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TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married

The Internet is a tricky place to share your thoughts. And it’s not just what you think — how you deliver it, and the audience also matters impartially. TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree learned this the hard way as she faced backlash for warning men not to follow the guidance of male relationship experts like the late Kevin Samuels.

Keep reading this TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Bio to learn more about her.

Why Was TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Fired From Her Job?

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree was fired from her job a few weeks after she posted the TikTok video where she shared an article from Psychology Today titled “The Rise of Lonely and Single Men”. In the video, the therapist explained how heterosexual men had less success dating women within the last few years due to women demanding more from relationships, and the article eloquently explained what she has warned men about in the past.

According to her, men who seek guidance from male relationship experts like the late Kevin Samuels will be “single” for the rest of their lives if they don’t improve their “communication” and “emotional intelligence skills.”

Naturally, the video went viral on TikTok with over 200,000 views, and it was also shared on Twitter by people who had their own social and political agendas. Soon, the hate comments started flooding it. But instead of redeeming herself, the therapist stood her ground and d continued making more videos supporting her take, even referring to men as “dusty bi**hes” in another viral TikTok.

A week after the initial video, Bree then released another video where she alleged that her video was used to launch a gender war and people perceived her comments to be directed only at Black men. And whilst also this was happening, several users all her job and demanded she gets fired from the employer, which ultimately happened.

So, after Bree lost her job, she apologized on her platform and shared her negative online experience on her page and other outlets. “I was harassed and received more death threats than I can count;  my social media pages were even reported. Since posting that video, I have battled depressive episodes and had my life, safety, and well-being violated,” she explained.

Therefore, she finds it “imperative to reclaim my name and let people know that there is a real person behind my content.” She claimed that the only reason she was  “punished online” was because of her delivery.

“It wasn’t what I said, and it was how I said it. But I was just being my true self, and if you follow me, you know that’s how I speak. My approach can be abrasive, but I’m just a direct speaker. However, nothing I said in that video was wrong,” she once again stood her ground.

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Net Worth

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree garnered a net worth of under $250 thousand by 2023.

This popular therapist started her career in 2016, right after graduating from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree (named to the  Dean’s List).

Showcasing her degree on IG, Bree wrote, “The single most expensive piece of paper that I’ve ever purchased.” She then went on to recall her “stories, memories, and experiences” that were all crammed into this one sheet of paper. “From traveling the world to surviving all-nighters, it was all so worth it. The ups and downs all collected into the words of this page has me feel so very blessed,” she added.

Prior to Baldwin Wallace University, she attended Saint Peter’s High School.

Reportedly, her salary as a therapist was around $47 thousand per annum.

Besides working as a therapist, Bree also worked as a Quality Assurance Manager at ReadyJet, Inc, and she names herself the CEO of Rawls Inc.

And not to mention, the TikTok star also made a few bucks from the platform.

Fans also donated to her on Patreon @UnusuallyBree.

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Age

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree was 29 years of age when she faced the backlash in 2023.

Turing 29, she wrote “Twenty-Fine on Divine Time” on IG. Guess it wasn’t a “divine time” at all.

What Is TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Real Name?

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree’s real name is “Shabree Nahjah Rawl.”

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Family

Bree comes from a family of four.

Her loving mother, Marnise Harris is an accomplished School Administrator and Data Analyst Committed to Equity, Innovation, and Teacher Development with over 19 years of experience as a K-12 education leader. In 2023, she was working at Shaker Heights City School District. Before that, she was a Head high school principal at Mansfield City School District.

Marinise turned 48 in August 2022.

Sadly, Bree wasn’t on the best terms with her father (who was often disappointed with her).

As for her sibling, Naya S Pender (born: Oct 22, 1995) was in the military. In 2018, Naya took home the gold medal at The 43rd Joint Culinary Training Exercise at Fort Lee, Virginia. On top of being awarded the highest honor, she was also hand-selected to compete as a member of the USACAT to represent the entire nation in an international culinary competition!

Besides being a soldier, Naya is also a mother to a lovely boy named Carrington (born: March 13, 2019).

Sadly, Bree’s grandfather, Robert Pender took his last breath on June 26, 2008, at the age of 68.

On the other hand, her grandmother, Garnetta turned 77 on 25, 2016. “Words truly can’t describe how wonderful my life is because of this woman. She is honestly the only person in this world who deeply understands me for who I am,” Bree dedicated an IG post to her grandma.

Is TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Married?

No, TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree isn’t married as of 2023.

Related FAQs

  • When Is TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree Birthday?

TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree celebrates his birthday on December 16 and is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

  • Where Is TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree From?

Bree didn’t reveal her hometown. But she resided in Cleveland, OH, in 2023.

  • How Tall Is TikTok Therapist Unusually Bree?

The TikTok stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

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