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Rexanna Stroud Bio, Justin Stroud Mom, Age, Mama June

Mama June or June Shannon married for the second time and her new husband is named Justin Stroud. They exchanged vows on 18 February 2023 in an “intimate” waterfront ceremony.

As he accompanied Shannon to her support groups in Mama June: Road to Redemption, Stroud was first introduced to viewers. Shannon told the group that Stroud has been on his own “recovery” journey and that it’s wonderful to be with someone who “kinda understands” her life experiences. Shannon’s friend Stroud, who nicknamed her “Junebug,” is incredibly encouraging and full of wise counsel. “Everyone is an amazing rock star, and if someone can’t be on your level, they’re not worth your presence,” is one of Shannon’s favorite quotations from him.

June has to come clean to Justin’s mom Rexanna Stroud that she hasn’t been truthful with her. He wants his wife to get along well with his mother. He is aware that they will never be able to have the family life he envisions for them until she comes clean.

Learn about Rexanna Stroud’s age, job, and husband & children.

Mama June: Meet Rexanna Stroud, Justin Stroud Mom

Mama June is struggling to handle her family’s rejection. With her four kids, Anna (Chickadee) Cardwell, Lauryn (Pumpkin) Efird, Jessica (Chubbs) Shannon, and Alana (Honey Boo Boo) Thompson, she is adamant about mending the connections that have been strained.

June first met Rexanna Stroud when they were working on her bridal shower. Rexanna, who is also a big admirer, was thrilled to meet her daughter-in-law and her kids. She experienced pressure to win over her mother-in-law. She lied to her about her difficult family situation rather than telling the truth.

The reality star assured Rexanna that her relationship with her girls was harmonious. She added that her four children were all anticipating the bridal shower and the nuptials. The reality TV mom was embarrassed when just her oldest daughter Anna showed up for her. She was forced to quickly lie more and find justifications for her actions.

Mama June pleaded with her daughters in a text message to go to a family therapy weekend so they could work through their issues. But nobody has yet responded. The Mother Family Crisis in June Because his wife lied to his mother, the husband is angry with her. They are fighting a lot over it right now. Makes a recommendation as a result throughout dinner.

Justin requested that she call his mother to discuss the situation. He thinks his mother could give her some advice and direction. But first, he forces her to tell his mother the truth and be honest with his family. She is unwilling to acknowledge her mistakes. She does, however, consent to see Rexanna.

When she phones Rexanna and asks if she wants to go have her feet painted. She anticipates that it will be soothing and offer them an opportunity to converse.

June finds this to be difficult. She is aware that in order to maintain harmony, she must swallow her pride and confess her lies to Rexanna. Justin’s mother informs her that she dislikes liars and is upset to learn this. She does, however, consent to hear her justification.

The four-parent mother lets her in and gives her the entire tale. No one is perfect or understands everything, she claims. She continues by saying that she has gone through far more than people realize. She becomes really emotional when she talks about it.

Did You Know? Justin was previously married to Amber at least until 2017.

Who Is Rexanna Stroud Husband?

Rexanna Stroud’s husband is named Thomas Jeff Stroud. Thomas’s parents were married for 32 years. He worked at Walmart as Deli Clerk. Originally from Opelika, Alabama, he lives in Beauregard, Alabama.

However, Thomas Jeff Stroud is no more.

Besides Justin, they have one other son named Joshua Stroud who is 34 years old and reside in Opelika, Alabama. He is married to his wife Brittany Snyder. Furthermore, they also have a daughter named Ellis Summer Moody, 40 years old, living in Prattville, Alabama.

Rexanna Stroud Age

Rexanna Stroud is 71 years old as of 2023. She was born in July 1951.

Rexanna Stroud Job

We discovered a LinkedIn which states that Rexanna Stroud is now retired. The profile also states that she was working at Walmart before retirement.

Is Rexanna Stroud On Social Media?

No, Rexanna Stroud is on Facebook (@RexannaJeffstroud).

Related FAQs

  • What Is Rexanna Stroud Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Rexanna Stroud is Rexanna Roberson. She is the daughter of the late Bonnier Margaret Roberson and Rex Rudolph Roberson. Her late brother is named Terry Rudolph Roberson.

  • When Is Rexanna Stroud Birthday?

Rexanna Stroud’s birthday is in July.

  • Where Is Rexanna Stroud From?

Rexanna Stroud hailed from Auburn, Alabama.

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