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Steve Harley Davidson Age, Wife, Net Worth, Deadliest Catch

Season 20 of Deadliest Catch sees captain Steve Harley Davidson and Jack Bunnell upgrade to the 126-foot F/V Pacific Mariner. Along with that Jake Anderson returns to Hansen’s Northwestern, Sophia “Bob” Nielsen takes the helm of the F/V Seabrooke, and Johnathan Hillstrand comes out of retirement in an attempt to reach a $1 million quota. Plus, Jacob Hutchins fights for the relief captain spot on Rick Shelford’s F/V Aleutian Lady, while.

Learn all that we know about Captain Steve in this short bio. We bring you detail about his age, his wife, and his net worth.

Steve Harley Davidson On Deadliest Catch

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 8 PM ET/PT marked the return of the 20th season of the critically acclaimed television program Deadliest Catch, a genre-defining series that follows professional crab fishermen who risk their lives on the unpredictable and dangerous Bering Sea. The 59-time Emmy®-nominated series has transformed unscripted television since its premiere. It captures every heart-stopping moment at sea with storytelling and best-in-class cinematography, enthralling audiences with real, resilient individuals for centuries to come.

The rich Red King Crab fishery in Alaska has finally reopened, sparking the first derby-style competition in decades to begin this historic season. Veteran and rookie captains are forced into fierce rivalries that will test the limits of every crabber as they compete to get their hauls of crab in a very short amount of time. As winter storms intensify due to an uncommon super El Niño weather pattern, the crab grounds become even more dangerous, offering as a sobering reminder of why Alaska crab fishing is dubbed the Deadliest Catch.

This season, in an effort to increase their quota and crab harvest, captain Steve Davidson AKA “Harley” and Jack Bunnell are taking a financial risk as well as a chance with their reputations by upgrading to the 126-foot F/V Pacific Mariner.

According to his bio on Discovery, Steve received the nickname “Harley” because three of the four guys on the first boat he worked on were named “Steve.” So, the captain called him “Harley,” because of his last name, Davidson.

However, viewers haven’t been satisfied with Steve being brought along in the show. There is one petition to remove Steve.

“At first glance when Discovery’s Deadliest Catch added Captain Steve to the show, fans thought there was just going to be a little bit of rivalry between the Captains, to juice things up,” the petition starts. “But as time went by, it is apparent that Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson, is not a real Captain or fisherman. He has done nothing to find the crab on his own.  All he has done is promote hatred, not only by other Captains, but by the fans as well,  thru his dirty tactics to obtain crab off the life long experience and intelligence of the other Legitimate Captains.”

It concludes, “More and more people who follow this show, are getting ready to “tune out” if Captain Steve is not removed from the show.  We all like to see a bit of rivalry between Captains, but not the dirty tactics and downright thievery. We ask the discovery Channel and their executive producers, to respectfully REMOVE Captain Steve from the show.”

However, others have supported him on Reddit. One fan wrote, “It’s a show. Harley does just fine. He wouldn’t have a job otherwise.”

Another fan added, “from what i’ve read from locals, he’s one of the most real and respected fishermen in the area and most of what you see on the show is an act. i actually really like him this season. he’s been super patient and seems like an excellent mentor to jack.”

How Much Is Steve Harley Davidson Net Worth?

According to The Cinemaholic, Steve Harley Davidson has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Unfortunately, the figure is not confirmed yet.

Cook Steve Davidson, sometimes known as Harley, ventured into the realm of wishful thinking. He tried his hand at salmon fishing after working on a fishing vessel for a spell, but he quickly returned to crab fishing. He has been a show member since season 15 when he took command of the F/V Southern Wind.

Per his LinkedIn, Steve is also the owner of Trident Seafoods.

Steve Harley Davidson Age

Born in 1956, Steve Harley Davidson reached the age of 68 in 2024.

Steve Harley Davidson Wife

Deadliest Catch Captain Steve Davidson is married to his wife Synnove Medhaug Davidson. Reportedly, Sig introduced Steve to Synnove. In 2024, Synnove is 55 years of age.

The couple share one boy from their marriage named Jakob Davidson. Jakob turned 18 years of age on 31 March 2024. He also graduated high school in June this year.

Steve Harley Davidson Height

Steve Harley Davidson’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Steve Harley Davidson From?

Steve Davidson hailed from Seattle, Washington.

  • When Is Steve Harley Davidson Birthday?

Steve Davidson’s birthday is in February.

  • Is Steve Harley Davidson On Instagram?

Yes, Steve is available on Instagram (@official_capt.harley) but he is virtually unavailable as he hasn’t updated on the platform since 2021.

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