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Tammy Fritz Today, Age, Facebook, Worst Roommate Ever

Where is Tammy Fritz today, the subject who was featured on season 2 of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever. How old is she now? Was she on Facebook? Here is what we know about her whereabouts.

Scroll down and read all about her in this short piece.

Tammy Fritz On Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever S2

The Worst Roommate on Netflix Have you ever cast After a brief courtship, Tammy Fritz and Richard Fritz Jr. decided to get married in 1994. Many family members expressed concern about the couple’s rapid marriage, but everything appeared OK as long as they were pleased and everything went well for them. Christian Fritz, their son, arrived and quickly won their hearts. The couple settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado, while Richard was serving overseas with the Army.

Tammy and Richard’s relationship started to deteriorate in the late 1990s. They were at odds all the time, and even though Richard provided for all of Tammy’s requirements, Richard’s relatives said that Tammy was too demanding. Richard tragically departed abruptly on June 18, 2001, from an acute case of strep throat, just as the couple was about to file for divorce.

His demise was completely unexplained. Soon after, in order to support herself and their son, Tammy began selling off his assets and utilizing the money from his insurance. She felt it would be best for James “Bo” Bowden, Richard’s Army buddy, to move in with her and Christian as their roommate after learning he was looking for a place to stay.

It felt like the perfect scenario for James. On December 23, 2002, he moved in after going through a lot. He developed a close friendship with Tammy and became Christian’s brother. James frequently went out with Tammy and her pals, and it seemed like a chance for him to start again.

But in August 2004, after spending the night drinking at home with her, he had to be brought to the hospital because he felt quite sick after just one drink. He wrote it down as a one-time event and had no unique suspicions at the time. However, following another event in 2005, his viewpoint shifted.

James went out drinking with Tammy and her pals on June 30, 2005, and as soon as he got home, he passed out. There was a strong smoke smell coming from his room as he woke up. He hurried out and, happily, was spared.

James left the house to recover his composure after this episode. He continued to communicate with Tammy, but they did not spend much time together.

Tammy became dependent on strong narcotics, meanwhile. She started hanging out with two people, Sean Lagoe and Michelle Heaston, and frequently abandoned Christian to care for himself.

James made the decision to go back to Alaska in 2009 because he thought his drinking had gotten out of hand. He said goodbye to Tammy on August 3, 2009, by going out. When Christian arrived the following morning to bid him farewell, James didn’t answer the door when he got home. James was badly beaten when the small boy entered the room, and he was brought to the hospital right away. At first, the medical professionals thought he had fallen while drunk. But a closer look at his wounds showed that he had been the target of a deadly attempt.

Tammy’s employment has already resulted in her being under investigation by the police for financial fraud and writing fraudulent checks. They learned that since James moved into her home, she had taken up a life insurance policy in his name and had been paying the payment. Tammy had designated herself as the only beneficiary using the paperwork he had in her safe.

It became clear that she was working on a bigger, darker scheme. The rest of her family said she might have been involved in Richard’s death as well, and the police assumed she was the one who set fire to his chamber.

Where Is Tammy Fritz Today?

Following an investigation prompted by these results, the authorities charged Tammy Fritz and her two associates with the attempted murder of Bowden, who required physical and speech rehabilitation following the incident.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Tammy in particular was found guilty on three counts: conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of attempted murder, and attempted murder. She was given a 48-year prison sentence, which she is still serving.

Because Tammy had paid Sean Lagoe and Michelle Heaston, two of her pals, to beat James that August 2009 night, they were also charged. She was given a 48-year prison sentence, and she is currently 58 years old. She is being held at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility at the moment, and her projected parole hearing is in August 2034.

After Worst Roommate Ever, Christian admits that he is still in contact with his prison-age mother, but he is hesitant to develop a deeper bond with her due to concerns for the safety of his growing family. Although Bowden claims that being a part of Christian’s life is the “best thing” he has ever done, the two still regard one other as family.

Joyce Fritz, Richard’s mother, claims in Worst Roommate Ever that she had a “gut feeling” that her daughter-in-law was somehow connected to Rich’s demise. Tammy has never been prosecuted, though.

Tammy Fritz Age

In 2024, Tammy Frit is 58 years of age. Her birth year is 1966.

Tammy Fritz Job

Tammy Fritz was likely a business owner. One LinkedIn informs that she owned Secure Check Screening & Investigation Services, Inc.

Related FAQs

  • Is Tammy Fritz On Instagram?

It is not clear if Tammy was on Instagram before she was convicted.

  • Where Is Tammy Fritz From?

Tammy Fritz hailed from Colorado Spring, Colorado.

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