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Tony Starcevich Bio, Age, Job, 90 Day Fiance Debbie Johnson

Tony Starcevich is allegedly engaged to 90-Day Fiance star Debbie Johnson. After a recent photo of Debbie with a ring, fans were interested to learn if they are engaged. Let’s dig deep into details here, shall we?

Here are details about his age, job, and more.

Meet Tony Starcevich, 90 Day Fiance Debbie Johnson New Boyfriend

After a protracted absence, viewers watched Debbie Johnson navigate dating. It turned out to be much more difficult than she had anticipated. She had raised her son Colt Johnson and her cats for many years. Furthermore, it seemed impossible for her to find love again because she had lost Harley, the love of her life.

Debbie went out and got a butterfly tattoo on her chest and some blazing red hair, which helped her rediscover her rhythm. After all, when she was younger, she was quite the deal. She once bragged about having an affair with the Marlboro Man.

Debbie Johnson began dating after Colt had settled down and married Vanessa Guerra, but she kept running into terrible guys. One of them was even wed. She then made contact with Canadian Tony Starcevich. When he first saw her, there were instant sparks between them, and it appeared as though they may get serious.

Colt was shocked when she said she was leaving Vegas to be with Tony. So where are the two now? Debbie is still in Canada with Tony, according to @90dayfianceupdate. They were seen out together, grinning.

Obtaining a visa for Debbie Johnson so she could remain in Canada was a major problem. She responded to fans’ inquiries on her Instagram after they asked how this was going. She stated that the entire procedure might take a full year to finish.

“We will apply for permanent residency near our 1 year. But it takes over a year for the paperwork to get to our case. In the meantime, I applied for an extended visitor visa. So I have Dr’s in Bellingham. It’s easier than going to Vegas. But it’s all good. ❤️🤗,” she shared. More so, Debbie is legal she is just not a “permanent resident.”

Tony and Debbie have been spotted together everywhere. They were recently spotted strolling with one another at the Drive At Italian Days Fest. The photo of them that was posted by 90dayfianceupdate on Instagram is shown below. Some viewers believed Debbie was walking with a cane, while others believed she was simply holding a folding chair. As usual, they appeared to enjoy each other.

Fans are speculating whether Tony and Debbie are currently engaged after reading a recent Instagram post by 90DayFianceupdates. She appears to be flashing a ring for all to see while exposing her hand. Of course, Debbie hasn’t said anything about their upcoming nuptials or their current situation. See the photo below, and let us know whether you believe they are engaged or not.

The comments on this post are going crazy with fans who can’t decide if they are engaged or not. One fan said, “So happy for you both that you found happiness and I see that 💍 does that mean you’re going to be getting married soon I hope so❤️❤️.”

It sounds like everyone loves seeing Debbie happy and in love.

Her son Colt Johnson might not be as happy as the 90 Day Fiance fans. Colt told his mother during The Single Life season that he didn’t believe Tony. He thought his mother was erring by jumping into a relationship with a man she didn’t even know.

Many fans of the 90 Day Fiance thought Colt was behaving spoilt. They believed he did not want to let anyone else have his mother’s love or attention. After Colt accused his mother of being intrusive and interfering in his marriage to Vanessa Guerra, their relationship became especially difficult.

Has Colt’s opinion of his mother’s relationship changed as a result? These days, neither Debbie nor Colt discusses their mother-and-son connection in the media. Therefore, it is unknown if the two guys have reached a consensus. Or maybe they’ve each decided to live their lives alone, at least temporarily.

However, other fans of the show accused of him being a racist.

Tony Starcevich Age

In 2023, Tony Starcevich is above 68 years old.

Tony Starcevich Job

According to his LinkedIn, Tony Starcevich is an accountant. Tony Starcevich attended Vancouver Technical Secondary School (Class of 1970). He then attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology where he studied

Is Tony Starcevich On Instagram?

Yes, Tony Starcevich is on Instagram (@cordellered63dartfx) and Facebook (@anthony.starcevich).

Tony Starcevich Tattoo

Tony Strcevich has a back tattoo of “Ustase” done in Croatia. Ustaše collaborated with Nazi Germany in exchange for independence, since Croatia was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia back then and some people didn’t like that so they welcomed Hitler with open hands, they even operated a few concentration camps, Jasenovac being the worst.

Calling Tony “racist” is mild and it’s undermining the fact that he tattooed the Ustaše equivalent of a swastika across his back.

Based on the tattoo, fans accused him of being a racist through and through.

However, Debbie tried to defend him by saying his family is from Croatia saying it was “his culture”. One Redditor added, “which also means he knows exactly what it means. It’s like an American getting a confederate flag tattoo.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tony Starcevich From?

Tony Starcevich hailed from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

  • When Is Tony Starcevich Birthday?

Tony Starcevich’s birthday is not available.

  • How Tall Is Tony Starcevich?

Per his pictures, Tony Starcevich’s height is above 5 feet 10 inches.

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