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Who Was Kayla Bailey? Father, Husband, Brooke Daughter

Kayla Bailey recently passed away. She and her mother never really talked about her father in particular. Learn more about her father, husband, and her job in this article below.

Scroll on, so that you could learn more about Brooke Bailey’s late daughter.

Basketball Wives Star Brooke Bailey’s Daughter Kayla Passed Away

Prayers Up! Basketball Wives star Brooke Bailey’s daughter Kayla Nicole Bailey has passed away. Brooke broke the news on her IG and wrote, “Forever my baby, Pretty Black aka Kayla Nicole Bailey 💜🕊💔 This is not a goodbye. Mommy will see you soon.” The cause of Kayla’s death is not public yet at the time of this article.

However, a fan account of Kayla shared that she died in a car accident on Sunday in Memphis. “Kayla left a mark on so many lives,” Brooke said Sunday. “She entered the room and demanded respect, love, and attention. If you had the pleasure of meeting her and being friends with her, she has forever changed your life.”

Brooke later added that she had been fasting and praying for something, she had never expected. “Our God! Our God is so Faithful. I have been fasting and praying for days. I thought it was for something else. It was God preparing me for this moment in my life. Although, I was not prepared. I am grateful for the 25 years he Blessed me to have HIS child. To love her, to hold her, to teach her, to comfort her. She was my happiness on earth,” Brooke wrote.

Her fans prayed for Kayla and Brooke via comments on Brooke’s post. One wrote, “Omg beautiful I’m sooooo sorry! My prayers are with you im lifting your name high tonight in prayer.” Another wrote, “RIP Kayla 🕊 we Luv you, baby girl!!! I love you so, much Brooke!!! You are so strong and continue to trust in God to carry you through this storm sis!!! We are all here for you and your family.”

Another added, “Omg I’m so sorry Brooke. I know there’s no words that me or anyone can say to take away this pain, so I won’t even try. But I’m praying for you so hard. I’m so sorry.”

Kayla Bailey Father

Neither Brooke nor Kayla Bailey ever revealed who Kayla’s father was. But, Kayla’s mom Brooke has been open about her romantic life and sharing her children with the world. Kayla also has two brothers; born in 1998 and 2004. The younger son is named Shumecio but the older son’s name is currently not revealed.

“I’ve always been very guarded about my children,” Brooke told Madame Noire in 2012. She also revealed one of the lessons she taught her kids. “You just have to stand strong and you have to show your children that you stand strong. Because once they see that, then they believe that’s what they’re supposed to do,” she said.

Rashard Lewis’s ex-girlfriend is Brooke Bailey. Currently, Rashard Lewis is a small forward/power forward for the Miami Heat. They were linked back in 2010

Brooke has also linked to Vernon Macklin.

Other reports shared that Brooke was married to Ronnie Holland in 2014, and in 2016 they renewed their vows in Malibu, California. Uncertainty surrounds the timing of the couple’s decision to part ways, but the mother-of-three appears to have deleted all Instagram posts referencing her marriage or ex-husband.

In 2014, before she tied the knot, Brooke Bailey spoke with The Jasmine Brand about her previous relationships. She also talked about Kayla’s father when she talked about her marriage. She said, “The next person that’s with me like if you eff with me, you’re stuck with me. That’s it. The first time I got married I was like 20 and the second time I got married, I knew I should not have been marrying him but I was like, “I’m going to do it for my kids,” which was the wrong decision. I did that and it didn’t work out but I knew that when I was getting myself into it that it wasn’t the right thing to do and I was in my early 20s then too.”

Did Kayla Bailey Leave Behind A Husband?

No, Kayla Bailey most likely didn’t have a husband. She was very enclosed about her dating life and rarely posted on her Instagram, likely the only social that she had. Her recent post had a caption that mentioned her having an ex-boyfriend, but nothing in particular about her marriage.

Conclusively, she was most likely married and doesn’t have a husband currently.

Kayla Bailey Age At The Time Of Her Death

At the time of her death, Kayla Bailey was 25 years old. She was born on 2 March 1997.

Kayla Bailey Job

Kayla Bailey was working as a Memphis Certified hairstylist. She founded KNB INC in Memphis, Tennessee. On her business page, she stated that for quick weave she charged $120. For braid ponytails, he charges $100 and $90 for two ponytails.

In another story, Kayla added that she expects her client to arrive at the salon with pre-washed and blow-dried hair, otherwise it would cost them $10. Her business page was (@knbinc_).

Related FAQs

  • Was Kayla Bailey On Instagram?

Yes, Kayla Bailey had an Instagram page (@realkaylaaaa). She had 15.1K subscribers on her IG.

  • How Many Episodes Of Basketball Wives Featured Kayla Bailey?

Kayla Bailey appeared on Basketball Wives a few times, but it is unclear in how many episodes did she appear.

  • Is There A Kayla Bailey Obituary Available Online?

No, Kayla Bailey’s obituary isn’t up yet on the web.

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