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Thomas TJ Earle Wife: Who Is Ashley Kristen Dupre?

Back in 2008, Ashley Kristen Dupre and Thomas TJ Earle hit the headlines with their affair which happened when the New Jersey asphalt scion was still married to his wife Alisa (with whom he has two children). One of these two children has grown up to be none other than TikTok star Alix Earle. So, the Earle family’s affairs have since then always found a place on tabloids.

In between, in 2013, Alix’s construction magnate dad also married his once “Spitzer prostitute” fiancee. He and Ashley not only tied the knot privately, but they also welcomed a bunch of children. More about it, let us tell you in this writing about Ashley, her life as Thomas TJ Earle’s second wife.

Meet Ashley Kristen Dupre, Thomas TJ Earle’s Wife

Clearly, a lot has changed since 2008 when Thomas TJ Earle’s steamy affair with Ashley, then “call girl” of New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, was exposed. The world had then seen Thomas apologize to his wife calling his actions a grave mistake. The affair had come out as a shock to everyone as Ashley lived in the same close-knit community as Thomas and his wife then.

Thomas and his wife Alisa since separated “amicably” and Thomas instead decided to pursue his “grave mistake”. He and Ashley got engaged and they were spotted together first time afterward in 2012. Ashley was seven months pregnant and engaged to be married to Thomas. At the same time, she also owned Femme by Ashley, a lingerie and swimwear shop in Red Bank, New Jersey. The next year, she did elope to Paris to marry him in a private ceremony, on the top floor of the posh George V Hotel overlooking the Eiffel Tower, just as they had planned.

The couple was since settled in Monmouth County, New Jersey. In their words, it was “so far so good” until around this time.

It seems so even today, fast forward to 2022 as last year on October 13th, Ashley took to her social media to wish her husband a “1-day early anniversary”. She gushed about how her life began when she met him and thanked him for giving her “life substance”.

Thomas TJ Earle And Ashley Kristen Dupre Kids

Back in August 2015, when Ashley Kristen Dupre made an announcement about closing her store Femme by Ashley, she reasoned that she needed to spend more time with her kids.

Fast forward to 2022, she mentioned being a “mommy to 3 little babies 5, 8 & 10” on her social media BIO. She also mentioned, “2 Bonus babies of 19 & 22” referring to Thomas and Alsa’s kids.

All of Thomas TJ Earle’s kids as shown by proud Ashley back in January 2018 (PIC: Instagram)

Thomas has two daughters from his previous marriage to Alisa. They are Alix and her sister Ashtin Earle. Ashtin had been pursuing a Psychology major in her Sophomore year at Tulane University, until December 2022.

Speaking of Ashley and Thomas’s kids, their eldest is daughter Izabel who turned 10 on 10 November 2022. The next to be born was Penelope and she turned 8 on 19 September 2022. The last one to join the brood was their young little man. He was born in April 2017.

Ashley Kristen Dupre Age

Ashley Kristen Dupre was born in 1985. So, she reached the age of 37 in 2022.

Ashley Kristen Dupre Job

In December 2022, Ashley Kristen Dupre appeared to be likely a stay-at-home mom and wife. But, back in the day, she did have a busy career, and also the world knew about it.

Back in 2012, with Thomas’s help, she opened the lingerie and swimsuit store, Femme by Ashley on Broad Street in Red Bank, New Jersey and it was the talk of the town. She happily and quietly ran the store for several years while refusing television interviews followed by the whirlwind Gov. Spitzer sex scandal. 27-year-old at the time, she called the store opening a “homecoming”, as she spent most of her childhood in nearby Wall Township. So, at the time, she enjoyed selling bath suits that cost $300 at the least.

Three years after the Client Number Nine scandal, she also started working as a columnist for the New York Post. As part of the job, she invited people to ask her anything about love, sex, and relationships. Then, around the same time, she was featured on the cover of Playboy too.

Before that, at the height of the media frenzy, Ashley was actually offered one million dollars to do a Girls Gone Wild magazine shoot and promotional tour. It is another thing that the proposal was withdrawn later on.

Back in 2011, reported Ashley of holding an estimated $1.4 million net worth.

Is Ashley Kristen Dupre On Instagram?

Indeed. Ashley Kristen could be found on Instagram @ashleyaearle with 543 posts and 25.1K followers as of 27 December 2022. She also entertained nearly 10K on her Twitter @AshleyDupre.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashley Kristen Dupre’s Birthday?

Ashley Kristen Dupre’s birthday is on April 30th and that makes her a Taurus.

  • Where Is Ashley Kristen Dupre From?

Ashley Kristen Dupre was born and bred in Redbank, New Jersey, a place she never really stopped living in.

  • Who Are Ashley Kristen Dupre’s Parents?

Often on Twitter, and especially back in the day, sometime around 2008 and 2011, we have seen Ashley mention her mother, a stepdad, and a stepmom as well. Yet, she did not get into detail about anyone of them.

So, from what we can tell Kristen’s parents separated a long time ago. Then, one time in November 2017, she showed her people on IG a video of her dad singing to a beautiful tone.

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