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Sergei Nicholas Simonov Bio, Age, Wife, Pressure Cooker

Sergei Nicholas Simonov describes his culinary style as “punchy and strong.” He wanted all his fellow contestants on Pressure Cooker to acknowledge him. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with many with one even accusing him of being “bossy.”

So, who is this “bossy” chef who likes to take control? Keep reading this “Sergei Nicholas Simonov Bio” to learn all about him.

Sergei Nicholas Simonov On Netflix’s Pressure Cooker

If you’re tired of the same old cooking competitions, Netflix’s Pressure Cooker is just the show for you. Instead of chefs cooking up culinary creations to impress a panel of celebrity judges, they’re judging each other! Yes, you heard it right. After each round, the chefs rate each other’s dishes and eliminates one.

So, while this definitely is an interesting theme, it also means the contestants are encouraged not only to cook their best but strategize and form alliances — which Sergei wasn’t so good at. Just on the very first ep, his boldness pushed away many co-contestants, and even more, after he boasted he has worked with celebrity chef Brian Malarkey.

But Sergei isn’t what he seems. He’s also humble and considerate and acknowledges that he’s still working to hone some kitchen skills. And it doesn’t only involve the food itself, he’s also working on his skills to deal with other people and manage them.

Spoiler Alert: Sadly, Sergei’s skill just wasn’t up to par on Pressure Cooker. He was eliminated in the semi-finals and the final two remaining chefs were Robbie and Mike. For the final task, they were asked to prepare a 4-course meal that told their personal stories — which Robbie ended up slaying.

A few days before the Pressure Cooker premiere, Sergei was super excited to see himself on the Netflix show. He even took to his IG to write, “Cooking is only half the battle. Watch me compete in Pressure Cooker, premiering this Friday January 6, only on @netflix.”

Did you know: Before Pressure Cooker, Sergei competed on Chopped Next Gen and came in second place.

Sergei Nicholas Simonov Career

Sergei Nicholas Simonov has over a decade of experience in cooking and managing the chef staff. This was also the reason he believed he had an advantage over other contestants on Pressure Cooker. “They don’t get to feel the heat and the burn of the kitchen and the line. I’m one of the few that we do 500 to 600 covers a night,” he said at the time.

Now, coming back to his career, Sergei first stepped into the industry as a kitchen manager at Chipotle Mexican Grill in 2011. Working there for almost 2 years, he then joined The Lark Santa Barbara as sous chef and went on to serve the restaurant for the next 6 years under the mentorship of Jason Paluska. “He taught me A to Z, not just the flavor profile and palate,” Sergei recalled.

In September 2019, he then joined Herb & Wood as sous chef, and finally, in April 2022, he landed the job as an executive chef at Loquita Santa Barbara, a Spanish restaurant with a focus on locally sourced products from neighboring farmlands.

According to Loquita Santa Barbara, Sergei beings the bold and bright flavors that their menu — centered around the wood-fired grill — desired.

As for his education, Sergei received his degree in general education from the College of San Mateo in 2011 and later got his AAS in Culinary Arts from Santa Barabara City College in 2013.

What Is Sergei Nicholas Simonov Age?

Sergei Nicholas Simonov was 31 years of age when he appeared on Pressure Cooker in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when he filmed the show.

Where Is Sergei Nicholas Simonov From?

Sergei Nicholas Simonov didn’t reveal his hometown.

But as of 2023, he resided in Santa Barbara, California.

Sergei Nicholas Simonov Wife

Before appearing on Pressure Cooker, Sergei Nicholas Simonov was together with the love of his life Joey Vega. But we don’t know if she was ever his wife.

The last we saw the lovebirds together was on Valentine’s day 2021. And from what we can tell, they were an item for at least 5 years. Ever since thanksgiving 2015, the duo was regularly spotted out on vacations, celebrations, and even jobs together.

Over one of his IG posts, Sergei even featured Joey with a beautiful caption, “So blessed and thankful to have this wonderful woman by my side every day. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Sergei’s possible wife, Joey is a Pastry Chef who worked at Sweet Small Bites in 2023. Back from 2017 to 2019, she also worked at The Lark Santa Barbara where Sergei was employed. Before that, she baked at SAMA SAMA for 4 ½ years, Bacara Resort & Spa for 2 years, and Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for 4 ½ years.

Also, like Sergei, Joey is a Santa Barbara City College graduate with AAS in Culinary Arts.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Sergei Nicholas Simonov?

Sergei stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

His distinct features include a square face and emerald eyes.

  • When Is Sergei Nicholas Simonov Birthday?

Sergei receives his birthday wishes on December 18 and is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

  • Is Sergei Nicholas Simonov On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @chefsimonov.

Also, here’s his Facebook @snsimonov and TikTok @sekubiak.

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