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Quaylyn Q Carter Bio, Age, Job, Girlfriend, The Mole S2

Get to know Quaylyn Q Carter from The Mole season 2. The things that drew the most attention from spectators were Quaylyn’s open gameplays, general goodness, and straightforward tactics—all while keeping an eye on the prize.

Read all about him here as we bring you details about his age, girlfriend, children, and more.

Quaylyn Q Carter On The Mole S2

In The Mole S2, Quaylyn Q Carter rapidly demonstrated that he is an honest man of integrity, despite initially indicating that he is so competitive that he won’t even allow his loved ones win when they play the game. He became a fan of The Mole during its first Netflix season and applied to be on Season 2.

“I like the competitiveness of the show,” Quaylyn shared. “It’s weird to say you have to work together, but you’re not working together because, at the end of the day, you’re trying to win the pot (of money).”

After all, he never once let the gang down—not through money-driven assignments, fights over the elimination exemption card, or prioritizing his own wants over theirs. To put it another way, he demonstrated his inherent altruism by giving every task his all and refusing to give up any amount of the pot in order to advance in the game on his own.

On his bio, Quaylyn stated, “Quaylyn says he is “too honest” and plays around “too much” to be the Mole.” He proves to be a high-energy, outgoing, likable contestant, at one point exhorting his fellow players, “You come on the show to win money, not to lose money!”

“I saw they were doing casting around February or March (2023), and I said, ‘I could do that,’ so I applied and totally forgot about it,” Quaylyn said.

He received a call and began an audition process months after he sent in his application to the makers of “The Mole,” finally getting cast for the season that filmed in Malaysia in July 2023.

In its second season on Netflix, the reality series “The Mole,” which debuted on ABC in 2021 and was subsequently brought back by Netflix two years ago, features a competitor from Pittsburgh. “The Mole” has 12 players, 11 of whom are attempting to add money to a jackpot that only one person wins in the end. One player has been secretly assigned the nickname “The Mole” and tasked with undermining the group’s efforts.

The first five episodes of the game are currently available for streaming; three more episodes will be available on July 5 and the final two will debut on July 12. “Is it weaponized incompetence or sabotage?” A player muses out loud as to whether a rival might turn out to be “The Mole” in the upcoming season.

Quaylyn Q Carter Age

According to his bio, Quaylyn Q Carter is 42 years old as of 2024. He was born in 1982.

Quaylyn Q Carter Job

In his bio, Quaylyn Q Carter shared that he is a bus driver for the Port Authority. With the approval of the Port Authority, he took a leave of absence to join the show.

Quaylyn earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Seton Hill University. He also worked as a corrections officer in North Carolina before returning home to Pittsburgh in 2014.

He is a 2001 graduate of Woodland Hills High School.

Quaylyn Q Carter Girlfriend

Quaylyn Q Carter is engaged to his fiance Carmen Nieves. They got engaged in December 2023 and Carmen posted, “So excited to spend forever with you.I’m officially off the market. #iamcarmen_nieves

Carmen hailed from Puerto Rico and is the owner of @fwffashion & @bijouandcony. You can find her on Instagram.

Furthermore, he is a dad to four children. On Father’s Day 2023, Q took to his Instagram and wrote, “My four beautiful children. Being a father is irreplaceable, they are my world. Happy Father’s Day to all the fellas! #HappyFathersDay  #children  #fatherhood  #FathersMatterToo.”

His oldest son likely named Quaylyn Jr graduated high school in June 2022. He turned 20 in November 2023.

In early June 2024, Q congratulated his son Amare for graduating high school “Congratulations to my son Amare. “I am so proud of you and I love you. Blessings to you on your new journey of Life💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. #graduate #fatherhood #love,” the caption to the post read.

Amare reached 18 in May 2024.

Q also has two younger daughters. His daughter Callie turned 8 in September 2023. Tienna, his second daughter, reached 12 in February 2024.

Quaylyn Q Carter Height

Quaylyn Q Carter’s height measures above 6 feet.

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  • Is Quaylyn Q Carter On Instagram?

On Instagram, Quaylyn Q Carter has 7260 followers at the time of publishment of this article.

  • When Is Quaylyn Q Carter Birthday?

Every year, Quaylyn celebrates her birthday on 11 April.

  • Where Is Quaylyn Q Carter From?

Quaylyn Carter is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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