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Actor Ash Spencer Bio, Partner, Before, Family, Age

As we keep getting closer to the finale of ABC family drama A Million Little Things Season 4, showrunners are bringing in some new faces. Actor Ash Spencer, who is proudly transgender and identifies as non-binary, is one of the newest addition to the cast of A Million Little Things.

Learn about Ash’s character/role that he plays in the hit ABC family drama in the wiki article below. Also, get to know about his net worth, partner, and gender.

Actor Ash Spencer On A Million Little Things

Actor Ash Spencer plays the role of Madison/Maddox, an LGBTQ+ teenager who has a good bond with Rome, in A Million Little Things. He made his debut in Episode 17 “60 Minutes” of Season 4 of the show. That episode was a testament to why representation matters.

Ash made his second appearance on the May 4th 2022 episode and hopefully, his character still has a long way to go.

Making an Instagram post on April 28th a little ahead of the episode’s premiere, Ash shared that he knew the show creators would handle the storyline of his character that is Madison with care the moment he read his character breakdown. Adding to that, he showed appreciation for the creator of the show, DJ Nash, and the entire cast and crew.

“The amount of support, respect, and warmth on that set is incredible,” Ash wrote.

Actor Ash Spencer Net Worth

Actor Ash Spencer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Industry Studies. Furthermore, he also studied communication and media studies at Manhattanville College.

According to his LinkedIn handle, Ash was working as an assistant studio manager at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint in 2022. His responsibilities there include greeting and welcoming clients in-person and over the phone, booking appointments, completing purchases, answering emails in a timely fashion, and assisting in promotional services such as video and photography ads.

Ash started his acting career working with the film crew at AMC Loews Theatres circa 2015. Later, he also worked as a dog walker and pet sitter for some time out of his love for animals.

Besides A Million Little Things, Ash’s other acting credits include New Amsterdam and The Blank’s YPF. Furthermore, he is managed by Edge Entertainment Management and represented by Stewart Talent Management.

As of May 2022, Ash’s net worth was reported to be under $100 thousand.

Does Actor Ash Spencer Have A Partner?

When it comes to his private life, A Million Little Things actor is pretty tight-lipped. While Ash occasionally does post pictures of female friends, it’s usually never serious.

That being said, there is a woman named Kristina who is too close to Ash to be only a friend. In a very recent Instagram post, he uploaded a couple of pictures with Kristina and congratulated her on her yoga certification. His exact words were somewhat like this: ‘A beautiful day to celebrate an absolutely incredible person. Congratulations on your yoga certification bby I can’t begin to say how proud I am of you…’

Ash Spencer probably with his partner?!

Under Ash’s post, Kristina had replied: ‘I can’t wait to have you flail in my class!!! The idea of that is bringing me so much joy. I love you endlessly!!’

Everything said we are not yet sure if Kristina is Ash’s partner.

Actor Ash Spencer Before

As most of us already know, Ash Spencer is a transgender and identifies as non-binary. Ash prefers “he/they” pronouns, according to his Instagram handle.

On August 31, 2021, Ash revealed through an Instagram post that he had undergone top surgery. He wrote, “I have truly never respected my body more for its unbeatable ability to bruise like a peach and faint after simply just napping. Almost 1 week post-op and I am endlessly grateful and counting myself lucky every single day.”

Actor Ash Spencer’s picture circa 2017 before she had her top surgery.

In the past, the New Amsterdam actor has also talked about toxic masculinity, gender fluidity, and his own mental health struggles. In one of his Instagram posts, he shared, “gender has no rules because it doesn’t even exist in the first place!”

Actor Ash Spencer Age

Ash Spencer’s age was reportedly 25 as of this writing in May 2022.

Is Actor Ash Spencer On Instagram?

You can find actor Ash Spencer on Instagram @ash_spenca, where he has close to 1.2 thousand followers. He is on TikTok as well.

Actor Ash Spencer Family

Talking about Ash Spencer’s family, he mentioned his father in an Instagram post on April 9, 2020. He wrote, “Okay yes I DID buzz my hair with my dad’s broken clippers after this photo was taken…” alongside a picture of his cute, little doggy.

Furthermore, Ash also has a brother named Gwynne, who has been featured on Ash’s Instagram on more than one occasion. Apparently, Gwynne is a cook at Francie Brooklyn, a Williamsburg brasserie from @chefcipollone and @johnwinterman.

Actor Ash Spencer Height

Ash Spencer stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Actor Ash Spencer Birthday?

A Million Little Things actor Ash Spencer celebrates his birthday on the 12th of June every year.

  • Where Is Actor Ash Spencer From?

Ash Spencer is reportedly from Connecticut.

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