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Actor Joe Locke Parents: Helen Locke And Stephen Campbell

Isle of Man-based young actor Joe Locke made his acting debut on Netflix’s teen drama Heartstopper. He portrayed Charlie Spring one of the protagonists of the show, a reserved teenager who is openly gay — and in a “relationship” with a popular guy at school who won’t acknowledge his existence in public.

Speaking with Attitude magazine, he said, “I think that with queer people there’s a universal experience of school that everyone sort of relates to, but then there are differences.”

“I never would say I was bullied. There was only a handful of people I can think of who said anything bad to me. Charlie really struggles with that. I think going to an all-boys school probably comes with its differences.”

The series is an adaptation of a webcomic created by Alice Oseman in 2016, which ended up selling over a million print copies. According to Netflix, “When gentle Charlie and rugby-loving Nick meet at secondary school, they quickly discover that their unlikely friendship is blossoming into an unexpected romance. Charlie, Nick, and their circle of friends must navigate the ever-relatable journey of self-discovery and acceptance, supporting each other as they learn to find their most authentic selves.”

In this process, while he kick-started his career as an actor by landing a lead role with Netflix’s series, the proudest of them all must be his parents. Let’s learn more about them in this article.

Who Are Actor Joe Locke Parents?

Joe Locke was born on 24 September 2003 to his mother Helen Locke. His mother and his anonymous father are separated. Since then, his mother is allegedly remarried (alleging that she was married to Joe’s father).

Learn more about them below.

Meet Actor Joe Locke Mother, Helen Locke

Helen Locke is the mother of Netflix’s Heartstopper actor Joe Locke. Joe is close to his mother. He has also mentioned his mother on several occasions.

Like in an interview with 1883 Magazine, he shared, “I’ve always been interested in acting and drama while I was growing up. I always did local amateur theatre and, at one point, I made my mum sign me up for 5 different acting lessons at once. She’d say, “Joe, I really need you to pick just one or two because you have zero free time!” It’s always been my ambition, but I never ever thought that it would become my profession or career that I could pursue. When Heartstopper happened, I was like, this is literally all of my dreams coming true at once. I’m living my dream”.

On his Instagram, he has featured his mother Helen once in October 2021. The posts showed the mother-son duo celebrating the actor’s 18th birthday.

  • Helen Locke Job

Helen worked as an educator and a school leader. In 2013 she passed the necessary qualifications and was among the leaders who were congratulated on their success by the Minister for Education and Children. The group of teachers was presented with certificates for completing the Department’s primary leadership and management program at the Isle of Man College of Further and Higher Education.

She was among the 11 teachers who completed level 3 with more than six years of teaching experience. The aspect of the course was delivered by the College, validated by the University of Chester, and gained participants a Post Graduate Certificate in School Leadership and Management. The certificate held equivalence to a third of a Master’s degree.

Moreover, she taught in Mary’s School on the Isle of Man. Her LinkedIn, states that she worked at the Isle Of Man Department of Education Sport and Culture as SENCO. She is also the inclusion leader at the Isle of Man Department of Education, Sport, and Culture, per her second LinkedIn.

  • Helen Locke Facebook

You can find her on Facebook (@helen.locke). She has posted a few photos of her son and boasted about how proud she is of him in her comment section.

  • Helen Locke Family

As for Helen’s family, she is the daughter of Peter Locke, who is married to Sheila Clarke (@sheilaclarke75). He is available on  FB (@peterlocke44) and IG (@peterlocke1892). Joe’s (alleged ex-wife) Sandra Locke.

Meet Actor Joe Locke Father, Stephen Campbell

Actor Joe Locke’s biological father doesn’t seem to be in the family picture. The actor has also taken the last name of his mother.

According to Celeb’s Week, Helen’s current husband is Stephen Campbell. Stephen graduated from Castle Rushen High School. He has a son named Dylan Goldie (@DylanGoldie).

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Actor Joe Locke Parents Reside?

Joe Locke’s parents are currently living in the Douglas, Isle of Man.

  • How Many Kids Do Actor Joe Locke Parents Have?

Joe Locke appears to be the only child born to his biological parents. He is also related to Emily Locke (@emilyxlocke) who is likely his cousin.

  • Have Actor Joe Locke Parents Appear On His Instagram?

Yes, actor Joe Locke’s mother has appeared on his Instagram once. But, his father is completely out of the picture so we have no idea what happened to his father or if they are even on the speaking terms with each other.

In mid-April 2022, he shared a post of Gay Times with him as a cover on its 519 issues. He tweeted, “I did it, mum”.

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