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Victoria Kalina Age, Parents, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the newest docuseries on Netflix, has made Victoria Kalina a fan favorite very quickly. However, she disclosed at the end of the season that she will not be doing a fifth season at the DCC.

Premiering on June 20, 2024, the series offers fans an unvarnished glimpse into what it takes to be among the select few who get to don the recognizable Dallas Cowboy cheerleader dress and white-knee high boots. One of the numerous athletes featured in the series is Victoria, a fourth-year veteran who many fans will recognize from CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team.

Discover more about DCC alumna Victoria Kalina and her retirement plans by reading on.

Victoria Kalina On America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

In a documentary series titled America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Netflix revealed “the personal stories behind the uniforms, revealing the ambition and drive shared by the cheerleaders and their coaches through the 2023–24 season.” Victoria Kalina, a fourth-year veteran candidate when the show was filmed for the previous season, was one of its stars. Victoria, a fitness and dance instructor, is a second-generation DCC.

Over the course of the six episodes, Victoria opens up about the difficulties she overcame to fulfill her childhood dream of cheering for the Cowboys squad and is upfront about how being a cheerleader has affected her relationship with her body and mental health.

Talking about her experience filming the show, Victoria told TIME, “It was absolutely amazing. The director Greg (Whiteley) and all of the crew were absolutely amazing. And I’m just so thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.”

One of the biggest surprises of the season was also given by Kalina, who said in the series finale that she would not be joining the cheer squad for a fifth season.

“I truly didn’t know walking into that first meeting. I had full intentions on coming back, doing a fifth year, wanting to go back, still wanting to give more to the organization and to DCC. That ending meeting made me feel that Kellie and Judy—I don’t know how to explain it. I felt as though, no matter what I did, I was never going to ride that career ladder,” spoke on her choice to leave the team.

She added, “As a performer or any other job, you always want to strive to be better and I know that I didn’t want to spend another year being the same. I would love to do nothing but perform because that is my ultimate dream. My ultimate passion is performing. But I also would have liked to have known whether or not I was going to be moving on, so when I didn’t get that specific answer is when I was really like, ‘okay, I want to put my energy and techniques somewhere else.'”

Talking about her time as a cheerleader, Victoria added, “It’s okay to be you, not everyone is going to love it. Some people are going to love it Some people are gonna hate it Some people are gonna vibe with it. And that’s okay. You just need to know that what you’re doing and that that’s where you’re at and where you should be. And if you love it that much and you love it fully, make sure that you are happy there and that it’s filling up your tank.”

Victoria Kalina Net Worth

In 2024, Victoria Kalina’s estimated net worth is under $500 thousand. When Victoria was just eighteen years old, she participated in her first training camp. She did not, however, make the cut. The next year, she returned and eventually made the squad. The Netflix documentary series follows her as she assembles her team for the upcoming fourth season. The cheerleader spent every summer at Camp DCC and was raised close to DCC. She advanced to junior DCC status.

“Watching and learning from the DCC as a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a DCC because I loved the sparkle of the iconic uniform and getting to dance with pom poms,” her cheer bio reads. “As I got older, I began to see how they made a difference in the lives of others — USO tours, hospital visits, nursing homes, waving to fans at the games, being a positive role model, etc and I knew I loved the organization even more.”

Victoria teaches dance and fitness when she’s not supporting her beloved Dallas Cowboys. According to her bio, Victoria started dancing at the age of two and studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, and other styles at Top Hat Dance Centre for eighteen years. She joined their professional performance group her entire high school career and went on to become a dance instructor.

In the Netflix documentary, Victoria reveals that she is presently training in jazz and ballet at The Joffrey Ballet School in Dallas.

Victoria Kalina Age

Born in October 1999, Victoria Kalina is 24 years old.

Who Are Victoria Kalina Parents?

Victoria Kalina is the daughter of Tina and Greg Kalina. In the 1980s, Tina, her mother, was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. It is evident from the entire series that Victoria and her mother have a very strong relationship and that her mother is her most trusted confidante.

“I get some comments saying y’all are too close, that’s unhealthy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s my rock, my person, my biggest supporter ever,” Victoria told Netflix. “Watching and learning from the DCC as a little girlI knew I wanted to be a DCC because I loved the sparkle of the iconic uniform and getting to dance with pom poms. As I got older, I began to see how they made a difference in the lives of others – USO tours, hospital visits, nursing homes, waving to fans at the games, being a positive role model, etc and I knew I loved the organization even more.”

Her dad Greg is a general manager at Del Frisco.

Talking about siblings, Victoria has two brothers named Tristan and Tanner Kalina. Tristan is the owner of Kalina’s Pressure Washing. He graduated from New Mexico State University. Tanner on the other hand is working as a Mission Outreach at National Eucharistic Revival.

Victoria Kalina Boyfriend

Although unconfirmed, Victoria Kalina appears single. She is very private about her dating life and hasn’t divulged any details to share if she has a boyfriend at all.

Victoria Kalina Height

According to Backstage, Victoria Kalina’s height measures 5’9″ / 1.75 meters.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Victoria Kalina From?

Originally from Coppell, Texas, Victoria resides in Dallas, Texas.

  • When Is Victoria Kalina Birthday?

27 October is Victoria Kalina’s birthday.

  • Is Victoria Kalina On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Victoria on Instagram (@victoriakalina) where she has 223K followers.

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