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Scott Wern Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, 90 Day Fiance

Love has no age; especially in the case of Scott Wern. Despite being in his 50s, this man has maintained a body identical to that of a 30-year-old. And for this, even his love interest’s daughter is skeptical if the man’s a womanizer.

This Scott Wern Bio explores more of his life.

90 Day Fiance: Are Scott Wern And Lidia Morel Still Together?

Given the duo still follow each other on socials, Scott Wern and Lidia Morel might be together. Guess, the language barrier wasn’t that big of a problem after all — although it did get the two into a severe altercation.

Scott first met Lidia online over an international dating app. After communicating for a year, he then took an overseas trip to visit Lidia in the Dominican Republic. 

“I am a 56-year-old woman who’s only had one relationship,” Lidia can be heard saying during the season premiere on April 17, 2023. “I hope Scott is worthy. Because I didn’t wait 12 years of my life for a tiny thing.”

Thankfully, Lidia was smitten by Scott as soon as she laid her eyes on him. However, her daughter Nicole on the other hand, didn’t like him at all. She accused him of being a “liar” and wanting to make her mother feel like a “clown.”

But then again, Nicole could have just been protective of her mother as it was her 1st relationship in 12 years. And even Lidia’s last relationship left her bitter!

Prior to engaging with Scott, Lidia was in a relationship with Pedro Jimeno Sr.,  Nicole’s father. Their relationship was featured on TLC’s The Family Chantel as Lidia’s son  Pedro Jr set on a journey to find out why his father abandoned their family. But to his dismay, it seems Lidia’s ex-husband had already started another family and had two sons with his second wife

How Many Kids Does Scott Wern Have?

Scott Wern has three kids — Scott Wern Jr., Luke Wern, and Renee E Wern (born:  Aug 1995).

His son, Scott Jr., who turned 32 in 2023, lived in Spring Hill, FL, with his wife Noelle Wern (a Springstead High School graduate), and their daughters. 

As for Luke, he turned 29 in March 2023. He was also married with a son and lived in Tampa, Florida.

Like Scott, both his son, Scott Jr., and Luke are respiratory therapists as well. The older one was doing it for 3 years while Luke was already 8 years into the profession.

Trivia: Scott has four grandchildren in total and only of them is a girl.

Scott Wern Age

Scott Wern was 52 years of age when 90 Day Fiance premiered in 2023. However, he was a year younger when he filmed that show.

Also, that makes him four years younger than Lidia.

Scott Wern Job

Scott Wern is a Respiratory Therapist, High school/Competitive soccer coach, and Personal Trainer.

In 2023, he worked as a Respiratory Therapist at Lee Health and made around $70 thousand per annum.

Besides this, Scott is now also a reality star. He was paid around $500 to $1,000 per episode on 90 Day Fiance.

How Much Is Scott Wern Net Worth?

By 2023, Scott Wern garnered a net worth of under $800 thousand.

Scott Wern Height

Scott Wern stands tall at the height of under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

His distinct features include — a bald head, tattoos on his arms and chest, and a muscular body.

Did you know: Scott could easily bench press 143 kg (315 lbs) at 52 years old.

Scott Wern Family

Scott comes from a family of six.

Sadly his father Robert O Wern who was in the military passed away a long time ago. “My father Robert Oscar Wern. My father’s last words to me were, ‘Live a full life, take care of your mother, and be honest.’ He was my best friend,” Scott said.

Also, Scott’s sister Renée (who acted like his mother) passed away at 29 in a car accident on September 26, 1990. To remember her, he even named his daughter after her.

His other siblings, Elizabeth A Wern and Jesse R Wern turned 48 and 51 years of age in 2023.

As for Scott’s mother, Alice Wern turned 84 in August 2022. Pancreatic cancer, subarachnoid bleed, broken hip, broken femur, broken humerus, and COPD, Alice survived it all until this date. “Always my inspiration. I love you Mom and you would give me your last dollar, tell me crazy stories, play sports with me, dance with me, and always loving and believing in me. You’re my best friend and I love you in this life and the next,” Scott wrote on his FB.

A Democrat, Alice is a New York native who graduated from Fort Hamilton High School. In 1992, she participated to become one of the House members to serve two-year terms (paid $22,560 per year) at State House District 44. For this, she even postponed her dream of becoming a registered nurse.

Prior to this, she worked for the Pasco County Probate Court Examining Committee and has been a member of the Spring Hill Civic Association, Hernando County Adult Literacy Project, and Hernando County Rape and Spouse Abuse. In 1988, she also ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for the Hernando County School Board.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Scott Wern Birthday?

Scott celebrates his birthday on March 23 and is of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Is Scott Wern From?

Scott hails from Spring Hill, FL.

  • Is Scott Wern On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @scott_wern_sr and Facebook @scott.wern.

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