined by Donie Burch, Gaëlle Benchetrit, Leonie Biggs, and Sabrina Strasser.

Anyway, Pooja has been really excited and therefore has been showing her teasers from Dancing Queens on social media.

How Much Is Pooja Mehta’s Net Worth?

Pooja Mehta supposedly had an estimated $500K plus net worth as of May 2023.

She is the owner/founder of Makiaj Beauty Hair & Makeup (on IG @makiajbeauty with 24.7K followers) and Makiaj Makeup Academy/Education since 2010. Her institution is about providing the best possible hair, makeup, beauty + bridal services to their clients. And they also offer makeup and hair program educational courses and training programs, from basic and intermediate to advanced.

Besides, in Makiaj, Pooja also makes money from selling her beauty merchandise at MAKIAJ BEAUTY ‘s online/physical shop.

With over 30 artists, Makiaj Beauty, they claim, has been recognized internationally.

Before opening the establishment, Pooja trained herself in Paris, France at the world-renowned beauty & fashion school J.P Fleurimon.

Venessa, Pooja’s partner at Makiaj, also has her fair share in the company it seems. She and Pooja after meeting at a runaway show some eight years ago formed a partnership over their same vision and passion.

Pooja Mehta Age

In a birthday post on social media back in 2017, Pooja Mehta thanked her husband Shimon for helping her bring in year 32. So, fast forward to 2022, she should have reached the age of 37.

Pooja Mehta Family

Pooja Mehta is really fond of her parents. Her father is Mahendra and he can be found on IG @ma.hendra8897.

Pooja’s mom Luna Viva Ananda also seemed quite active on her IG @lunavivaananda.

Professionally, Dr. Luna is a board-certified adult psychiatrist with an in-depth specialization in psychoanalysis. She has over 30 years of experience across a wide variety of settings using modalities such as pharmacology, psychotherapy, and mindfulness. The matriarch also feels pride in having done extensive work with cross-cultural issues in psychiatry as well as issues of immigration and having published her work. There was a time when she was selected as one of the top doctors in Arizona. Even outside of her practices, she believes in cultivating compassion, kindness, and empathy. She continues to develop her keen interest in spirituality as a major component of healing.

It’s not only Pooja’s mom who is in medicine. While it is not yet known if Pooja’s father also is a doctor, it is known that both her sisters are. One of them is Mir Kat and she happens to be an Integrative Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist around Scottsdale, Arizona. The other is Dr. Meghana Thanki and she is a naturopathic and ayurvedic medicine doctor. She has a vitamin shot and IV clinic (on IG @secondnatureclinic) in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Is Pooja Mehta Still Married?

Indeed. Pooja Mehta is married even today.

She and Shimon Himovich have been wife and husband since 25 April 2015. Also today, they have been raising their two children with a mix of Jewish and Hindu traditions.

A certain Nofar Haymovich Goldstien took to their Facebook on 26 April 2023 to wish Pooja and Shimon a “happy anniversary” and gush that theirs was “by far the best wedding Ever !”.

Pooja and her husband have two sons: Yoav and Idan. Yoav turned 7 years old on 21 January 2023. Idan, the youngest, reached the age of 2 either in September or October of 20 2022.

Often on social media, Pooja also has appreciated her husband for being the best dad to their kids.

Professionally, Pooja’s hubby has been a diamond seller at Finer Jewelry in Greater Phoenix Area since April 2018.

Pooja Mehta Height

Pooja Mehta stands below 5 feet and 6 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • Is Pooja Mehta On Instagram?

Yes. Pooja Mehta can be found on IG @poojahimovich, where as of 12 May 2023 there were 1,790 posts and 2,790 followers.

She also showed now and then glimpses of her life on ‘Pooja Mehta’ Facebook.

  • When Is Pooja Mehta’s Birthday?

Pooja Mehta celebrates her birthday on November 11th. And this makes her a Scorpio.

  • Where Is Pooja Mehta From?

Pooja Mehta originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. As of 2023 though, she had been calling Scottsdale, Arizona her home.

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