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Sam Nejad Bio, Job, Age, Height, Sister, Bachelorette S21

Social media star and entrepreneur Sam Nejad is competing on Bachelorette season 21. Since his appearance, fans have been interested in his professional and personal endeavors. Here, we bring you details about his age, job, height, sister, and more.

So, tag along and read all about him here.

Sam Nejad On Bachelorette S21

Fans of the show had to perform a double take when Sam Nejad made an appearance on Bachelorette S21 and referred to himself as a “love virgin.” This was because they thought Sam was upstaging Jenn Tran, who was making history as the first Asian American lead on the popular dating show.

“There’s something about me that I would like for you to know. I’m a virgin,” Sam proclaimed. He added, “A love virgin. So, I’ve never been in love. But what I do know, is that I’ll do everything in my power to see if our love exists.”

Sam revealed in his introductory video that he was reared in a “traditional background” by parents who had both moved from Iran. He clarified that this meant partnerships were taken very seriously. “The girl I make my girlfriend is the girl I make my wife.” Sam may not have any romantic experience, but he is far from inexperienced with reality romance. Here’s additional information about the Season 21 suitor, including a look at his unexpected on-screen history.

But after viewers questioned whether they saw two rats shoot across the stage during the intimate discussion, it wasn’t only his remarks that required explanation. Confusion-stricken fans search for proof online; one asks on X: “Apologies, but are there two rats running in the background?”


Then, another added, “Lived in LA long enough to say those were absolutely rats.”

Filming for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette took place at Santa Susana, California’s Hummingbird Nest Ranch. The house is a vast 17,000 square foot Spanish colonial mansion featuring a circular driveway, hot tub, dining area, bedrooms, and inner halls.

But, this isn’t Sam’s first reality show dating gig. One Redditor noted that he had appeared previously on David Alvareeezy’s “Girls Blind Rank Guys Kissing” video.”

Although Sam hasn’t had much success with the YouTube series, he seems to be taking it all in stride. He made fun of one video on Instagram, saying, “Let’s just say blind dates ain’t for me.”

In addition to being on dating shows, Sam is an entrepreneur. “When he’s not working, Sam N. loves watching rom-coms and spending time with his BFF, aka his dog, Wagmi.”

Sam Nejad Age

Born in 1998, Sam Nejad is 25 years of age as of 2024.

Who Are Sam Nejad Parents?

Sam Nejad shared that his parents immigrated from Persia. His dad is likely named Saber Nejad who turned 61 in August 2023. His mom is likely named Amineh Nejad, a 53-year-old from Carlsbad, California.

Moreover, his dad is a viral TikTok sensation starring in multiple videos on Sam’s TikTok.

Sam Nejad Sister

Sam Nejad has a sister named Nura Nejad who is also a guest star on his viral TikToks. Several videos of Nura on Sam’s profile has earned 10s of millions of views with most popular being “How dads spoil their daughters vs their sons.”

According to one LinkedIn profile, Nura is a Cognitive Science Student at UC San Diego. She previously worked as a sales associate at Orangetheory Fitness. Nura graduated from Cathedral Catholic High School, then pursued bachelor’s degree in computer science, and is currently attending UC San Diego.

Nura has only posted three times on her page and currently has 59.2K followers (@nuranejad).

Sam Nejad Job

Sam Nejad is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of Samaun Nejad Inc. In addition to being the Head of Product & Growth for COMB Financial, Samaun is a serial entrepreneur best known for his automotive chain in Southern California.

Samaun is committed to finding the right solution and has over 4 years of experience building successful companies where he offers an informative perspective to product growth. He is self-motivated and has a solutions-focused mindset.

When he appeared on a YouTube podcast channel Respectfully Inspired, Sam was introduced as an actor and car enthusiast as well.

The bio also added, “He gained a lot of money at a young age, but it didn’t make him happy. He also competed in body building and professional gaming, and explains why those industries speak to so many people.”

Sam’s dream job used to be working on plastic surgery specializing in facial reconstruction.

Sam Nejad Height

Sam Nejad stands tall above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sam Nejad From?

Sam Nejad calls Carlsbad, California his hometown and current residence.

  • When Is Sam Nejad Birthday?

According to Bachelor Fandom, Sam’s birthday is on 10 August.

  • Is Sam Nejad On Instagram?

Yes, Sam has a verified Instagram (@samnejad_) with 184K followers and TikTok (@samnejad_) with 281K followers.

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